Thursday, January 12, 2012


HI! The last time I posted, it was a photo post of all the layouts I had completed beginning with this past Christmas, and New Years was to follow (and will still follow...on a side note, guess what I found today?! I'm so proud of it...the universal cable for the camera. That means I can now save pictures directly to the computer, and print my own pictures, and share visually with you a little more. YAHOO!) A friend commented that she was impressed I had scrapbooked my Christmas pictures already. I have to admit- there is such a HUGE gap between the last (recent) pictures I scrapbooked and now, I figured I would start with the most recent recent pictures, and devote one or two pictures of the other recents per day, until I'm caught up. In a perfect world, that would work, but I know in reality that its going to take me the next 30 years to complete them all. Its good to set goals though, right?!

And, I have another confession to make. Knock on wood, but I am attempting Project 365. Have I mentioned that already? I am not sure if I have, but my plan is to just commit to this project week by week, and if I stick with it past this month, I'll set a goal to get next month done, and after that the next get the picture. I say attempting lightly because I am not sure how diligent I will be at taking pictures every day for the next year. But, I'm a week into it, and staying strong! Not to mention enjoying it. I like the idea of documenting every day events in addition to the momentous occasions and special events. Life isn't just about the BIG things in a persons' life; its about the small things, too. Then you get the whole picture.

I also think it might fit hand in hand with my attempt at 1000 thankfuls. I am not quite sure yet how, but I'm working on it! I know I haven't posted anything in that area in quite a while. I do think of it, but lately I've been struggling with finding things to be thankful for. I'm in a dark patch at the moment, and hoping to find the light again soon!

So, since its another late night for me- (usually husband asks me if I'm going to be long on his way to bed, which is typically between 10 and 11), but the last two nights he's fallen asleep on the couch, and I played and he dreamed much longer and way past our bedtimes- I must sign off.

I'll be back soon with more proof I've finished my Christmas and New Years layouts! (Including the first two Project 365 layouts. Eek!)

OH- you may find this humorous: Maren says to daddy last night after getting her dressed for bed after bath time that Kiki is poopy (her teddy bear). He found Kiki lying on the change table in the girls' room. I walked into their room a few minutes later, to find Maren heading my way, holding Kiki bottom side away from her, and she tells me that Kiki is poopy.

I think Kiki may need to start wearing diapers!!

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