Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Little Bunny Ears

I am back on the grid!!

So much has happened since my last post: my iron is out of whack again, it took us three
Days to drive to Edmonton, upon which major motion sickness rendered me almost incapacitated
for nearly two entire days afterwards, Maren uttered her first word, Addison has been practicing her crawling moves (and doing amazingly well, I might add), Maren is practicing her walking skills and currently perfecting her crawling skills, dear husband celebrated his 35th birthday with cherry cheesecake, and mama is already planning outings with her beloved girlfriends (and as many Starbucks runs as I can humanly make without over-indulging (which is almost positively impossible.)

My children are amazing! And, I think they deserve the cute bunny ears I spotted at Walmart for Easter- especially since this mama isn't buying chocolate her little spring hatchlings.

We haven't sold our house and we haven't bought our new house yet, but we are hopeful it will happen soon. For the time being, the twinlets and I are living with my parents and Kyle will be moving back into the fifth wheel until we are able to settle into our new humble abode.

I've missed you and thought of you often. It feels good to be back!