Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slightly Disorganized

I'm starting to realize a couple things since starting this Project 365. First, its that I seem to be fairly camera happy these days. Everything seems like a perfect photo opportunity, so the camera's been used about as much as it was when the twinlets were new borns! I think its just that the novelty hasn't worn off yet- or that I just don't know what to choose to scrapbook, so I take pictures of just about everything (that the kids are doing, actually), and then decide later on what the winner of the day will be. Sound crazy? Am I the only one that's as nuts as this?

Secondly, I'm finding that as I'm jotting down notes about the reason for the pictures, I feel as though I am actually journalling about our day- as if it was just another blog post here at Blogger. Except, its on paper, and pictures accompany it, and its much prettier than the computer will ever be. Its really neat, and I really like it!

I am also finding that I have to clearly mark what pictures go with which notes, because things are starting to get mixed up from all the pictures I've been taking, and inability to decide what to scrapbook! Last night, I scrapbooked pictures from over Christmas (for a certain layout) that I discovered (after flipping through the pictures still needing to be scrapbooked), that I already had pictures for (but thought that I didn't). So, when a picture (or pictures) are taken, they will be printed off in a reasonable amount of time, and then they'll be thrown into my notebook along the notes I've jotted down. Hopefully that keeps me a bit more organized!

And lastly, no universal camera cord yet. I went to upload pictures to the computer last night, and found that the cord wasn't a match. I don't know what its for, and I'm a little disappointed. Husband is home today, and while the kids are napping, he's heading out to Walmart for me to pick up a few things- including a new universal camera cord! So, hopefully tonight or tomorrow there will be new pictures to go along with my blog post!

So sorry for the incoherent babbling todays post brought. I sounded good in my head, but now that its down on paper, it just feels like...babbling!

Its been a beautiful day here so far- the snow- soft, giant friendly snowflakes, have been falling since we got up this morning, and its made everything look beautiful again! And treacherous...its going to cover all the ice that's out there. Have a safe and wonderful weekend all!

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