Thursday, January 5, 2012


It was a quiet, strange day around here! I've realized that when miss Addison isn't feeling well, she isn't making noise. And, its only HER that makes all the noise, apparently!

Yes, definitely strange.

Our day began quite late in the morning- 10 am- which hasn't happened in quite a while. And, the only reason we woke up was because the phone rang. NOne of us really ate lunch, and none of us (definitely not Addison) even snacked. She hardly even touched breakfast, actually. And, I worried just a little bit when I put her in bed for a time out (because of her constant screaming), and she pulled her quilt up over her head and shook her head no at me numerous times when I asked her if she was ready to come back out. Then, she went to sleep. And, slept another 2 hours. Hardly an hour and a half after waking up for the day.

But, baby girl, I seriously enjoyed sitting on the couch with you all day long, cuddling close to you, every once in a while resting my cheek on your forehead, just to make sure your fever wasn't getting worse- or better yet, to make sure it was going down. Unfortunately, it didn't until you got a good dose of Advil. Once that kicked in, you picked right up again.

Your fever was high enough (when we DID finally take your temp) that I was ready to bring you to the hospital, but in the end, we figured we'd just keep an eye on you for the night. The pharmacist told daddy to bring you to the hospital if your temp reached anything higher than 40 degrees. It was 39. Daddy saw the pharmacist because I told him to stop and buy a new thermometer; I don't know what happened to our old one. We had it before Christmas. Now, vamoose, its gone!!

That's ok, now we have a better one.

And, Miss Maren, you are UH-MAZING!!

You've got the same virus your sister had over Christmas- you look like you got into a pretty serious fight- with shiners under both of your eyes. Thankfully, your eyes didn't goop up like Addisons' did when she had it. Yet.

The words you are picking up just astonishes me, though! You said 'welcome' to me this morning when I said 'thank you' to you for giving me something I had asked for. You've been attempting to say Santa Claus, and you even tried singing the ABC song the other day. You had the tune right, but obviously didn't know the words. And, what else did you say tonight that finally clicked in my head; I finally understood what you were saying (you've said it often for quite a while, but I thought it was just baby babble), but it escapes me now.

All I can say is AMAZING!!

I've been neglecting blogging the last couple nights because I've been SO absorbed in scrapbooking. Aah! I'm having a riot and I can't get enough of it! The part of the day I just long for is night time so that I can sit down and get a couple pages done before going to bed. I have a stack of 160-odd pictures that I want put into an album, and I've been going strong!! I've even been thinking about attempting project 365. I'm not sure yet. I'm beginning (after reading a suggestion from the woman that created it in my scrapbooks etc. mag) to just try a week, first, and slowly break yourself into it. That's what I'm doing, and taking notes at the same time, so when I actually get to scrapping those pictures, I won't have forgotten what they were all about!!

(And, as a side note, I even got a mini album done for mom, as a result of asking me to email her some of my pictures from Christmas. I thought this was a better idea! She's also been hounding me for years to make her one, so I just killed two birds with one stone. Yeah!!)

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