Friday, January 20, 2012

...eventful, memorable...

There's just a few random tidbits from today that brought a smile to my face (and the occasional, random giggle, too):

Usually, while I'm cooking supper, something winds up in the garbage can. A baggie, packaging, food that was dropped on the floor- you name it. Any time I throw something in there, the girls need to go and check it out. And, if it looks interesting enough, play with it.

I know. Eeew, right?

As per workplace hazard, Maren walks up to the garbage can after I threw something in there, and she began rummaging around in it. I'm either standing at the stove, or putting something into the sink; either way, I say to her, "Get out of there, please. That's yucky." So she does, my good girl. Addison walks up- either having heard our conversation and completely ignoring it, or disregarding it because it obviously doesn't apply to her, lifts the lid and peers inside. "Addisee! No!" Maren literally shouted at Addison.


It made me laugh.

My bossy little toddler. (And, by the way, when exactly did that happen?!) And, I'm sure in her mind, bossy is ok because she's the oldest, don't you know?

Then, a little later on, the phone rings. Thinking it was husband, I picked up and (thankfully) double checked to see what number showed up. It was my parents. Which was nice, because its been a few weeks since we talked, since they were in Cuba vacationing. (Slightly green with envy...) I had heard in the news that people that were there in the last few days were coming home with flu-like symptoms, and it had me worried that they might be some of those people. (Once again, thankfully not). Mom and I talked for like 30 seconds before Maren literally screamed in my face, "AUNTIE!!!" (She'd been asking for uncle, then auntie, then after some prompting, Oma. I tried Grammy and Grandpa too, but she wouldn't take the bait). So, gently telling her it wasn't auntie, it was Oma, I asked her if she would like to talk with her. She enthusiastically nodded her head yes.

And the conversation she had with Oma!!!

My word- I'm not sure how much of it mom caught; I know I sure didn't catch much of it, but it was sure cute to listen to! There were words here and there, like...oh I don't know anymore- Gregory, surprise, Adisee and Binoo (for example), but everything else was just babble. A total Maren-ism. Mom was laughing so hard at one point, she had to put dad on the phone to have a listen. Mom must have asked Maren if she wanted to talk with Poppa, because I heard Maren answer, "Of course!!!" When I pulled the phone away from her ear, I asked mom if she heard her say "of course", but dad answered instead. Laughing.

Did I mention this was Maren's first ever actual phone conversation?

I've been watching her practicing over the last two days. She's been asking constantly for her 'game, game', and usually its to play SOund Touch on my iPhone. (Its both the girls most favourite thing in the universe). Anyways, while she's playing with it, she'll hold it up to her ear and just start babbling, like someone is on the other end, but there really isn't.

Let the good times roll!

And last, but not least, while the girls and I were sitting at the table eating our supper (daddy got home late from work), Maren turned to me with the most solemn look on her face, and said, "Uh oh. Kiki poopy." Kiki was nowhere to be found. Probably somewhere in the living room, but nonetheless, he'd made a poopy. "Oh? Kiki's poopy?" I asked. "Kiki pee pee" she told me instead. "Oh, my mistake. Kiki's made a pee pee." " Kiki poopy."

Did I really teach her to say "Ummmm" before starting any kind of sentence? One of my friends pointed it out, and sadly, I have to admit, I'm at fault for saying "ummm" too much. Who knew? (Oh, and by the way, it wasn't Kiki who was poopy. In the end, it was miss Maren herself that was poopy).

All this happened in a two hour window- after waking from their nap (which was ridiculously long this has me on 'eagles eye' watch again for any kind of illness that's looming on the horizon, though I'm hoping with all my fingers crossed it was just a growing day)- till daddy's supper time at 7 tonight. (Like 2.5 hours). What a busy, fun, eventful, memorable afternoon this was!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Maren

So tonight, Miss Maren, I broke into the archives, and began putting together layouts of your first days. I don't really know why I've been holding out; in some ways its hard looking back at you when you were that little, and in other ways, its so rewarding. The first one I did was a 'then and now' kind of layout, and the changes in you are astonishing- and that's just saying the least.

But, as I flipped through old pictures, the one thing I couldn't get over is there's no mistaking you, either. Your lips, your eyes, the expression on your face- there's all kinds of clues and markers that just shout Maren to me. So, in other ways, you haven't changed much at all. Tonights layout was about just that- unforgettable you. I even titled it that. Because, honey, you are unforgettable.

Unfortunately, there is no album to put your scrapbook pages into just yet. One day there will be one, just not right now. They are in their page protectors, though, and they are being filed in a safe spot until the day they can be lovingly put into your very own scrapbook.

One thought that kept nagging at my brains is what a good baby you were. It was as though you knew; you knew that your sister was a handful for your mama (at the time), and she didn't know what was going on, or how to handle the situation. You would silently watch from your bouncer, then turn back to keep entertaining yourself. You never fussed much, you were always happy, and you quite often put smiles on me and daddy's faces. Baby, you still do. Probably more so now, with all the funny things you say and the way you say them, and the things you do. You're quite a blessing!!

I love you, baby. Of course, of course!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Excited for Cookies

As promised! Here's more Project 365 pics.

But, before I get to that, I just need to share a little Maren-ism:

"I'm excited!"

"What are you excited about?"


Just a little discussion we had while I was changing her dirty diaper...

So, these next few pictures are still whats left of Christmas...

Addison's attempting to feed her little pony in this picture. So cute, right?? "Mimickry is the best form of flattery" and I can't help but think how true that is when I see this picture. Its a little hard to see, but you're feeding your rocking horse. Of course he gets hungry, too! I think its so darned cute when I see you and your sister sharing your meals- with kiki or anything else you feel needs nourishment. It shows how caring and thoughtful you are! ~

Maren- you just love your rocking horse. As soon as daddy had it assembled, you wouldn't get off!

Addison and Chloe- On Boxing Day, Grandma and Grandpa K and Chloe joined us for dinner. We waited until they got here, and then we opened the last two presents under the tree. You got a dolly, stroller, and playpen set (which you and Chloe liked so much, you both began to fight over it!) and you also got a rocking horse. I'd say those presents were a smash hit- between all three of you! Chloe continued playing with it until you woke from your nap. ~ 12/26/12

Oh I wish I could remember the convo Lou and I had about this picture! I just remember telling her that the final product would be worth it! (Notice her loving son in the background...)

Addison- You woke up with a red, irritated looking eye the morning of Christmas Eve. Sometime just didn't feel right, so I watched you closely that day. It didn't go away and on Christmas morning, I began to worry it was pink eye. When your eyes got goopy, Oma and I brought you to the NorthEast Medical Centre and learned it was an infection caused by the cold you were also fighting at the time.

My big teddy bear playing with his little cubs, and the teddy they got from Grammy for Christmas

Maren- "I love you when you're sad and need a kiss and hug...I love you because you're YOU!" ~ Liza Baker; "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always; as long as I'm living, my BABY you'll be" ~ Robert Munsch

When I asked Maren if she was ready to go to Ryan and Jasons' for New Years Eve, she told me "Ready, set, go!"

A two page spread of the bonfire we had at a friends' place for New Years. ~ There may not have been explosives lighting the sky,but we were ready for another kind of light show- a bonfire!

pg. 2

Maren- you sure do enjoy playing with Ryan and Jason. SOmetimes they get a little rough, but that's just boys being boys. I know you're happy and having fun with them when I hear your squealing- they are great energy for you, and they help burn off some of it too!

My New Years Resolutions...and, here begins Project 365 pictures...

January 5- On the day this picture was taken, you had a time out in bed for constant screaming. Instead of a punishment, it became nap time! (Little did I know then that you had a nasty case of tonsillitis.) You slept 2 hours that morning- barely an hour and a half after waking up for the day- and after you woke, you had a fever. You and I cuddled all day on the couch, and spent a few nights sleeping there, too. It was a rough couple days!

January 6- Maren, your new favourite thing to do is to point at the mirror, asking, 'please, please?' then point to the clock behind us- which you call 'cuckoo' and then you point to your self in the mirror and say, 'thats me!'

January 7- You were still feeling pretty rotten today, so no pictures were taken. We just had a relaxing day instead! ~ I just used an extra Christmas picture I had for this layout

January 8- playing under the sofa table. Bath time always seems to energize you. Instead of preparing you for bed time, the warm water makes you extra playful!

January 9- Our daily routine has evolved to include Toopy and Binoo before nap time and bed time. Its your most favourite tv show, next to In the Night Garden an Manon. When it gets close to sleepy time, I begin saying, "its almost time for sleepies!" so there's no surprises!

January 10- At 10 am, Ryan and Jason came over so their mom could make an appointment. Addison, you weren't too crazy about having your toys taken away from you; Maren, you like the boys even if they are sometimes a little rough. Later, after lunch, Randi and Paxxon joined us and we had a fun, big old play date- including a surprise visit from auntie!

In a mothers eyes, there is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby

Oh! How peaceful and beautiful you are as you sleep!

I knew you girls were tired from all the activity today, but I didn't know you were this tired! I wasn't sure Addison would sleep in bed (or at all) without her kiki. But, she did; and Maren, I didn't think you would sleep with anything other than your yellow kiki. Wrong! You both slept fairly well there on the floor with the tv on- at least 40 minutes!

These last three layouts I wanted to do separately because first, we had such a busy day, but secondly, the pictures I got of the girls sleeping on the floor like that were too precious to group together into one layout. I had to do a couple!

Pretty hefty photo post, huh? I know, it was insane. But, I love them, and can't help myself from flipping through them every time I add a new layout to the album. I just ADORE it!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slightly Disorganized

I'm starting to realize a couple things since starting this Project 365. First, its that I seem to be fairly camera happy these days. Everything seems like a perfect photo opportunity, so the camera's been used about as much as it was when the twinlets were new borns! I think its just that the novelty hasn't worn off yet- or that I just don't know what to choose to scrapbook, so I take pictures of just about everything (that the kids are doing, actually), and then decide later on what the winner of the day will be. Sound crazy? Am I the only one that's as nuts as this?

Secondly, I'm finding that as I'm jotting down notes about the reason for the pictures, I feel as though I am actually journalling about our day- as if it was just another blog post here at Blogger. Except, its on paper, and pictures accompany it, and its much prettier than the computer will ever be. Its really neat, and I really like it!

I am also finding that I have to clearly mark what pictures go with which notes, because things are starting to get mixed up from all the pictures I've been taking, and inability to decide what to scrapbook! Last night, I scrapbooked pictures from over Christmas (for a certain layout) that I discovered (after flipping through the pictures still needing to be scrapbooked), that I already had pictures for (but thought that I didn't). So, when a picture (or pictures) are taken, they will be printed off in a reasonable amount of time, and then they'll be thrown into my notebook along the notes I've jotted down. Hopefully that keeps me a bit more organized!

And lastly, no universal camera cord yet. I went to upload pictures to the computer last night, and found that the cord wasn't a match. I don't know what its for, and I'm a little disappointed. Husband is home today, and while the kids are napping, he's heading out to Walmart for me to pick up a few things- including a new universal camera cord! So, hopefully tonight or tomorrow there will be new pictures to go along with my blog post!

So sorry for the incoherent babbling todays post brought. I sounded good in my head, but now that its down on paper, it just feels like...babbling!

Its been a beautiful day here so far- the snow- soft, giant friendly snowflakes, have been falling since we got up this morning, and its made everything look beautiful again! And treacherous...its going to cover all the ice that's out there. Have a safe and wonderful weekend all!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


HI! The last time I posted, it was a photo post of all the layouts I had completed beginning with this past Christmas, and New Years was to follow (and will still follow...on a side note, guess what I found today?! I'm so proud of it...the universal cable for the camera. That means I can now save pictures directly to the computer, and print my own pictures, and share visually with you a little more. YAHOO!) A friend commented that she was impressed I had scrapbooked my Christmas pictures already. I have to admit- there is such a HUGE gap between the last (recent) pictures I scrapbooked and now, I figured I would start with the most recent recent pictures, and devote one or two pictures of the other recents per day, until I'm caught up. In a perfect world, that would work, but I know in reality that its going to take me the next 30 years to complete them all. Its good to set goals though, right?!

And, I have another confession to make. Knock on wood, but I am attempting Project 365. Have I mentioned that already? I am not sure if I have, but my plan is to just commit to this project week by week, and if I stick with it past this month, I'll set a goal to get next month done, and after that the next get the picture. I say attempting lightly because I am not sure how diligent I will be at taking pictures every day for the next year. But, I'm a week into it, and staying strong! Not to mention enjoying it. I like the idea of documenting every day events in addition to the momentous occasions and special events. Life isn't just about the BIG things in a persons' life; its about the small things, too. Then you get the whole picture.

I also think it might fit hand in hand with my attempt at 1000 thankfuls. I am not quite sure yet how, but I'm working on it! I know I haven't posted anything in that area in quite a while. I do think of it, but lately I've been struggling with finding things to be thankful for. I'm in a dark patch at the moment, and hoping to find the light again soon!

So, since its another late night for me- (usually husband asks me if I'm going to be long on his way to bed, which is typically between 10 and 11), but the last two nights he's fallen asleep on the couch, and I played and he dreamed much longer and way past our bedtimes- I must sign off.

I'll be back soon with more proof I've finished my Christmas and New Years layouts! (Including the first two Project 365 layouts. Eek!)

OH- you may find this humorous: Maren says to daddy last night after getting her dressed for bed after bath time that Kiki is poopy (her teddy bear). He found Kiki lying on the change table in the girls' room. I walked into their room a few minutes later, to find Maren heading my way, holding Kiki bottom side away from her, and she tells me that Kiki is poopy.

I think Kiki may need to start wearing diapers!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Positive Energy

What a momentous day.

We've hit another sicky stumbling block here in our house, resulting in both the twins taking antibiotics to kill tonsillitis bacteria, and poor Maren taking another eye drop antibiotic to kill the infection that got spread to her by her loving sister.

What resulted from this sicky episode is Addison screaming constantly, like she's colicky again. My worst nightmare coming true once more.

Thankfully I had Biogaia on hand, and began giving that to her again, and already today I've noticed a difference.

I've also changed my outlook towards the twinlets, too. You know the saying, if you can't fight 'em, join 'em? I've been fighting for my independence for so long (in the recent past), and I'm not getting anywhere- other than frustrated and stressed. I just wish they were more interested in going off and playing with themselves, instead of mama having to instigate it for them. Is that irrational thinking? I don't really know. I guess the bottom line is I want, need more time for myself, I guess?

So, I've joined them. Most of the day was devoted to sitting and playing with them, neglecting most of the house work. I did get done what I told myself I would do- the laundry- but not much more. We spent the entire day in the basement, playing and when they asked for it, watching tv (which they didn't ask for until after their nap).

I told husband I felt as though the energy in the house totally shifted. It felt positive, happy, light and encouraging. It hasn't felt that way in sooo long. The girls went for their nap without fighting it, they slept for nearly 3 hours, and they woke up laughing and playing with each other (as much as they could from their cribs, which are far enough apart for their diaper genie to fit between). My kids always never wake up that way. Usually Addison is always crying, or fussing at least.

Now, I think I have my head on straight enough to reasonably think that not every day will be like this; I'm just super thankful that we had a really good day with minimal (next to nil, truthfully) colicky type screaming.

Hopefully we can have lots more days like that, if not perfect like the whole of today was??

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holidays in Pictures

The mini album I made for my mama

The most recent scrapbooking album I'm working on...

...we'll see how much I can fit in there. I decided to label this album and include the dates from and to on it for quicker reference. I'm really liking this idea!

Page one began with husbands' work Christmas party. We had dinner at the local casino, and as part of the festivities, a photo booth was included in our venue. The post card on this page is our Christmas postcard!

I wanted to include the few Christmas postcards we did get; this year, I didn't want to put them in a box, never to look at them again. I think I might make this a tradition...We got only two Christmas postcards, but that's alright. I'm thinking that next year there'll be a few more in our mailbox!

The first celebration of the Christmas season was with husbands' step family just outside of Edmonton. I'm loving the pictures I got of Addison crying in daddy's lap. I can't remember- I think she bumped her head on the table- and she sought comfort and refuge with daddy. Those two pictures just make me swoon!

Maren went nutso over an r.c. car one of husband's nephews got for Christmas. We have a chinese gift exchange every year, and he was lucky enough to hang onto that gift. It suited him, actually, being all heavy into drifting and all...anyways, Maren was smitten with his car, and in the picture above, she's sitting with husbands' brother in law, learning how to make the 'car! go!' In the other two pictures, she can hardly contain her excitement over the pretty wrapped presents, and her first ever attempt at eating a cherry tart.

Miss Addison sure has become quite the social butterfly these days. She enjoyed visits with quite a few of husbands' step family. We are pretty proud of her!

More pictures of Maren- this time playing hard with grandma K, who is in the bottom left picture. I didn't include journalling because I felt the title- Merry and Bright- summed up Maren quite well on Christmas Eve!

She wasn't there to give the girls their present personally, but one of husbands' step sisters made these sock monkeys for the kids. They're so super adorable- and the kids love them!

A two page spread of our Christmas Eve tradition with my own family. SIster and my brother in law celebrated with us, as well. Since dad couldn't get boxing day off to come spend the day with us in Whitecourt, we changed our plans and met my family at my parents' place Christmas Eve. We spent the night, and then spent a couple hours at the hospital the next morning with the girls. (Addison had a wicked eye infection that I thought was the contagious form of pink eye. It was a form of pink eye, but not how everyone thinks of it). Anyways, our Christmas Eve tradition is having chinese food for supper, and then opening presents. Overall, it was a super fun evening!
 (pg. 2)

I asked dad, not long after moving into our house, if he could make a me a cake stand to house my dish soap and hand lotion on- as a better storage solution and a prettier one at that, too. By my birthday in NOvember, we thought dad had forgotten about it, and didn't think anymore about it. When we arrived at mom and dad's for dinner Christmas Eve, there it was on the kitchen table, waiting for me. This is the first time he's made anything like this, and I think he did a marvellous job!

Now we're back in Whitecourt, at home, and having our own Christmas. This would be Christmas Day. Every time we had play dates, I would watch to see what toys the kids gravitated towards and played with the most, and got them the same things for Christmas. So, other than the Binoo doll mom bought the kids, their xylophone is a close second! Every once in a while, i'll notice the kids sneak into the basement, and shortly after, I'll hear the metallic ring of their xylophone being beaten on!

Husbands' most prized Christmas present this year is the food garburetor I got for him. I think he's pretty proud of it :) Now we're just waiting on mom and dad to return to Canada so that we can implement his help installing it!

The kids cleaned up pretty good this Christmas. They got a ton of toys- and a lot of fun, neat toys too! Among their favourites are their bath time chalk, their new bath time basketball hoop, the chalkboard I used as a kid growing up, a metal shelving unit mom and dad weren't using anymore, a toy organization/storage unit, and a dolly stroller and playpen and a rocking horse (of which will be uploaded later...)

And, the last one I've done so far is of our niece, Chloe (on husbands' step family's side). On Boxing Day, Kyle's dad and step mom came over for dinner, and we had Christmas with them. Since our niece had to work that day and day care wasn't going to be available until the 2nd, the grandparents babysat until daycare was available again. So, she came out to our place with them. And, she's such a joy to be around. She has wild hair, but she's so cute I could just pinch her!! (And, because the title is a little hard to read, I called it 'so cherry cute'. Because of the patterned paper I used in the background. Its happy, and cheery and cherry!!)

So, there's our holidays in pictures- at least what I've scrapbooked already. There's still a lot more to come. Hopefully I'm as diligent posting these as I have been putting them together!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It was a quiet, strange day around here! I've realized that when miss Addison isn't feeling well, she isn't making noise. And, its only HER that makes all the noise, apparently!

Yes, definitely strange.

Our day began quite late in the morning- 10 am- which hasn't happened in quite a while. And, the only reason we woke up was because the phone rang. NOne of us really ate lunch, and none of us (definitely not Addison) even snacked. She hardly even touched breakfast, actually. And, I worried just a little bit when I put her in bed for a time out (because of her constant screaming), and she pulled her quilt up over her head and shook her head no at me numerous times when I asked her if she was ready to come back out. Then, she went to sleep. And, slept another 2 hours. Hardly an hour and a half after waking up for the day.

But, baby girl, I seriously enjoyed sitting on the couch with you all day long, cuddling close to you, every once in a while resting my cheek on your forehead, just to make sure your fever wasn't getting worse- or better yet, to make sure it was going down. Unfortunately, it didn't until you got a good dose of Advil. Once that kicked in, you picked right up again.

Your fever was high enough (when we DID finally take your temp) that I was ready to bring you to the hospital, but in the end, we figured we'd just keep an eye on you for the night. The pharmacist told daddy to bring you to the hospital if your temp reached anything higher than 40 degrees. It was 39. Daddy saw the pharmacist because I told him to stop and buy a new thermometer; I don't know what happened to our old one. We had it before Christmas. Now, vamoose, its gone!!

That's ok, now we have a better one.

And, Miss Maren, you are UH-MAZING!!

You've got the same virus your sister had over Christmas- you look like you got into a pretty serious fight- with shiners under both of your eyes. Thankfully, your eyes didn't goop up like Addisons' did when she had it. Yet.

The words you are picking up just astonishes me, though! You said 'welcome' to me this morning when I said 'thank you' to you for giving me something I had asked for. You've been attempting to say Santa Claus, and you even tried singing the ABC song the other day. You had the tune right, but obviously didn't know the words. And, what else did you say tonight that finally clicked in my head; I finally understood what you were saying (you've said it often for quite a while, but I thought it was just baby babble), but it escapes me now.

All I can say is AMAZING!!

I've been neglecting blogging the last couple nights because I've been SO absorbed in scrapbooking. Aah! I'm having a riot and I can't get enough of it! The part of the day I just long for is night time so that I can sit down and get a couple pages done before going to bed. I have a stack of 160-odd pictures that I want put into an album, and I've been going strong!! I've even been thinking about attempting project 365. I'm not sure yet. I'm beginning (after reading a suggestion from the woman that created it in my scrapbooks etc. mag) to just try a week, first, and slowly break yourself into it. That's what I'm doing, and taking notes at the same time, so when I actually get to scrapping those pictures, I won't have forgotten what they were all about!!

(And, as a side note, I even got a mini album done for mom, as a result of asking me to email her some of my pictures from Christmas. I thought this was a better idea! She's also been hounding me for years to make her one, so I just killed two birds with one stone. Yeah!!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Now that Christmas is over, my thoughts can turn fully to preparing for the kids' birthday.

I've been mulling it over in my brain since August, and once I'd decided on a Strawberry Shortcake theme, I even began making invitations for the kids' party. (They were cute, but I've started thinking I want to make different ones). I guess that's a natural hazard when you start planning so early.

Since their birthday is in the middle of the week this year, I figured it would be best to host their party either the weekend before their birthday, or after. Makes sense, right? That way everyone that we want there will be able to make it.

When I realized family day was on the weekend I chose to throw their party (the weekend before their birthday), I began to worry that wouldn't be the best time to host it; if everyone was going to want to spend time with their families, I should pick another date. Then I discovered that Family Day is actually on the 20th this year, not the 19th. The 19th is the day I chose to have their birthday bash.

First, PHEW!!

Second, YAY!!

That means we can have Oma and Poppa and auntie and uncle and all the kids' friends, and whoever wants to or needs to spend the night at our place CAN, because the next day is a holiday!

Today, I discovered upon unpacking one of the many boxes that were piling up in the kids' room, that I had begun a tradition of collecting Willow Tree figurines for each of the girls. I was giving them to them as birthday presents.

Apparently I forgot.

At least I remembered in time!

Which has me wondering where I can find them here in Alberta? I thought Hallmark sold them, but I don't see them on their website. So, I went straight to Willow Tree. I've found the figurines I want to give the kids for their birthday, as well as one that would make a terrific Father's Day or birthday present for husband. (Since his birthday comes first, it will probably be his birthday present).

Now its time to start hunting online for great Strawberry Shortcake party ideas!!

Any pointers?

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We were preparing to head out for New Years.

We were going to spend it with friends that have two boys the same age as the girls.

It was going to be a bonfire, so I bundled myself and the kids up (and husband, as much as he would let me), and while husband loaded Addison into the truck, I loaded up Maren.

While I got her buckled in, I asked, "Ready?"

And her response??


This morning, its morphed from "...set...GO!"

to "...set...GO! GO! GO!"

All she needs is your 'ready' cue.

That was the brightest moment of the evening, Miss Maren! (Your sister stole the 'brightest moment of the day' spot with trying on your mama's Christmasy red sweater.)

What's tomorrow going to bring?!