Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Maren

So tonight, Miss Maren, I broke into the archives, and began putting together layouts of your first days. I don't really know why I've been holding out; in some ways its hard looking back at you when you were that little, and in other ways, its so rewarding. The first one I did was a 'then and now' kind of layout, and the changes in you are astonishing- and that's just saying the least.

But, as I flipped through old pictures, the one thing I couldn't get over is there's no mistaking you, either. Your lips, your eyes, the expression on your face- there's all kinds of clues and markers that just shout Maren to me. So, in other ways, you haven't changed much at all. Tonights layout was about just that- unforgettable you. I even titled it that. Because, honey, you are unforgettable.

Unfortunately, there is no album to put your scrapbook pages into just yet. One day there will be one, just not right now. They are in their page protectors, though, and they are being filed in a safe spot until the day they can be lovingly put into your very own scrapbook.

One thought that kept nagging at my brains is what a good baby you were. It was as though you knew; you knew that your sister was a handful for your mama (at the time), and she didn't know what was going on, or how to handle the situation. You would silently watch from your bouncer, then turn back to keep entertaining yourself. You never fussed much, you were always happy, and you quite often put smiles on me and daddy's faces. Baby, you still do. Probably more so now, with all the funny things you say and the way you say them, and the things you do. You're quite a blessing!!

I love you, baby. Of course, of course!!

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