Monday, January 9, 2012

Positive Energy

What a momentous day.

We've hit another sicky stumbling block here in our house, resulting in both the twins taking antibiotics to kill tonsillitis bacteria, and poor Maren taking another eye drop antibiotic to kill the infection that got spread to her by her loving sister.

What resulted from this sicky episode is Addison screaming constantly, like she's colicky again. My worst nightmare coming true once more.

Thankfully I had Biogaia on hand, and began giving that to her again, and already today I've noticed a difference.

I've also changed my outlook towards the twinlets, too. You know the saying, if you can't fight 'em, join 'em? I've been fighting for my independence for so long (in the recent past), and I'm not getting anywhere- other than frustrated and stressed. I just wish they were more interested in going off and playing with themselves, instead of mama having to instigate it for them. Is that irrational thinking? I don't really know. I guess the bottom line is I want, need more time for myself, I guess?

So, I've joined them. Most of the day was devoted to sitting and playing with them, neglecting most of the house work. I did get done what I told myself I would do- the laundry- but not much more. We spent the entire day in the basement, playing and when they asked for it, watching tv (which they didn't ask for until after their nap).

I told husband I felt as though the energy in the house totally shifted. It felt positive, happy, light and encouraging. It hasn't felt that way in sooo long. The girls went for their nap without fighting it, they slept for nearly 3 hours, and they woke up laughing and playing with each other (as much as they could from their cribs, which are far enough apart for their diaper genie to fit between). My kids always never wake up that way. Usually Addison is always crying, or fussing at least.

Now, I think I have my head on straight enough to reasonably think that not every day will be like this; I'm just super thankful that we had a really good day with minimal (next to nil, truthfully) colicky type screaming.

Hopefully we can have lots more days like that, if not perfect like the whole of today was??

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