Thursday, January 27, 2011

Precious Moments

As we stood together in the kitchen in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for your bottle to finish heating in the microwave, you caught sight of kitty. He appeared to not have been fed at bedtime, so was rubbing against my legs, purring loudly his reminder that his ever-empty tummy needed to be refilled.

Leaning across my chest, you looked down at the floor and smiled when you caught sight of him again, little squeaks of greeting escaping your lips every now and then. He had you so excited, that when we sat down on the couch to feed you, the bottle was the last thing on your mind.

Good thing kitty decided to follow us, because while I changed your diaper, there on the living room floor, kitty came up (overcoming his recent fear of you and your sister) for a short petting session. I bet that made your night: seeing kitty *and* getting to pet him!

Knowing that you have a soft spot for animals melts my heart, but what made it melt further?

Kitty walked around you to your other side, and rubbed up against your jolly jumper while I finished up changing your diaper. I looked down at you briefly, while I was wrapping up your wet diaper, and your fingers were curling and uncurling in his direction- in a 'come-back-here- motion.

You are too sweet!

Monday, January 24, 2011


It never fails: after a wonderful night, the day following it is awful.

The entire day, up until now, has been full of crying. And, nothing is making her happy. Put her in your lap, and she slides out like she wants to lie down. Lie her down, and she cries because she doesn't want to be lying down. Offer her food, and she shakes her head no. Put her to bed, and she cries even harder, throwing the occasional scream in there. Give her Gripe water, hoping it will calm her down (thinking it could be an upset tummy), and it has no effect. Put her in the jolly jumper, exersaucer, sit her up to play on the floor--nothing makes her happy. Not even a bowl of bananas, which are her favorite. Nothing is working today. I refuse to hold her these days--her sister is jealous enough as it is, and I can't carry baby around all day long. I want her to learn to be independant, but the harder I try to do that, the tighter she clings to me.

My next options are to just put her to bed and let her cry it out, or give her advil and follow the previous anecdote. She's already woken her sister up, who was napping peacefully in their room. I'm hiding in the basement--I can still hear her crying, and her sister occasionally kicking the side of her crib. I've vetoed giving her advil for now--her pediatrician says its bad, so I'm trying my hardest not to give it to her. The GP in town says that Tylenol is ok to give, but I don't want to give that to her, either. She's had too much drugs in her short life already.

But...I'll start after the babysitter leaves this afternoon. She'll be here in forty five minutes, and for her own sanity, I'll give baby advil in the hopes it will brighten and cheer her up.

It breaks my heart. I've finally decided that all I can do from now on is to just put her to bed, and let her cry. Let her cry until either happiness returns, or she falls asleep. I should go get her sister up out of bed, but its going to send her into another massive fit. I don't want her to see me.

They are going to nap in separate rooms from now on: I'll pull the play pen into our room and let one baby sleep in our room, and other in their own room. That way neither of them will interrupt eachother.

Oh, dear...what can I take, short of drinking and smoking and doing drugs? (None of which I'll do, of course, but sometimes its ohhhh so tempting...) for my own sanity?????

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something New

Neither of you had seen anything like it in your short baby lives. The lights were bright, the air was cool, and then soon there were men gliding around on ice in bright colored jerseys, pushing around black round objects that made loud noises when they hit the glass in front of us.

You looked at the ceiling, rippled and poorly absorbing the heat the furnace was undoubtedly throwing into the air, at people filling up the lobby, at the policeman in his uniform standing directly behind the chair I was sitting in, taking everything in. Faintly, a slight smile crossed your mouth (behind your sucky), or did it? I couldn't really tell. Daddy thought he saw it, too.

You were about to witness your first hockey game- fights and all. It was going to be the battle of the towns: Arcola vs. Carlyle. (Go Combines, go!!)

In my lap, you were lightly bouncing binky's pink bunny ear in the air, staring intently at the men on the ice warming up; then you were in mama's arms as I stood rigidly in the corner, in front of the plexiglas separating us from colder air still, and flying hockey pucks that could knock a person out, leaving pretty colors in its wake, should they hit you. The loud, sudden sound of the puck hitting the glass evoked no fear of any kind in you--not even a response.

Daddy and I looked at eachother in surprise--and relief. We might have a good night afterall!

I underestimated just how good the night would be for you and I. Shortly after the game began, you began slouching in my lap, you began whining and wouldn't settle down. Finally, upon standing for the thirtieth time, I decided to cradle you to sleep like I had done so many times when you were itty bitty tiny.

Sucky in mouth, binky tucked under your arm with soft ears at your chin for easy access (to either play with or chew on--of course all at your own discretion), and blanket covering you for extra warmth, you settled. You stared for the longest time at the policemen (by that time a few more had dropped in to visit--must have been a real busy night) and paramedics standing behind us, talking to the couple with a baby there, just as if you were eavesdropping on their Newfie-accented conversation; your sister was intent on playing with the mama and the baby at the same time. For her, there was too much going on, too much to absorb, too much to miss should she go to sleep.

Nope, she'd keep going till she dropped in her tracks.

(Where does she get all her energy, daddy asked. Its beyond me, truthfully, but all I told him was babies are supposed to be full of energy, and as we grow up, we lose it...)

Finally, eventually, you fell to sleep. Deeply enough, I might add, for sucky to even fall from your mouth.


(Of course, you woke a few times in between to cry and whimper, but you soon were back to dreamland each time).

Even though the rest of the night was rough for the three of us, thank you so much for this small gift. I love moments like this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hobby Central

Thank goodness for a hobby I love.

The possibilities are endless!

In the name of saving some money--and to relieve my desire to get in touch with my happier self this year (both of which are new years resolutions)--an idea came upon me to scrapbook picture frames for the girls. (Following a desire to get projects other than scrapbook pages done this year...)

Well...not the frames themselves, but a picture inside it.

Husband bought me a bunch of picture frames for Christmas, and two of them are 8 by 10. They're the perfect size for a little perfect something for the twinlets!

Pictures will follow when my projects are done.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liar Liar

We are lucky enough to be heading into Regina next Friday for the appointment we've been worrying over--rather than waiting the dreaded three months to see the pediatrician, we have only a week to wait!



We are being made into liars.


Missy Moo seems to be pulling out of the funk that she's been in the last two months. She is napping better again, her appetite seems to be returning, and although she had one minor hiccup at 6 this morning, the crying fits seem to be subsiding, too.

Though, that doesn't explain why her right knee won't reflex when its hit with the rubber mallet.

But, maybe--hopefully--everything is interrelated and we can get all our concerns answered in one shot. I will insist that both girls be sent to an allergist or have allergy testing done. I have a nagging suspicion there are allergies at play. Some how, in some small part.

However, I am still going to keep the appointment we booked with a NICU doctor (in the meatime), just in case we are not satisfied with the answers we get from this pediatrician.

And, in a last ditch effort, if none of that pleases me, I am bringing her to Alberta, and I'll find a doctor there that will listen to me and do something about it...

But, since I am staying positive and hopeful this is going to turn up some long awaited answers, I'm really looking forward to next Friday!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waiting Game

I've been trying so hard to keep the despair and negativity I'm feeling towards Addisons' disposition, health problems, temperament (take your pick--I'm not sure what the right word is to describe the situation, though I feel that health problems is the best way to describe it) out of my blog, but tonight I'm unable to avoid it.

Just in the way that we have to wait again for a referral to a new pediatrician. I am hoping, earnestly, that we do not need to wait long (as in 3 months long). Not knowing what is wrong has gone on long enough. She was doing so well up until the middle of November, and then things went all awry again. She doesn't sleep well at night, waking up howling, as if she's hurting somewhere; holding her and cuddling her doesn't help anymore, either. When I hold her, she pushes away. She isn't hungry; typically she wakes within an hour or two of eating.

She's begung crying at frequent intervals throughout the day again- for the most part enough throughout the day that I dare not leave the living room where she's playing, because as soon as I start doing something, the crying begins again.

Her appetite remains on the poorer side--one day she'll eat fairly well (for her) and the next, she eats next to nothing. For a while, even rice cereal didn't go over so well. In the last week or so, it seems to be getting better again, thankfully, because breakfast and supper tend to be the only meals where she eats (in my mind) adequately.

Naps aren't going so well, either--for both girls. Maybe its teething; I'm not sure. Typically, they would nap an hour or a little longer each time they went to sleep during the day. They were having a quick snack at 5 pm and then heading for another quick, short nap after that, tying them over until supper time at 7, and then bedtime at 8. Not anymore. Now we're not napping at all after 2, and the naps we do take are only half an hour long.

Thankfully for Maren, she's starting to sleep through the night. It might not be every night, but three out of the last four nights have been all-nighters for her. Thank you, baby!!

I've been bringing Addison to the chiropractor, which unfortunately isn't making a big enough difference for us. It isn't really helping. Her pediatrician, who we saw last Monday, didn't have the time to listen to my concerns, so sent us home with an inadequate diagnosis (slight ear infection--so take amoxycillin and an antacid for tummy troubles). Today, we went to another doctor, this time in town, and I am not totally satisfied with what he had to say, either. I was hoping he would have some insight into the situation; either he was playing it safe or he really didn't know.

The chiropractor isn't able--and hasn't been able to over the last three visits-- to get Addisons' right knee to reflex with her rubber mallet. She is a bit concerned about it, so asked me to have it checked by someone else. We did, and now we're waiting for another doctor to have a look at it. We hear that this pediatrician is really good; his waiting list is long, but once we get in, we won't be disappointed.

Dear Lord.

The first time we were referred to him, we had to wait three months. At the time, that was wwaaayyyyy too long. Thank goodness our current pediatrician came up with the diagnosis of colic. It may not have been the right or accurate one, but what he prescribed certainly made a difference.

Not anymore. Now there's something else. Oh, she still has her happy moments. And when she does, she is soooo sweet. I just wish they happened a little more frequently.

For my own sanity--and for the sake of my dear child--I am not sure I can wait that long again, either.

Monday, January 17, 2011


On just about a daily basis, you continue to amaze me!

For instance, last night after putting you to bed, and of course, upon hearing you cry-probably because you got rolled onto your hands and knees and weren't able to correct yourself--I came to your room to put you back into the right position.

What I saw astonished me.

I called your daddy into your room, saying, 'you'll never guess!!', and was mildly surprised when he didn't comment. I was shocked beyond belief! I had no idea how you did it.

Sit up in bed, that is.

All. on. your. own, I might add.

You were in the very top left corner, sitting up perfectly straight--almost as if I had set you down there myself.


As if, through your tears, you were wailing, 'how do I lay down again?'

After that, you went right to sleep. I know its your habit to roll around and turn as much as you can--I think its to find your 'sweet spot' before falling to sleep (though a little more play time never hurts either, right monkey??), and I suppose now we're going to have to add sitting up in bed to that habitual practice, too!

And, daddy's right. Soon we are going to have to lower the mattress in your crib...

Friday, January 14, 2011


in the bath has been yours and your sisters' favorite past time since your very first bath. (I even like to think you enjoyed it while you were still in the womb...)

When you were really little, you would just lean back and soak up the warmth--and the pampering. (Who wouldn't, right??)

As you continued to grow, and further enjoy your baths, I began wondering (just recently, truth be told) when you were going to start cooing and smiling during your bath. Typically, you're preoccupied with kicking your feet and keeping your hands out of the water as much as possible. Once, you kicked so hard, you got water in your face.

{Insert snicker (hidden, of course) here}

Shock passed over your features, and then a very visible (though mental) shake of the head, and you continued to play. Funniest thing, up to date, your mother has ever seen. From you, that is.

The sweetest thing your mother has ever seen, up to date, while you're playing in the bath, occured this evening.

All of a sudden, you stopped playing, there was no expression on your face, and you stared hard into the water you were soaking in. (It scared me because I didn't know what was going on--were you going to poop right there in the tub, were you going to cough, fart, spit up???) Nope. You looked up, looked right at me, and smiled the biggest and brightest smile.

Oh dear, sweet Addison.

{Insert swoon here}.

I laughed a little too loud (in delight, of course), and I think it scared you, because all seriousness returned in the very next instant. Dang it!! So, I began to whisper to you, and in the next instant, you began cooing. And talking. And smacking your lips together--just like a fish--all while still kicking your feet. Oh, and playing with your bath toys.

After drying you off, we took a quick detour into the living room to tell daddy about your new milestone, and the entire three minutes we stood there talking, you continued to smack your lips together like the sweet little fishy you are, and every once in a while your leg would lightly thump my thigh-- you were still kicking. And smiling. (You continued right through getting lotioned up and dressed in your jammies, too!)

To finish off our amazing bath time, I walked into your room to get your sister dressed, only to find you passed out. In bed. With your binkie above your head, your mobile playing, and your sucky hanging haphazardly from your relaxed lips. I pulled your blankie from under your feet and back on top of you, re-adjusted binkie so he was in your arms again, and pushed your sucky back into your mouth.

You never stirred.

After such a wonderful day, this evening was the icing on the cake.

I love you, Miss Addison

Thursday, January 13, 2011


How is it possible for the pendulum to swing from one extreme to the next from one day to the next? Its been so long since I had a day where I (almost) enjoyed having children again--the last one being when they came home from the hospital--and it was the first time since then that I felt myself begin to relax even, too.  (A little prematurely, unfortunately). That is how I perceive our days should be- full of happy, content-to-play-on-their-own-and-succeed-at-entertaining-themselves--without crying for no explainable reason ninety percent of the day--babies, and mama's that can get some chores done, and some reading (if she wants), and relish/bask/soak up the warmth, peace and serenity the break has provided her.

A day has passed between the 'full of happy, content-to-play-on-their-own-and-succeed-at-entertaining-themselves--without crying for no explainable reason ninety percent of the day' day and the 'so-miserable-I-don't-think-I-can-possibly-go-on' type of day. I was reminded during a phone call last night that a new day always begins and we have the opportunity (gracefully) to start over again. What great encouragement! And, so true. Each and every day I have the opportunity to choose my attitude; each and every day is another opportunity to practice my belief in the power of positivity. Good will come if I believe it will.

I believe it will, and I hope with every ounce of me that it will.

And. it. will.

So, although my spirit today was blessed with another much needed rest--with children, the rest of me desperately looks forward to a couple of hours this weekend--without children.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Squeals of Delight

The girls' new most favoritest thing in our household, as of late, is GREGORY.

Especially for Miss Addison.

And, its too adorable!!

Any time she sees him, the smiles come out, little coos and squeals generally follow, and the world melts away as she happily and adoringly gazes upon the big, fuzzy four legged animal next to her.

Maren likes him to, but she likes being a little more rough with him. If he's anywhere too near her, he'll find himself missing handfuls of fur--she firmly plants her little hand on his body and pulls out wads of hair. I think she understands the word 'gentle', but she sure doesn't implement her understanding of it when he's involved.

He's learned very quickly to leave any time the kids are in the same vicinity he is. Both mommy and daddy have smacked him when he's gotten a little too irritated with the kids (and therefore swatted at them and threatened to bite). To compensate, he hides most of the time. Actually, he does that anyways, and I think its his way of dealing with all the noise they make (such as grunting, crying, screaming...) He didn't have to deal with them much over the summer because he was outside all the time, but now that its winter and he thinks its too cold to be outside, he hides under our bed, and only comes out if he needs to go to the bathroom or feels hungry or thirsty. Every once in a while he suffers from cabin fever and goes a little nuts (his meows creep me out-they're sooo eerie), but other than that, you'd hardly know he's even there. And, it mostly seems to happen late at night, when husband and I are getting into bed.

And, in his defence, its natural for him to defend himself when someone or something pulls out a good chunk of his fur. He just doesn't understand that they don't understand that what they're doing hurts him. So, we naturally let him know that it isn't going to fly, because its harder to let them know their actions won't fly. They're a bit too young, yet.

Their squeals of delight anytime they see him make their mother squeal with delight- internally, of course. They are definitely their parents daughters- they like animals as much as we do!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wheels Are Turning

and working in high gear. Now that Christmas is over, my energy has turned from deciding on Christmas presents and getting some festive baking done to birthday cakes, birthday parties, invitations and party favors. Truthfully, the upcoming milestone has been on my mind for a number of months already, but now we're coming down to the wire. Husband thinks that turning one isn't a big deal, and I shouldn't make a big deal out of planning a party for them; but, it is a big deal- you turn one once only, and it's their first party ever. I've got to set a precedent-- I don't want them to have a bunch of disappointing birthday parties just like their daddy and I did growing up (of course, if I can help it). Besides, I sort of think of it as a mothers' right of passage--something that's expected, almost mandatory, to do for your children. They are special and they deserve to be treated that way!

Should the girls' party be on their birth date or should it be over the weekend? Should I even give out party bags--most of the kids that will be there are babies themselves, and younger than my own children. Small toys and candy just won't do. Who should all be invited--I need to make up a guest list (I might take this whole party thing a bit far, but I'm a list maker. If I don't do it, I forget. Blame it on baby brain or disorganization or too few brain cells up in the attic; whatever you call it, it works for me!!) Should I make invitations? What are the girls going to eat--I am not sure they can eat cake, and I am not crazy about letting them eat icing. Would a litte bit of pudding be kosher instead? Should I make up a few fruit and veggie platters for the grown ups???

Big question marks...

I'm actually excited about the invitations part. I can't not make invitations for the girls' birthday. Its what I one of my new years resolutions, I've promised myself to make more time to craft (aka do things that make me happy), and as a result, I'm hoping (and so far am succeeding, though some of them may be late to their recipients) to make birthday cards for all my family, close friends and everyone else that is special to me- and that includes making invitations to announce the pending birthday party for my dear twin girls. Just, how am I going to make them? Another Big question mark there. (I also am realizing that I am a pro at procrastinating and so always end up with less time than I like for scrapping and general paper crafts. I've got to get better at that!)

The only definite in the midst of all this uncertainty is that it is going to be a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. I've noticed the girls smiling at her in tv commercials and when the show is actually on, so I think that's the route we're going to go. I've enlisted sisters' help in coming up with party favor ideas for small children, and I'm thinking of enlisting a friends' help with coming up with ideas for invitations. I am pretty sure Wilton has a Dora cake pan, and i know a lady that sells Wilton, so the plan is to get on the horn with her and order it, then somehow learn how to decorate it so she actually looks like Dora!

Think I've bitten of more than I can chew? Maybe when it comes to the cake, otherwise...NAH!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trip to the Chiropractor

My feeble yet valiant effort to boycott the local Estevan Walmart because-it-is-in-such-a-painful-state-of-unorganized-chaos-it-no-longer-deserves-my-patronage-until-it-cleans-up-its-act-plot has once again been temporarily thwarted. I heard, through the grapevine, that it is to become a SuperCentre. By this year. (Or, by last year, I guess). This news came to me through said grapevine two years ago.

No expansion has begun as of yet, though they are functioning as if they are a SuperCentre. Unopened crates clog up the aisles, boxes upon boxes of varying stages of unpacking litter the rest of the aisles, staff are nowhere to be found- and the ones that are working aren't the brightest crayons in the box, and its ridiculously painful trying to manouver a dual stroller through the store, all the while dodging clothes that could slap my children in the face because there's no room for the display racks they are hanging on, crates that are full of merchandise that have no home other than right in the middle of where you are trying to go, and boxes that are either empty, almost empty or not opened at all. And, the word is, they don't know when it will become a SuperCentre. Its like they have SuperCentre envy!

So, as a result, we travelled instead to blast-from-the-past Weyburn to shop at the Walmart there. We also booked an appointment with a chiropractor, as part of our ever expanding efforts to help sweet little Addison become more comfortable and happy in her own body. It might be a little soon to say with any certainty, but I think it may help. The chiropractor found some very tense spots in her thoracic spine and wants us to come back three or four more times to try and work it out; she thinks that there may be an underlying problem in her neck, but we won't know for sure until her thoracic muscles are loosened. She also mentioned there's the possibility that seeing her won't do anything at all, but its a risk we're willing to take. We've got nothing to lose.

Having said that, I think we gained. Its 5 am now, and I'm wide awake until I get my thoughts put down on paper (or, in this case, computer screen); Addison woke up at 4 to eat, and although she ate only 3 ounces, I lay in bed for a while before getting up to feed her because I was enjoying listening to her talking rather than crying her announcement that she's awake and ready for a feeding. Then, while we stood in the kitchen together waiting for her bottle to warm up in the microwave, she sweetly and quietly continued to coo and when she saw her bottle, her anticipation and excitement continued to grow until she was almost getting too wound up--and then the bottle was quickly thrust into her mouth and she was satisfied. I've never noticed this before tonight, but she gently, contentedly--joyously to this mother!!--kicked one leg while she sucked on the bottle that was blessedly inserted in her mouth. And, once again liking to have control of her bottle, she took it out of my hands and fed herself the last ounce of formula she was going to eat before waking up at 8 for breakfast. What a darling little girl!

Usually, by this point, I have to carry Addison back into the kitchen with me to get gripe water and advil, then carry her back to the living room and cuddle her in my lap while I gingerly try and fill the syringe with the liquid contents to give her, at the same time trying to calm her crying down by quietly shhhing in her ear and whispering to her that its alright.

I didn't tonight.

I didn't have to.

Instead, I lay her on the floor, changed her diaper, plugged her sucky back in, and quickly headed into the kitchen- by myself- and retrieved the items I needed- then quickly rushed back to the living room. She didn't make a sound while I was gone- not even a peep. Hallelujah!! Instead, she acted as though she was excited to see me--arms waved frantically in the air, and legs began pumping happily up and down when she saw me again. Then she good naturedly began fighting me while I gave her the medicine. Bless your heart, child! I think your first chiropractic treatment may have worked! We'll see what this morning brings- and the rest of the day!!

Since my pregnancy, I've been struggling off and on with carpal tunnel (ugh) and I mentioned to the chiropractor that I've noticed it still aggravates me- especially when I'm doing chores like vacuuming or feeding the girls; even when I sleep my hand will fall to sleep. Every once in a while, my arm will ache into my elbow as well...she pressed on the nerve in my elbow and massaged it, making my arm go slightly warm and numb feeling-and it *still* hurts to touch where she was working on it. I was certain a bruise was going to form, in the shape of a fingertip, but I still see nothing that would suggest it. Yes, it hurt that much. I have never experienced such excrutiating pain before (ok, other than my episiotomy-it made me scream-even with an epidural-while delivering the twinlets)!  And, as I type this, my ring and middle fingers are falling asleep. I've shaken my hand out a couple times already to try and get the flood flowing again. I am to stretch my arm out to get the nerve from being in its current pinched position to unpinched. I think I may still wear one of my braces overnight to battle my fingers falling to sleep while the rest of my body slumbers...

I digress.

The blast-from-the-past-Walmart in Weyburn isn't as nice as the alright-if-I-have-to-shop-there-Walmart in Estevan in that they don't have as much merchandise on the shelves (or variety) as Estevan does. I think they have more variety in the craft section than they do in the rest of the store!! (Which I totally splurged in thanks to Christmas gift cards from husband and Amy. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) Estevan's baby section is a lot more comprehensive than Weyburns is, so we are heading to has-nothing-better-to-offer-than-Peavey-Walmart-Sobeys-Marks-and-No-Frills-Estevan to get the rest of our grocery shopping done today.

Hopefully we are successful!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Poop Throwing Monkeys

I am pretty sure I've heard this phrase from a movie that I watched on tv, or in the theatre- with friends, not without- at some point in my life. I don't know what movie its from- or if it was even a movie, for that matter. Maybe it was a phrase from a tv show or commercial on tv. It was something graphic, and I was watching it. Those two are definites.

Wherever or however I came across that quote I'll probably never know, but I think of it every time I think of my children getting hold of their diapers- undone diapers I might add- mid change- and pull it out from underneath themselves and fling it.

Yes, that's right. Fling. it.

(well, its more like grab it, wave their arms about like they're playing with a toy, and as a result fling it. But, whatever works).

I am not sure if its intentional or unintentional, but I do not like it. One of the girls got hold of it the other day and dropped it on the floor- upside down (oh dear Lord) and its contents fell out. I should mention that its contents are not absorbable like liquid is. They're solid. (Again, a hearty oh dear Lord).

I mean yeeessss, my children are monkeys- and one moreso than the other, but the other one is catching up quickly! And yeeessss they are cute and adorable and sweet and cuddly, but they are also destructive. The typicaly quiet and docile twin has been taking lessons from her sister, and has begun kicking anytime she's held or being changed- but I never thought the day would arrive where I have to worry about poop flinging babies! If they're not flinging it around, they're getting their fingers in it and wiping it all over their clothes and bodies and *gasp* the curtains!!! (Not to mention mommy).

And, yeeeesssss, I am horrified-sweet little girls don't do stuff like that, but on the other hand...its kind of amusing. They are teaching me to be quick and always stay one step ahead of them. What will be next??

I'm going to have to invest in a steam cleaner for the curtains as well as the carpet in their room.

Or, should I just tear it out and opt for hardwood, like the living room?