Sunday, January 1, 2012


We were preparing to head out for New Years.

We were going to spend it with friends that have two boys the same age as the girls.

It was going to be a bonfire, so I bundled myself and the kids up (and husband, as much as he would let me), and while husband loaded Addison into the truck, I loaded up Maren.

While I got her buckled in, I asked, "Ready?"

And her response??


This morning, its morphed from "...set...GO!"

to "...set...GO! GO! GO!"

All she needs is your 'ready' cue.

That was the brightest moment of the evening, Miss Maren! (Your sister stole the 'brightest moment of the day' spot with trying on your mama's Christmasy red sweater.)

What's tomorrow going to bring?!

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