Monday, January 17, 2011


On just about a daily basis, you continue to amaze me!

For instance, last night after putting you to bed, and of course, upon hearing you cry-probably because you got rolled onto your hands and knees and weren't able to correct yourself--I came to your room to put you back into the right position.

What I saw astonished me.

I called your daddy into your room, saying, 'you'll never guess!!', and was mildly surprised when he didn't comment. I was shocked beyond belief! I had no idea how you did it.

Sit up in bed, that is.

All. on. your. own, I might add.

You were in the very top left corner, sitting up perfectly straight--almost as if I had set you down there myself.


As if, through your tears, you were wailing, 'how do I lay down again?'

After that, you went right to sleep. I know its your habit to roll around and turn as much as you can--I think its to find your 'sweet spot' before falling to sleep (though a little more play time never hurts either, right monkey??), and I suppose now we're going to have to add sitting up in bed to that habitual practice, too!

And, daddy's right. Soon we are going to have to lower the mattress in your crib...

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