Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wheels Are Turning

and working in high gear. Now that Christmas is over, my energy has turned from deciding on Christmas presents and getting some festive baking done to birthday cakes, birthday parties, invitations and party favors. Truthfully, the upcoming milestone has been on my mind for a number of months already, but now we're coming down to the wire. Husband thinks that turning one isn't a big deal, and I shouldn't make a big deal out of planning a party for them; but, it is a big deal- you turn one once only, and it's their first party ever. I've got to set a precedent-- I don't want them to have a bunch of disappointing birthday parties just like their daddy and I did growing up (of course, if I can help it). Besides, I sort of think of it as a mothers' right of passage--something that's expected, almost mandatory, to do for your children. They are special and they deserve to be treated that way!

Should the girls' party be on their birth date or should it be over the weekend? Should I even give out party bags--most of the kids that will be there are babies themselves, and younger than my own children. Small toys and candy just won't do. Who should all be invited--I need to make up a guest list (I might take this whole party thing a bit far, but I'm a list maker. If I don't do it, I forget. Blame it on baby brain or disorganization or too few brain cells up in the attic; whatever you call it, it works for me!!) Should I make invitations? What are the girls going to eat--I am not sure they can eat cake, and I am not crazy about letting them eat icing. Would a litte bit of pudding be kosher instead? Should I make up a few fruit and veggie platters for the grown ups???

Big question marks...

I'm actually excited about the invitations part. I can't not make invitations for the girls' birthday. Its what I one of my new years resolutions, I've promised myself to make more time to craft (aka do things that make me happy), and as a result, I'm hoping (and so far am succeeding, though some of them may be late to their recipients) to make birthday cards for all my family, close friends and everyone else that is special to me- and that includes making invitations to announce the pending birthday party for my dear twin girls. Just, how am I going to make them? Another Big question mark there. (I also am realizing that I am a pro at procrastinating and so always end up with less time than I like for scrapping and general paper crafts. I've got to get better at that!)

The only definite in the midst of all this uncertainty is that it is going to be a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party. I've noticed the girls smiling at her in tv commercials and when the show is actually on, so I think that's the route we're going to go. I've enlisted sisters' help in coming up with party favor ideas for small children, and I'm thinking of enlisting a friends' help with coming up with ideas for invitations. I am pretty sure Wilton has a Dora cake pan, and i know a lady that sells Wilton, so the plan is to get on the horn with her and order it, then somehow learn how to decorate it so she actually looks like Dora!

Think I've bitten of more than I can chew? Maybe when it comes to the cake, otherwise...NAH!!!!!


  1. 1st birthdays are very important. Even more so since you have TWO girls! LOL I bought Jordan a cake so big that it was bigger than SHE was. Here are my answers to your questions!

    I would have the party on the weekend. After 6 years of birthday parties here I've found out that weekend parties get a much better attendance. If you want to do something on their actual birthday you can give them a little treat. I like to give out books as party favors. They are perfect even for kids who have peanut allergies or whose Mom's don't want them to have candy.

    I'm a list maker too. So I totally get it. I wouldn't invite a TON of people or your girls may get overwhelmed. That happened with my son. I think pudding would be fine for the girls if they won't eat cake. Making the invitations sounds fun! I miss your crafty projects.

  2. Every birthday is a big deal! :) Even when you're older and having a birthday. It's you BIRTHday. It's a day that is solely yours! Just for you! So yes, every birthday is a big deal! :) I feel the same way too. It is like a mother's right of passage.

    People tell me that I go overboard with Janessa's birthdays, but I want her to have a fun, memorable birthday party! She will only ever turn that specific age once! EVER. So it has to be a time worth celebrating! This is the first year thought, that I have not made her cake. I'm opting for an ice cream cake this year which I KNOW she'll absolutely LOVE.

    You can do the party either on the day or on the weekend. It really is up to you. People will come no matter which day it is. For Janessa's 1st birthday, we had his parents over and a couple from Church. I had made a regular supper and she had her baby food. I did make a cake and gave her a small piece. I wanted her to be all curious about it and totally dive in to see what it was, how it felt, etc. She didn't disappoint! :) She only tasted one little piece and played with the rest. So you could do something like that, or you could do a cupcake? You could always do the cake just with no icing.

    I go all out with her birthdays, decorations wise and every year it's a different theme. 1-CareBears, 2-Backyardigans, 3-Princess, 4-Strawberry Shortcake. I definitely send out invitations, and I make sure to keep an extra one for her scrapbook and one for ours, and one for her babybook. I get balloons, a "Happy Birthday" banner, cups, plates, napkins; all co-ordinating OF COURSE! And, I also do the treat bags. Things I have put in them, is like a mini tin of playdough, (bigger) beaded necklace, coloring sheets, ONE treat, bouncy ball, slinky, bubbles, etc. With the strawberry shortcake theme this year, some of the party favors in that theme were really cute compact mirrors-SO cute!- and bracelets (like the live strong ones). Now that she is getting older, I am finding that I need to have a little fun activity for the kids to do. I'm not sure what it will be yet, and I only have 2 days to decide lol. I do make a snack tray up for adults. Mostly because the Grandparents come, Aunts n Uncles come, some parents of the kids usually are there too, so I make sure to have something for everyone. This year, I'm doing open faced sandwiches, fruit and veg, cheese n crackers. That's a simple way this year lol.

    You know what would be cute? Since they are suddenly loving Dora, if you could find two Dora helium balloons. I think they'd love those! Then, when they are nearing their end, pop and flatten them, and put them in their scrapbook! I've done this also! :) Also, there is a store in Yorkton that rents out cake pans. I rented a Dora one there a few years ago for my little sister's birthday. AND. DECORATED. IT. It took me 6 hours, lol. So if we wanted to plan our trip to Yorkton, we could go check out the cake pan rental.

    If you need any help, holler :)