Thursday, August 30, 2012

Small Gestures

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One of the things that I've wanted to cross off my scrappy bucket list is painting/chalking/inking (and for those of you that have mists- misting) using a template of some kind. Since I have none of those things in my arsenal as of yet, I used what I had on hand. While it may not look as nice as spray inks and proper templates do, I still really like the effect this created.

I used what I had on hand- being Stampin' Up ink, and a paper (dollar store) doily. Then, I took a sponge dauber and inked away! Once that was done, I layered on the elements and called it done.

Before that, though, I altered a few other items. The bird within the frame is a K& Co chipboard frame, and it was fairly blah being an off-white with barely there script scrolling across it. If you were going for a monochromatic colour scheme, it would be beautiful. I wanted more colour, so I used Summer Sun ink (SU) to fill in the scalloped edge, then Cameo Coral for the flowers, and lastly Old Olive for the leaves. For the bird, I used Martha Stewart glitter in Peridot. (I used Always Artichoke ink for blending in the shape of the doily).

The butterflies are vellum, and they're also K&Co. We all know what vellum looks like, and they seemed to be a little lost on the layout- blending in with the white background. Once again, perfect if you're going for a monochromatic colour scheme. With my sponge dauber, I painted them in using Cameo Coral and Ruby Red.

To ground my picture, I threw on a piece of scrap patterned paper (from K&Co's Itsy Bitsy 6x6 paper pad), and then flipped over a smaller piece of the same patterned paper for the sentiment, which is a rub-on and I'm not sure where it came from anymore.

I think the girls sat outside one evening with their daddy while he had his 'yucky smoke', and when they came back in, they were holding some flowers that had come from the flowerbed underneath my living room window. Never mind they came from my own garden- they're still beautiful, and I loved the gesture!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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I wanted to find a layout with room for lots of journalling on this one (and, as it turns out, there still wasn't enough room, lol). There is a small piece of orange card stock thats peeking out from behind all the other layers of patterned paper, at the top of the page. That little piece of paper looks as though its part of the layering, but it isn't! Its actually more journalling. I figured it would work, since the title work is also in the same colour.

Oi. Where do I start on this one? I've alluded to personal struggles in my blog before. I am not sure if I've alluded to the marital problems we are also facing. The bottom line is our communication sucks, and in a few short days, we'll be seeing someone that hopefully will be able to help us straighten things out and get us (eventually) back to where we started- or even better- beyond where we started.

The personal struggles- all stem back to feeling overwhelmed raising the twins on my own. At least, that's the way it feels. When Kyle is busy with work, he's rarely around. When he is around, he offers very little help around the house and with raising the kids. My plate is full and its wearing me down- and out. I can't help but feel incredibly jealous of the freedom he has in coming and going- as he pleases and when he pleases. I don't get that luxury anymore. In fact, all the 'luxuries' that I took for granted when we were dating, married (and when I was single) have all been stripped from me. My whole world day, night and otherwise, is KIDS- dirty diapers, fighting toddlers, wiping up messes, trying to stay on top of my own messes and HIS to boot, keeping everyone happy (though miserably failing in that department) and somehow, in between everything else, magically finding time for myself.

The luxury of friends, the freedom to 'pick up and go' as I please, being alone, doing what I want and what I like- all of that takes the back seat because I have to ensure everyone else is cared for first. So much so, that I don't even remember who I was, what I was like, what I liked to do (other than scrapbooking, naturally). Now all I know is constant anger, frustration, and unhappiness.

When everything is stripped away- the frustration, the exhaustion, the depression, the loneliness--I LOVE what I have- a husband and two beautiful children. I still want more.

But, what I need is for my husband to realize that I need help, and I need to carve out some time for myself- alone- and time with him, as a couple. There are several key areas in our relationship that's been lacking for a number of years, and no matter how often I bring up the subject, and tell him what I need, nothing ever changes. I don't know how to get through and how to open his eyes to the reality of what things are. The thing is, I want his help with some things before I go to someone else for help. This is his family, not somebody else's. When he takes responsibility for his kids too, one hurdle will be overcome. All that means is I want him to offer to bath the kids every once in a while, change dirty diapers every once in a while, bring the dishes to the sink for me and rinse them off (or better yet, if I'm not feeling good, or if I've run out of time and need to do something else, jump in and get the dishes/vacuuming/ tidying up, etc. done without me even having to ask!) clean up his own messes instead of waiting for me to do it for him, and realize that I need to get out (and getting a job isn't my idea of 'free time' and 'personal time') and give me the freedom to do that without feeling pressure to get home as soon as possible, or guilt for even wanting some time for myself.

While it sounds like he's massively lazy, he does do a few things to help me out (such as mowing the lawn and every once in a while, cooking supper, and taking the garbage to the curb), there isn't much else that he willingly does around the house. I mentioned above that I want him/need him to take responsibility for his family. He also needs to take responsibility for himself. The only thing (in my opinion) he prides himself on is his job. He devotes all of his time to his job, and has little- if anything at all- left for anything else after he comes home. Its to the point where I need to figure out how I would be able to get the lawn mowed myself, with the kids hanging around, or how I'm going to get weeding done (in the front yard) with the kids around, or even how I could wash my own vehicle in the driveway without worrying about them running away. Some things just aren't possible for me to do right now, and because of his lack of enthusiasm/motivation/dedication, I have to figure out how to do even that on my own. Everything just keeps piling on top of everything else.

And, I'm drowning in it.

Well, in a pretty bit nutshell, that's what this layout is about. Though, the journalling in my layout is the abridged version of what I've written here. Truthfully, I could write a whole lot more- nasty, hurtful, vengeful- all types of words, but I won't. I don't need to. The day is coming where I can get everything off my chest- in a controlled, and safe environment. And, that's not to say I'll be rude and mean (intentionally) about it. I can't say where our relationship will be after all is said and done, but hopefully we can work through it all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Do you have a friend that is very special to you? Do you get to see her (or him) very often? Have you been friends for so.long that you don't even remember when you first met?

We've been through a lot, A and I, and our friendship has weathered a lot of storms. There have been times where we haven't been close and haven't had much contact, but somehow, our friendship has defied the 'friends for a season' cliche, and its withstood the test of time. Not many friendships last that long, and if they do, they're one in a million. Our friendship is one of those that even if we drift apart and our lives get in the way, we'll still be able to pick up where we left off.

I'm so thankful that happened with our move back to Alberta. Not that we didn't stay in touch while we lived in a completely different province. We did. But, now that we're so.much.closer, we've renewed the desire to meet up as much as our schedules allow. We often don't get to talk much in-between, but when we do have a coffee date planned, there's a ton to share! I actually kind of like it that way. Then we never have anything dull to talk about, and its never repeated 20 million times. Its always fresh and new.

We've discovered that the best way for us to get the most amount of time to visit (while also knocking off a must-do chore from our ever-growing to-do lists), is to book our hair appointments together. Yeah, it only happens every 6-8 weeks, but it works so well for us! We usually meet up for lunch beforehand, chit chat through our meal, and then continue on while we're having our hair done. Its wonderful! And, kudos' to our hairdresser for being willing to do our hair at the same time. She's an absolute blessing! In the end, that's an entire afternoon catching up with my bestie.

This layout is a mix and match of all sorts of papers. Some of it is Recollections, some of it is K&Co, some of it is DCWV (I think) and some of it is even Sandy Lion. That little piece of ribbon at the top, above the picture? Hidden journalling.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing another layout, but that one is fairly personal. Upon hearing that scrapping the hard times as well as the good could be therapeutic, I decided to take that advice and get 'er done. It may not appeal to some of you, and if not, that's totally fine. Just come back whenever you're ready!

Till then,


Sunday, August 26, 2012


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I thought I'd share a big photo post because I'm starting to find that I'm getting mixed up the farther behind I am posting here to my blog! So, if I can keep up with my online gallery posts, I shouldn't hopefully get confused anymore. There's two layouts that I'm pretty sure I haven't posted, but I am not 100% sure. I need to go back through my posts and double check, but I'm too lazy. Maybe one day I will, but not now lol. 

These three layouts occurred back at the end of June, when Kyle's mom and step dad came up to visit. In the first layout, Addison was saying hi to grandma- they had just arrived. I wanted to stick with a green and yellow colour palette, and when I adhered the block sticker letters (they're actually the negative of the letters that were there at one time), they just didn't look right to me. I doodled the stitching onto each of the letters- I kind of like it. I love the homespun look, and that's how this looks to me.

Every piece of paper on that layout is scraps, save for the green polka dotted patterned paper in the background, and the grey piece of card stock everything is matted to. The flower embellies and the sentiment are Sandy Lion (dollar store), and the button is miscellaneous. This layout was also made using the week 1 sketch (July's) over at the monthly sketch challenge on

The next layout was made using another sketch, but this time I found it over at Page Maps (July 2009). A little later on that afternoon (when the grandparents arrived), the kids played in their pool and chased the new dog (to the grandparents) around. I wanted to especially highlight the picture of Addison switching hats with her grandpa- it just shouts all kinds of adorable to me!! Once again, all the embellishments on that layout are from the Dollar Store. (I have to admit, I'm quite impressed with the scrapbooking goodies our local Dollar Store carries...I think I should shop there a little more often!)

The last layout was done with my own brain power. I wanted to make this layout look like a magazine spread, because honestly, I {humbly} think it should be in a magazine! While the in-laws were here, they finally got my bed finished. 

Bed finished you're asking yourself. Yes, finished. What began as a project that I wanted done while I was pregnant and living in Saskatchewan (I couldn't do it myself because of said pregnancy), wasn't actually tackled AND/OR finished until 2.5 years later and in a totally new province. Kyle had been hanging onto his waterbed frame (who knows why), and he asked me if I would like to use it as the frame for our bed. Yes, I told him, but only as long as it was made over. I loathed the 80's finish on it, and the horrid 80's frosted mirror that came along with it. Tacckkkyyyyy was all I could think. 

I was a little afraid of how the mirror would look in it after we stripped the varnish, re-painted and aged the wood (which apparently was super simple- just mix half water and half paint, and once that dries, take steel wool and rub it over the wood. The more you steel wool your wood, the more antiqued/aged it becomes). But, it actually looks surprisingly good! (Now if only the mirror wasn't cracked). 

(And, on a side note, the red blanket that's on our bed in the picture doesn't actually belong there. My colour scheme in our bedroom is grey and aquamarine/bluey...the comforter that matches the pillows on the bed is too hot in the summer, hence the red blanket...)

I bought new curtains so that our room wouldn't feel so heavy and dark (because everything that belongs on our bed actually came in a bed in a bag- including curtains), and I love how airy and summery it feels. These were clearance at Fields, because they were (are) closing out. I also bought brown ones, which are still yet to be hung in my living room. Maybe one day! Mayyybeee...when I get the custom shelving units that my dad is kindly going to build for me, which will be placed on either side of my living room window! That would be the most opportune time! (Pictures will follow when said project is actually completed!)

OK, back on task. The strips of patterned paper are both Recollections (My Favorite Things), and the buttons are once again miscellaneous. The title work was stamped using Basic Black ink (SU), and the banner sticking out from the side of the picture is hidden journalling. The scalloped border punch is Martha Stewart.

And, speaking of visits, my sister and brother in law were down for the night, as I mentioned in yesterdays post. I got spoiled again today! The kids and I had a rotten sleep last night- we were up every hour overnight, for one reason or another. Just before noon, J noticed me trying to stay awake while we were hanging out in the living room. The kids began asking for lunch, and he offered to make the mac and cheese while I went for an hours' nap. Bless his heart! I actually got to sleep for an hour and fifteen minutes, and it was the most well spent (personal) hour I've had all week! 

I'm thinking that I'll have to go out and buy them some hershey's kisses and make them a card to thank them for their kindness to me over the last two days. Its really meant a lot! (Though, I'm sure they feel indebted to us because we're taking their kitty in as our own until further notice). On a brighter note, make sure you watch for more layouts with Neruda (kitty) in them from now on...once she gets accustomed to the kids and our house, I'm sure there'll be a lot of her! To help you remember who I'm talking about, here she is: 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I had the first night in eons tonight to finally just sit and relax during the kids' regular bath time. It was an absolute dream come true! And, the icing on the cake--the living room was tidied up for me while I ran out to the grocery store to pick up hamburger buns so I could make supper for all of us!

No, my husband didn't do it.

My person- sweet, incredible, so-blessed-to-know SISTER did it for me. 

I've told her a couple times already tonight a sincere, heartfelt thank you, but I don't think she fully understands just how sincere and heartfelt my thank you's are! I mean it from the bottom of my {broken and exhausted} little heart.

It was a GREAT day for me today!

Its reveal day over at Lets Capture Our Memories, so I've got a new sketch and layout to share with you. But, since I still haven't figured out how to copy and paste the sketch into a blog post yet, you'll have to navigate yourself over to their blog to see for yourself- and in the process, check out everyone else's awesome takes on it. Pure genius, every single one of them!

This has got to be one of my most favourite sketches to date to work with. It came together remarkably quickly, and its so versatile and easy to manipulate. There's tons of room for creativity with this one- and if you like lots of white space in your projects, then this is the sketch for you!

On this particular layout, I used the script cuttlebug embossing folder to spruce up my orange piece of card stock- and for an even bigger bang, I lightly inked the raised portions using a sponge dauber. (I used Stampin' Up's More Mustard for the inking).

I also wanted a little bit of sparkle on this layout. I took another Cuttlebug embossing folder (one of the mini's that came along with the package when I bought it), and coloured the negative space in with my Stampin' Up water colour pencils (in red). Then I blended it in using the blender pen. The raised portions I filled in with my Martha Stewart glitter glue, then sprinkled my Martha Stewart Crystal Fine glitter powder onto. Let it dry, and you've got an adorable, glittery postage stamp that helps reinforce your title work- the girls love their horsey rides! I also glittered up the title work using the same glitter mentioned above.

The arrow is K&Co, and the 'washi tape' I created myself, using regular tape (not scotch, but the other kind- sorry brain fart) and Cherry Cobbler (SU) ink to paint it; then, I went back over it using Whisper White ink (SU) with a lined, miscellaneous stamp I've had around for ages. It didn't quite work to my liking, but I wound up loving its effect, anyways! Its obvious that it's lined, but with varying shades of red.

Lastly, just because I couldn't refuse, I added some pearl rhinestones for a little bit of glam.

So, there you have it- sketch 146 from LCOM! Hope you like it, and if you do use the sketch, don't forget to link up your project to Lets Capture Our Memories' blog post- we'd love to see how it inspires you, too!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

...Just Keep Swimming...

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Just like their parents, the girls took to the water like fish to the sea. They may still be afraid to lay on their back and float, and submerge their ears in it. If you ignore all that, water is their best friend. And, since I'm on the topic of water, my sister and I are splitting the cost of purchasing private swimming lessons for our mom. She never learned to swim, and we think she'd love it. Shhh--its for her birthday, which is coming up in a few short weeks. Don't tell her...its our little secret!

The kids spent a lot of time in their swimming pool this summer. All that hot weather was the perfect excuse to really break it in! If we weren't swimming in our own little swimming pool, we were taking in the spray park down at Rotary Park. It was like our second home this summer! I'm not sure how much time we'll have left anymore to visit the spray park, but it sure is a lot of fun. Hopefully we have a bit more time left! (Though, I'm really enjoying the current slipper and sweater weather that happily greeted us this morning).

The patterned papers that I used in this layout are from K&Co's Itsy Bitsy collection (the 8.5x8.5 paper pad). I love the colours and patterns in this collection! Great for babies and small, girly children. I picked up the pattern in Addisons' bathing suit (the circles/polka dots) and carried it into my layout- both in a scallop border and polka dot embellishment. To make the circles, I used my ancient Creative Memories circle punch (.5" and 1.5" punch). To make the scallop border, I just cut the circles in half and arranged them halfway across the page above my photo.

The 'you and me' tag is Sandy Lion (from the Dollar Store).

For a tiny bit of bling, I added white rhinestones, and stamped the title using alpha stamps from Michaels in Basic Black ink (SU). The date (6 and 12 that's inset in two of the circles) were stamped using Old Olive ink, also from SU.

That's all for now. Hope you're having a terrific evening!

Till next time,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scrap Paper Storage Solution

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Does it hurt your eyes to look at that mess? It sure hurt mine. I despised that storage method, and it wasn't until I got into my nesting mode that I seriously began thinking of a new storage method. I didn't take a picture of it, but MOST of my scrap paper was stored in an accordion file. Which, in its defence, wasn't all bad. I would just never look in it for scraps that I could use! (On a side note, now that I've got everything switched over into my new storage, I've made two layouts completely from scraps, except for a patterned paper base on one, and the card stock bases on both of them). In the accordion folder, everything was separated by style (striped, polka dot, floral, card stock, etc.). I've stored it that way for years. Both of these proved to be disastrous paper storage methods. I always, frequently, occasionally, rarely looked in them for the paper I wanted to/could potentially use on my cards and layouts!

If I did happen to look for something, it was always just browsing through the first top few pieces of scrap paper, and that was it. That system didn't work for me. Needless to say.

Since I'm in this nesting mode, I wanted to find something that better organized and kept my scraps neat and orderly looking. Via Pinterest, I found rolling hanging folder carts. Pure genius, and I would love to own one. They are also kind of pricey.

While dropping by Walmart quickly last week, something that looked like a small file storage system caught my eye. On our way out of the store, I made a quick detour down the stationery aisle to have a closer look. Low and behold, I had found hanging file storage systems. In fact, it is a desk top hanging file storage system. And, it rocks!

So, this is my plan. First, some pictures.

WAIT! I forgot to mention--it cost only $10- with the file folders included! I liked this style of paper storing so much, that I went and bought another one for all my scrap card stock! In the picture below, you'll see them both together.

(So, I know it looks like one giant hanging file folder storage system, but it really isn't! Its just two fit together, front to back). 

First, I sorted through all my paper while I was transferring between storage methods. Anything that was smaller than about 2x2 got tossed. That meant pieces of paper that are 1x12, etc. Realistically, I would probably never use pieces of paper that small, so there was no reason to hang on to them! And trust me, there were some pretty ridiculously small pieces of paper in my stash! (Some of them were from papers that I loved so much that I didn't want to part with them...little good that did, hey?? Its been 'x' amount of years later, and I had forgotten that they were even there.  Then, everything got sorted by colour, rather than brand or style. I don't have enough file folders for all the colours of the rainbow- I want enough so I have file folders for white, grey, black and brown. Currently, they are mixed in with yellow (white), orange (brown), and blue/purple (grey and black)- that's true for both my patterned papers and card stock. When I do get enough file folders, I want to paint them or somehow modify them to reflect the colour thats stored inside them. So, I'm filing them by colour (red file for red patterned paper and card stock, orange for orange patterned paper and card stock, etc.)

On a totally different topic, I've been researching ways to make the girls' halloween costumes this year. They want to dress up as butterflies. I've been latched on to the idea of making everything- wings, antennae, etc. untilllll I was in walmart this morning picking up a few necessities. The halloween merchandise is beginning to find its way onto the shelves, and I found butterfly wings- in a plethora of colors- and they're $4 EACH!!! I'm thinking it would be so.much.easier. to just buy the wings and make the rest of the costume! LOL

Really, all I need to do is find tutu's of some sort for the girls- they've got leg warmers already, and to make their antennae, I'm either going to tie their hair into pig tails, or buy a cheap head band and attach pipe cleaner to it. Eeek! They're going to be ridiculously adorable for halloween this year!!!!

What are you dressing your kids as for halloween?

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Few

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I based this layout on a sketch I found over at page maps (October 2009). In all this hot weather, Gregory would find any place he could to stay cool- which included on the floor, in my haven, underneath my desk. This was probably ideal because the girls couldn't get to him, either.

I created this layout for the monthly sketch challenge over at This was for the week one challenge. The girls' favourite sayings (at least, one of them) is 'tweet, tweet, good morning!' I couldn't resist scrapping this!

No lifts or sketches on this layout- it was completely done with my own brain power! The girls' tickle trunk finally made it into the house near the end of June. It was like Christmas for them- they were awe struck by all the toys they've got!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Got Sketch?

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I based this layout on sketch 68 over at Got Sketch? I thought it would perfectly highlight the damage done to one of the girls' toys after being thrown down the stairs. I am not sure, exactly, what possesses the kids to throw things down there, other than to see what happens. Oh, the things I find down there! My mop and bucket, dish towels, shoes, toys--you name it, it has been thrown over the bannister and down the stairs.

We had a fabulous weekend with my dear friend visiting. We got a lot of visiting in, even with the kids around, and we learned that the jet boat races are incredibly entertaining boring. I don't think we'll be going again. But, at least now we know!

Annnnd, I've learned that the girls think there's an 'uncle' since I was calling A auntie A all weekend. Oops! How do you explain to little ones that its possible to have an 'auntie', even if there's no 'uncle' yet??? And, they're right to suppose that when there's an auntie, there should be an uncle. The only time we've referred to an auntie and uncle is when my sister and brother in law are around. Must be a tough thing to be a kid!!

So--nothing too exciting should be happening now until the end of the month- when A and I have our next hair appointment scheduled, and our niece gets married! After that, (apparently), the kids will be joining their grandparents on one last camping trip of the summer, and hopefully the weather will have cooled off {considerably} by then!

Thanks for dropping by,


Thursday, August 16, 2012

No Kidding?!

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Remember this layout?


**Sorry--had to edit this post removing, temporarily, the layout that's being published. I'll put it back up here when the next Canadian Scrapbooker issue is out. December 1st is the magical date!!

I am pretty sure it made it into my blog, but I can't find the post.

Some time ago now, I sent it in to Canadian Scrapbooker, along with a bunch of other layouts- with the hope that one (or a few) of them would be published. Because, that's been a wild dream of mine for a while. Being published is the epitome of crafty nirvana.

My wildest dreams have finally come true! I am being published!

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming winter issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. You'll find it there! Eek!

So, to celebrate my first ever publication, and to extend the happiness a little further than just one RAK giveaway, I'm having two! Yup, TWO chances to win!

And, its simple: become a follower of my blog, spread the word on your own blog, and leave me a comment here letting me know you've done so. 

So, the goodies you'll be bidding for?

Here they are:

Prize one--

Prize two--

They are all cards I have in my stash, and they are all up for grabs! They are all ones that I've made myself. You might even recognize one or two of them- and that's because they were made with a specific purpose, but then were never used (for one reason or another). They could be yours!

There was a time, late last year and into the very early part of this year, where I was attempting to make and sell handmade cards, but the pressure got to me (because I was trying to sell myself, where it seemed no one was particularly interested), so I just gave up. Now, instead, my heart and focus is on Project 365, and its MUCH more satisfying than making and selling cards ever was!

I do want to say, however, that the intent is still there. So, if you know anyone that loves handmade cards- and needs cards- but doesn't want to make them themselves- send them in my direction. I'd love to help them out! 

Enjoy your day! My bestie is heading out tonight and we've got plans to hang out and catch up all weekend long. Yay!! I'll see everyone again Saturday night! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Murphy...How I Loathe You!!

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I stubbed my toe


It coordinates SO WELL with my nail polish! 

And, the picture doesn't do it any justice, but I can see the slightest hint of blue underneath my skin radiating down the length of my middle toe. Just underneath all the purplish-redness you can see a bit of blue. Its also purple in-between my second and middle toes.

In a feeble attempt to pick up, carefully move, nudge  slide- using my foot- one of the girls' "stools" (aka potty) out of my way while I was trying to get some fruit cut up and frozen, I actually kicked it. By accident. You know the type of pain thats so incredible you literally see stars? Or, that's so incredible things momentarily go black? (But, by sheer determination, you don't pass out??)


At least I didn't pass out from the pain. I've done that before, too. Trust me, a person feels a bit sickly afterwards. (And, embarrassingly, it happened in a mens bathroom/change room. Thankfully no one walked in and found me lying on the floor just inside the door!) I was in high school, and working at a local hospital for the summer. It was the best example of the fight or flight reflex I've ever yet come upon. Oi. 

I don't think my toe is broken- I can bend it, and there isn't much pain, but every once in a while, if its touched just the right way, or it gets bumped for whatever reason--I know its there. When Kyle broke his finger--it looked MUCH WORSE than what my toe does. So...I think it'll be fine. (Although, my toe didn't lose against a heavy pipe either). 


I just had to share!

I have a new guilty pleasure. 

I've been inspired lately to pull out my Martha Stewart Glitter- which I bought in a 24 pack- and glam up some things on my layouts. Unfortunately, I can't show the final products to you right now, because both layouts I've recently made are DT projects, but I have to say I just love using them! Its also inspiring me to go out and find more! I think from now on, there will be at least one element, if not more, with glitter on it. I love how it adds to a project effortlessly. Why have I not thought of this before?!

Actually, its because I was a little afraid of it. I was never sure if I was using it correctly, and I was never sure if the glitter would stay put on whatever item I added it to. In the last few days, I've learned to be patient. LOL In order for it to stay on without flaking off, it needs to drrryyyyy. If you don't have a lot of patience, like me, then use your heat gun to speed up the process. I haven't' done that yet, either (because once again, I'm afraid of it--will it blow all the glitter around, or right off my project??) Probably not, if you hold it far enough away from the paper.

The other thing I learned in the last couple of days, is that I like using the refill pen (or wand or whatever you like to call it) better than the stamp pad that the glue should be squirted on to. I like it better, especially, for trying to glitter-ify objects like birds or dry embossed items like stamps (those are both subtle clues there for what you should keep your eyes peeled for in the next week and a bit...) I like being able to spread the glue around using the nub of the pen just to fill in certain areas. Obviously, using the glue pad works much better for items that you'd like stamped, such as title work (another subtle clue) or an entire stamp.

Where did this sudden guilty pleasure come from? Here! (Sorry, I can't find a graphic for the specific card that inspired me). If you have the Papercrafts card design handbook, turn to page 102, and look for the glittery 'thinking of you' card by Kalyn Kepner.


Inspiration definitely came a-knockin', and I'm sure it won't leave anytime soon. And, what inspired me was to use my glitter in ways that would be outside the box. 

If you don't have the handbook-- I would honestly and sincerely encourage you to go out and get it. Its full of great ideas, tips and techniques that will definitely help clear up any cobwebs you might have in the attic. I'll be hanging onto this for sure, and consulting it frequently! The material they cover in it can help make your layouts (and other projects) stand out, too! Promise!

Lastly, I have a picture to share with you regarding my ribbon storage. I've found two faults with it already:

1) The rolls of ribbon don't fit perfectly inside the box that I'm using (and, it could just be that I'm using an awkwardly shaped box); and
2) unless the box is FULL, they don't stay put! I'm not totally sure I'm happy with it, but I'll give it a go for a while, and see if my mind changes. I have thought about running a thin dowel through the container, and securing it on either side of the container. That might be an option to keep things from scooting all over the place!

Another option I came across is using a paper towel holder (an upright one), to store your ribbon on. I also think thats a great idea, but the only thing I can see being a bit of an issue is taping the ribbon back on itself so it doesn't come unwound. That, and I don't have the desk/table space to store them on! That's why the containers are so brilliant (for me). Since I've got the vertical storage cubes (mine are from Walmart- and they're clear) I'm trying to better utilize the storage I've already got!

What do I love about it? That the ribbon is utilized like a tape runner- all you need to do is pull, and it will unwind with ease. And, I love that its organized and contained in an easy to see, easy to use manner.

For those little bits of ribbon that aren't on a roll, or that are scraps--what do you do with those? This is what I did:

The jars don't look too pretty yet- I hadn't honestly thought about glorifying them, until I came across something (yet again) I had seen on Pinterest- and completely unrelated to the way I was using my jars! But, what I saw is ingenious, so they will be decorated sooner or later.

I separated all my bits of ribbon into three categories: red, orange and yellow and white; green, blue and purple; and lastly, brown, grey and black. Sometime down the road, I'd like to find small jars- maybe magnetic tins or really small apothecary jars to store all the colours independently of one another; for now, this works beautifully. And, it cleans up my drawer wonderfully!

(I already had the jars on hand, so thats what makes this project so awesome!!) I don't have any before pictures- just imagine this drawer being a hot mess of ribbon, ribbon everywhere! Now imagine the frustration a person could feel trying to find anything in there! I avoided it. Now, I might be more prone to using my ribbon.!

There's a few more storage tricks I want to utilize, but I haven't figured out yet what I would need them for:

Such as, salt shakers for storing loose glitter (I LOVE how it looks- I guess I'm quite a visual person. Aesthetics is mondo important!!) It must be pleasing to my eye LOL;

As well as a DIY cake stand, using plastic cups and paper plates (decorated up using your pretty scrapbook paper). I mustn't have saved that one to my Pinterest, because I can't find it! I'll go back and look again...nope, not happening. If I come across it again, I'll post it for sure!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, everyone!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Touch of Whimsy

Did you hear? I'm having a giveaway! For more details, scroll down, or click on this link to head straight over there! Also, due to a slight oversight, I've edited my last post to include HOW to enter into my draw!

I've alluded to it time and again, but if you didn't know or were unsure, I've been blessed with twins. And, a blessing they are for sure, even though I've been struggling and finding things incredibly tough these days. Obviously, they are pictured above.

We were both pretty overwhelmed with the news that twins were on the way. Neither of us really thought about it during my pregnancy, but when they did arrive, two big questions loomed large in our minds: 1) how were we going to tell them apart, and 2) what sides of the truck were we going to put them? Both very important questions!

Luckily, there was no difficulty for us telling them apart- unfortunately for Maren, she looked fairly sickly and unwell until she had a blood transfusion- her platelets were low and she was incredibly pale. After that, she pinked up nicely. But, there was no mistaking the two- Maren was still smaller and either malnourished-looking or under-developed. (Once again, thankfully, that quickly changed!! My girl STILL loves her food!) Some people nowadays, are able to tell them apart, but most people can't, which kind of baffles me, because I think the difference between them is like night and day!

Still, we mutually decided that to keep any confusion at bay (and help other people easily remember who was who), we gave the girls colour coded soothers, winter coats, shoes- anything that would help distinguish one from the other. Maren's colour was predominantly pink, and Addisons was purple. You'll see in older pictures of the girls, that we tried to adhere to that rule as much as possible. (For instance, last winter, both girls had pink and purple snowsuits, but their 'dressier' winter coats were purple and brown). Their summer shoes are dark pink (Maren) and white/lighter pink (Addison). I don't think they're ever going to escape the colour coding!

In the picture above, they're almost in their colours. But, not quite. They're backwards. Addison is wearing the pink dress and yellow shirt, and Maren is wearing the blue dress and pink shirt. LOL Just to keep you on your toes, I guess.

So, in that light, the colour scheme I chose to do this layout with echoes their colour scheme almost perfectly. (I have trouble determining whether the flowers in the patterned paper are purple or blue. It could go either way).

As to which side of the truck the girls would sit on--I came up with the idea to use an.... what's the correct term? I can't think of it??? MR AL. MR= Maren right and AL= Addison left. That's never changed, either. Unless, of course, I have a brain fart and put them on the wrong sides by accident. Like that's never happened. LOL (And leave it to my sister to connect the girls initials to my moms maiden name- ABMA.  Addison Brie, Maren Avery. Crazy!! Seriously. That wasn't planned!)

Geez, what's with the bunny trails today? Ask me about my girls, and I'll tell you everything I can about them!

Anyhow, this layout is based on a card I saw that I loved and wanted to translate into a layout. You can find it here. Seriously, inspiration is everywhere!!! And, thank goodness for Pinterest! Otherwise, I'd forget where I find anything!

The floral paper is scraps that I used up, and its Recollections (My Favorite Things collection. How fitting, right?!) The hot pink paper is also from Michaels (ugh- never, I repeat never purchase the sticky back card stock from there. Blech. I keep the lining on the back ON, and use my adhesive to stick it to anything. Much nicer- and easier to keep your alignments straight!! Unless you plan on using it for small items, then maybe using it might not be so frustrating).

The patterned papers making up the circles are all miscellaneous- K&Co, and Stampin' Up.

The chandelier was part of the floral paper- I fussy cut it out and adhered it on its own. I can now cross using a chandelier off of my scrappy 'bucket list'. I had wanted to use one somewhere for so long, and now I finally did! Whoo! (I love the little birdie sitting on it. Adds just a touch of whimsy).

That's all I've got for now.

Take care,


Monday, August 13, 2012

How Do I Say Thank You? With a Prize!

***Edit: I neglected to mention just how a person can enter in my draw! Can you tell this is my first time?! In order to enter, leave a comment here on this post. Also, help me spread the word about my giveaway by leaving a short post in your own blog, with a link back here, so people can start following here, too! Sorry and thank you!!***

People often tell me that they love that I scrap every day events. I have to admit, I quite love it, too. But, I never imagined that some of the subjects I've scrapped would resonate so much- or even so deeply- with people. Its left me quite humbled, and I'm pleased that through my own creative process, and effort to preserve our past, its bringing back memories (fond) for the people that have dropped by my gallery and seen my work. I never thought that something as simple as going for a hair appointment, or the sweet, goofy things the twins do, would touch someone. Its incredibly satisfying to know that I'm touching the lives of (one day) not only my children, but also those of 'friends' (though, who are still complete strangers, other than sharing the same love of a particular craft, and meeting at an online community).

So, for that, thank you! Thank you for the encouragement to keep going, though I'm finding it hard these days to stay creatively minded when it comes to my picture taking! I'm finding there's gaps in between days I actually take pictures. But, I'm not worried. On those days, I take the time to look back over time and choose pictures that I haven't scrapped yet. Its win-win no matter how I look at it! And, I don't look on it as cheating, because everything I'm doing is for memory keeping- so it shouldn't matter, in the grand scheme of things, when something occurred. As long as it gets preserved.

And, on the topic of thankfulness, I am honoured and blown away that so many people enjoy dropping by my humble little blog. 42 followers is pretty amazing! I never thought I'd reach such a high number! (I know, pretty humble considering some of the blogs I--we--follow reach into the hundreds, if not thousands!) So, thank you to all of you for your loyalty and support; your presence here is such an encouragement to me. You're all wonderful, and it means the world to me that you're sharing this tiny little space on the world wide web with me.

The best way (I think) I know how to properly thank everyone is by doing something special. Its gotten me to thinking that I'd like to throw together a RAK or a giveaway of some kind, but I'm not sure what or even if the goodies I have around here are even good enough for one. Then I thought, why not make something and give it away?

Actually, I may have an idea, now that I've sat and thought on it for a little bit. But, why stop at just thanking the readers I already have? Why not attempt to generate more interest in my blog, too? So, let your scrappy, crafty friends know about me and my humble little place, too. Even one more follower is a score (though more than that wouldn't be a bad thing, either!) I hope you like challenges!

(Clarification): Oh, and by the way, in order to win the prize, you must already be a follower. If not, all you have to do is become one! Super simple.

I'll leave this open until midnight MST Sunday, September 2. I'll make the draw on the following Monday morning (the 3rd).

On a totally new note, I came across another super simple and crazy awesome way to organize my scrap room and create better harmony. What is it? A new method to store ribbon! Actually, I think I've seen this method before, but never thought to try it until now. (Because I'd always wanted the fancier hang-on-the-wall type of gadget. I can still have that- one day. But for now, I think this will work brilliantly!)

So what is it, you ask again. Ok, its super simple: take a plastic container, and thread the loose ends of your ribbon through little holes on the sides (of course, assuming you find little top open containers that have holes in them. The Dollar Store is a great place to look. That's where I got mine). If you follow the link above, you'll find yourself at my Pinterest board, All Things Scrappy, and if you follow the link from there, you'll find the original source.

I just think its great because its so simple. I've got some of my ribbon in one container already, and I see that I need more. So, more organizing needs to be done before I can finish this project! (Which is ok, because I'm still searching for the awesomest way to store rubber and cling- mounted stamps. When I come across one that I really like, of course I'll share!) I also want to put my ribbon in a rainbow-type assortment of colour, so it may take a while until I've got it to the way I like it. Pictures will follow when completed! So, until then, that's all I've got for now!

Oh, and one more thing: how about storing your cricut cartridges in an over the door shoe storage system? I think its brilliant. I'm finding that there's so many uses for them-other than for the traditional way to store your shoes- that its becoming necessary to go out and buy one! Because, sooner or later, there WILL be a use for it! LOL (You can find that also on my All Things Scrappy Pinterest board. If you follow the link, you'll find the original source).

Take care,


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Change Bites (When its Rushed)

Last night was crazy and pretty rough.

Kyle broke the truck he was driving (he had to drive somebody else's' truck yesterday because his own truck was in the shop) and he twisted off the auxiliary. To my girly and unappreciative mind (of all things vehicle) I don't really understand what that means, other than no.more.movement.PERIOD. He had to wait 6 hours for someone to come rescue him and get him back home. He called shortly before 5 last night. (Otherwise he would have been home by 6:30, I'm guessing). He was home after 11 pm instead. Oofta. 

The worst part was that the girls both had a rotten sleep. All.night. Now, suddenly, Maren isn't sleeping through the night anymore. Since camping last weekend, she's woken up once, twice, if not more, every night. Ahhh! One non sleeper baby is enough! Now I've got two again! So, after Addison finally fell to sleep (which was after Kyle got home- she cried for an entire two hours, saying 'can't sleep, mama', 'no sleepy time, mama'. Addison was up every couple of hours, as was Maren. Always opposite of each other.

And, I don't like the change that's looming on the doorstep.

The change? No naps. Period. For either of my girls. Starting: today. I have little to no sanity left now (it feels like) anyways, how am I going to survive days without nappies in them? Wish me luck. Lots of 'disappearing acts' I think. I guess I'll perfect the art of sneakiness, LOL.

Hence the reason there was no post last night. I could hardly concentrate with a howling toddler, though somehow I did manage to finish a layout that's been especially difficult to tackle. There's another layout that I've attempted three times (DT assignment); and while I love the design, its just as elusive. I just.can'!!! I'll try it again, because another idea popped into my head while I lay in bed trying to succumb to sleep, but I have to hurry. Its due on the 16th!

On a good note, here's one more layout to share with you:

(Just quickly, because I hear Maren beginning to fuss) this is based on a layout I spotted over at...Oh! Argh! Its always when you're in a rush that you can't find what you're looking for. I'll be back later on to share the reference. I can tell you I spotted the original at Two Peas...I hope that'll suffice for now!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy To See You

Friday means reveal day! Yipee!

Head on over to Lets Capture These Sketches for the latest sketch and all the beautiful work the girls put into their interpretations of it! Truly inspiring!

This is what I did with the sketch:

I created the background using Stampin' Up's Summer Sun ink and Stampendous stamp (from Michaels) Bird Post. I just love it! I used a mixture of scrap papers- some Stampin' Up, some Recollections, some basic card stock, some K&Co. The flower stamp (Hampton Arts Fab Flowers- also from Michaels) in the foreground was done also using the Summer Sun yellow from Stampin' Up.

The finishing touches include using my Creative Memories tag punch, and the cloud I've had for so long I can't remember where it came from. It was the last of its kind, and I'm sad that they're finally all used up. They were so fun to work with! (I had foam stars, clouds, and a few other odds and ends). Luckily I went and bought more foam- now I just need to create my own shapes with it!

Speaking of the cloud, I wanted to mimic the cloud in Addisons sweater, so I created raindrops on my layout using clear rhinestones. And, as we all know, water replenishes the earth, so I positioned it above the strip of flowers!

Finally, the title work is one of Addisons most favourite phrases. It defines who she is- and reminds me so much of myself. I guess its her version of my 'hey, hows it going?' I love it!

I'm about to get pretty personal here, so if you're not interested, then see you tomorrow! If you are, thanks for sticking through, my friend!

**********           ***********            *************              ***********        *****

And, on a personal note, how do you deal with daily, motherly frustrations? Kids not listening, the house in a constant state of disastrous mess, accident upon accident upon accident...I feel like I'm going to crack under the pressure! The worst days always seem to occur when a) Kyle's working late or b) I feel like I've just spent too much time with the kids with no relief.

Which is always the case, since I rarely get out on my own. If I do, its always 'don't be too long' or 'please hurry'.

I give myself 'time outs' during the day but that doesn't seem to work anymore either, because while I'm trying to keep my emotions under control, the kids have gotten into something else that sends it sky rocketing again! I finally reached by boiling point by 8:30 tonight because the kids just didn't seem interested in listening to me. I gave them numerous chances to listen, and options to choose from, and they wouldn't acknowledge any of what I said to them. I even threatened to turn off their beloved Toopy and Binoo (bedtime ritual) and send them straight to bed. That didn't work either. So, they went to bed, with no T and P. They got stories, but that was it.

Maybe there's something to having only two children, but I desperately don't want that to be the case.

I am so devoid of any happiness, I'm utterly at my ropes' end. I am in an incredibly dark spot in my life, right now. So dark, I've reached a point where I hate my life. I hate being a mother more days that I like it, I hate my marriage (more the state its in rather than my actual marriage), I hate my life. All my life is is MOMMYING. There's no room in it for the girl who used to be- just.simply.Alison. Just scrapping every night isn't enough anymore. Sleeping right along with the girls at nap time isn't enough anymore (I think its more an escape than anything else). The two friendships I made when we first moved here have both disintegrated. I'm too shy to go out and make new friends. I'm too shy to even bring my kids to moms and tots groups.

I don't foresee things getting any better, either. Kyle appears to be in the 'up-swing' of work again. There's been nothing through the entire summer, and now that its winding down, work seems to be picking up. Notice how there hasn't been any 'thankfuls' in a long time? I haven't forgotten about it; I haven't given up on it; I still want to work on my list. But, in my current emotional state of mind, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to think of anything positive to be thankful for.

I rarely mention things like this here, and I'll continue to do so. But, I just needed to get off my chest that the girl that used to be is disintegrating, and getting lost in the shuffle and forgotten. And, it sucks and hurts. The.End.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Travel Jar

I did something totally new tonight, and I just have to share it! We always have a ton of change kicking around- especially Kyle. You'll almost always hear a faint jingle announcing the presence of change in his jean pockets. The other day, he left a handful of it on the counter, and it was just begging me to find it a new home.

The inspiration behind this came from this post, and I knew that this would be that change's new fate. I created a travel jar! All that extra change that I've had in my wallet for eons and isn't going anywhere- the change that Kyle hoards in his jeans pockets- its all going into that sweet little jam jar. Once its overflowing, it will find its way into the savings account- to be used for a special getaway.

All the pennies that's been accumulating in my wallet- that's going to the girls' piggy bank. Its a piggy bank that was given to me for a high school grad gift, but I've donated to them because I think its so stinking cute. And, its perfect for them. Its elephants! They love their animals! Once its full, its being transferred into their very own bank account. I started saving my penny's for them before they were even born- I had saved up $5.00 worth, and deposited it into their account when I finally opened one for them. I feel bad there's only $200 or so in there, but I also feel good, because that's money that's still left over from their baby shower and past birthdays. I think we've done pretty good, considering I've got twins!

So, here's my little travel jar:

How cute, right??!

I used patterned papers from K&Co's 8.5x8.5 paper pack Sleepy Tree, and the sticker and travel embellies (including clouds) are also K&Co (Handmade). Actually, the explore sticker is from another collection, but I didn't mark what it was. The yellow button is from my own personal stash- probably a button from my grandma's personal collection of buttons.

This was so fun and quick to make. As you can see, I still need to trim off a bit more of the overhanging ribbon- I just couldn't wait to get this posted, lol. OH- before I forget again, the ribbon was clearance at Walmart, and the small circle inset the other one on the lid is from the packaging for the Handmade collection of embellies. Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Layout and Christmas Candy

Hi everyone!

Ever get totally side tracked while you're trying to compose a post? It never happens to me. I want to share a layout with you; its a scrap lift of another layout I saw on, and I saved it to my Pinterest for future reference. Well, in the natural course of things, I went to the board that I wanted--well, not quite. Not before I browsed through the home page and pinned a few other things that really caught my eye. Obviously Christmas is on everyone's minds- because the Christmas theme isn't just showing up on cards! (Maybe it has something to do with how hot its been all over the place? Just taking a stab in the dark on that one...) Then I went to the particular board that I wanted.

The inspiration behind my layout came from Sasload4's layout 'Domestic Princess'. I absolutely loved the way she placed her pictures, and the strip of card stock bordering them with the stars inset in it. So pretty. I wanted to replicate it!

Here's what I came up with:

Rather than using three pictures, like Sandra did, I only used one- which is a 5x7. I put the border strip along the top- in an attempt to create a night-like sky. I also used black card stock to further enhance the theme. My girls like playing 'night-night'- they pretend to sleep; they'll lay on the floor, pretend to snore, then jump up shouting, 'wake up, wake up'! They get even more excited when mama and daddy play along with them. (I think its actually mama and daddy that inspired them to play this game in the first place!!)

The purple strip of card stock was stamped with an SU Easter set- the polka dots reminded me of stars in the sky that are far, far away and clear rhinestones help add the sparkle factor to my night sky. Pop a few stars up there, and a cloud or two, and voila! You're basically done!

So, now that I mentioned it, are you wondering what the items were that I found on Pinterest that snagged my attention?

I thought so.

 candles, adorable cutlery, and two fabulous cards- one of which I want to scrap lift into a layout.

Aren't the candles and the cutlery fabulous??! I have a grocery bag full of pine cones that mom collected for me, then gave me, and I've been somewhat cruising around looking for creative uses for them. This is definitely one that I want to try out! Also, I've found a way to use up this one particular set of cutlery that we don't like using! Yay!

Have a great night everyone. See y'all again tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recipe for Goodness

For those of you that know of my recent breakfast smoothie/fruit and veggie smoothie addiction, I've got a new concoction for you: blend together a couple florets of broccoli, a small handful of (frozen) spinach, frozen blueberries (I freeze all most of my store-bought fruit and veggies), bananas, and watermelon, 1/3 -1/2 cup plain yogurt, and 1/4-1/3 cup milk. (The milk was added to thin it out a little bit- its quite thick! Instead of milk, you could also add more yogurt and some ice if you prefer). This will yield just enough for a small glass for you and two full (or four half cups, taking more than one child into account) toddler cups for your littles (if its just you, I would guess it would yield about 1 large glass full, or two-3 medium sized glasses).


Try it out. The broccoli makes it a bit gritty- sort of like oranges do when you leave too much of the skin on, but otherwise it's delish!!

Here are some more pictures from Fathers Day. Maren gave me a huge hug and told me she loves me in the first pic, and in the second, she's playing with my necklace. You know, kids are so amazing- they're quick to point out to you when something is out of the ordinary. When we went to pick up the kids from their grandma's a few weeks back, I had taken off my locket because of the massage I'd been to earlier that day. I hadn't put it back on. Maren kept telling me over and over that it was 'gone'. Then, the other day, we were loading up to head out somewhere, and I put the girls in the wrong seats- on the wrong side of the truck, and Maren informed me, when I was putting Addison into her seat, that the seat that she was occupying was actually hers.  Oops! Maren always sits on the drivers' side, and Addison always sits on the passenger side. I rectified the problem after we'd finished shopping at our first destination that day. But, how funny!

Back on topic now. This layout was completed for the monthly sketch challenge over at This was the week 4 sketch, based on a sketch from Pagemaps July 2009. You can find the sketch here, along with some other gorgeous sketches, too. I'm going to have to remember that website!!

I stamped the entire title- first one some left over packaging, and then underneath the second photo. I've had the stamps for quite a while, and don't know where I got them. Probably at Michaels. The black polka dot paper in the background is Recollections, and the brown patterned paper is K&Co. I used white card stock for the journalling spot, and I blended in the brackets (which have also been in my stash for so long that I don't know where they came from) with basic black ink (SU). Originally, they were patterned, but I didn't feel the pattern on it worked with my design. It was too loud and busy.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, everyone.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Heinz 57

LIttle cousin C

Addison- this was taken Friday afternoon, just after we got to the lake. Grandma and Grandpa were the only ones there- it was a nice, quiet visit before everyone else arrived. The first thing Addison did was begin playing hide and seek. She counts, '1, 2...6, 7, 8, 9, 10!'

Addison played like this all weekend. She's always happy to sit on her own and 'make'.

Maren was playing a game with Grandma when we first got to the campsite.

Addison enjoying riding in their dinghy. Thanks to B for snapping some pictures for me.

Maren *really* enjoying the dinghy ride. She almost fell to sleep!

Maren pulling her boat around all on her own. She was pretty brave with that life jacket on- she'd go out fairly deep- at least chest height- before she'd start losing her balance. Daddy rescued her a time or two before she went face first into the water. They (both girls) certainly enjoyed the lake, though. We were down there for a good solid couple of hours on Saturday afternoon.

Maren 'driving' grandpa's motorboat.

Addison 'driving' grandpa's motorboat.

One of S's wedding shower gifts- an apron that all of the family signed. I thought it would be cute to let Addison and Maren 'sign' her apron, then I 'translated' what they wrote.

Better view of the apron.

We've decided that the kids are going to accompany grandma and grandpa on another camping trip- one by themselves- in a few weeks' time (the end of August). And, its got me stupidly excited.


I'm in 'home improvement' mode again. Yup. I'm gonna paint. I'm a go-getter- lets see if I've bitten off more than I can chew- I'm going to paint the half bath and the hallway upstairs. I'm going to DIY a bookshelf. I'm also going to sort through the kids' toys and donate a lot of it. I've been on the net, researching colours to paint the girls' bathroom (make it kidsy, but also classy enough to be used as an adult bathroom), and also came across a new colour to try out in the hallway. Kyle doesn't really want to use the same yellow in the hallway that I did in the kitchen, but I do for continuity's sake. I also think it will brighten up the hallway, because it feels really dark and murky. I looked at other colours, anyways, and I think I've come up with a compromise: I told him that if the hallway is going to be painted something other than what I want, then its going to stay somewhere in the same family that its currently painted (which is beige). I came across two colours (Behr brand): winter garden and/or willow herb. They sound pretty, right? Serene and calming- which I like. Both colours are beige, but are heavy on the green- so it will coordinate with both my living room (which is a beautiful olive kind of green) and kitchen, which is yellow, but heavy on the green. (Its seaweed something or rather). I'm stoked. Now I need an excuse to head into Edmonton while the kids are gone to pick up the paint.

Eek! I love home improvements!!

I suppose I have a little of everything tonight. I whipped this card up in mere minutes on Saturday morning for S, our niece. She'll be getting married on September 1, but her wedding shower was at the camping trip this weekend. I had already made one for her from myself and Kyle, but I made one for my MIL to give her. I also picked up her shower gift for the both of us and then slid theirs in along with the card I made for MIL to give to S. (Long winded and confusing? Yeah, sometimes- that's how I roll).

It was very simple and easy to make.  (It would have to be if I got it done in 20 minutes or less!) I used Whisper White Ink (SU) and my large polka dot stamp to stamp the bottom half of the card stock base. The green card stock strip 3/4 of the way up is scraps (Autumn Leaves brand), and the white tag is Martha Stewart. The blue and green one thats inset is unknown. The wedding bells- Sandy Lion (Dollar Store), and I also used the mini phrases from SU for the 'celebrate' sentiment. I stamped that with Old Olive Ink (SU). Lastly, so that the white of the MS tag wasn't so stark and austere, I inked it with a sponge dauber and Old Olive Ink, so that it would blend in a bit better!

Tune in tomorrow for more goodies!