Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

~ 132 ~ finding out that we got possession of our house sooner than anticipated

~ 133 ~ good friends and their help moving me and my family out of the apartment

~ 134 ~ the fantastic job of painting mom and dad did in the living room and kitchen

~ 135 ~ A HOME

~ 136 ~ saying 'thank you' to her swim instructor when she mentioned how cute she and her sister are

~ 137 ~ she now says 'hot', 'pop', 'hi', 'uh oh' and she's trying hard to say 'nice kitty'!

~ 138 ~ A FUNCTIONAL DISHWASHER!! oh the luxury!

~ 139 ~ inexpensive, fun DIY projects

~ 140 ~ child locks finally installed on all the kitchen cupboards

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This mama has a new obsession.

She (I) learned about it on the evening news last night, and it seemed like a great idea. It IS a great idea. It's for anyone- male, female, young, old and those in between. It's for anyone CANADIAN that wants to save a buck or two here and there.

This mama does. This mama IS Canadian.

And, she's begun COUPONING!!!

The website I came across (in the news) is specifically for any and all canadians; naturally, though, everyone is equally able to do it. They just need to start!!

So, dear Canadian friends and Canadian mamas that want to become frugalicious, look up Her website is a great place to begin!

(on a side note, since I don't have a computer and printer hooked up yet, I instead went out
and picked up a coupon book and flyer from the local pharmasave and began there. As I go out
to the various stores in town, I'll make a point to look for them!!)


~ 123 ~ she's begun walking with her walker!!!

~ 124 ~ she's also picked up " ah- choo", "puppy" and one other word that escapes me at the moment

~ 125 ~ her sister has begun practicing saying their names

~ 126 ~ the little moments (here and there) that she takes to help her mommy- putting something in the garbage, putting something on the belt at the till in the grocery store, the random things she hands me for random reasons

~ 127 ~ 9 days!!!!

~ 128 ~ shopping for Christmas presents (yes!!!!! I've begun...)

~ 129 ~ "love you like a love song"- it's a good song- for a teeny bopper :)

~ 130 ~ having said that, MUSIC!!

~ 131 ~ ELLEN <3


Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Thankful Time of Year

~ 113 ~ becoming a pinterest-er

~ 114 ~ just happening to see her trying to stand on her own- without holding onto anything- from the crawling position. TWICE in a row

~ 115 ~ they really are well behaved kids

~ 116 ~ thanksgiving

~ 117 ~ she came out of their room, right up to mr while I was elbow deep in dish water, to tell me she'd made a poopy. Way to go, girl!!

~ 118 ~ 12 days and counting

~ 119 ~ color

~ 120 ~ cornbread of the homemade variety


Yes, I am officially on pinterest now, and I've been browsing up a virtual storm. I'm curious, though, how does one pin directly from the net? Must find out...

And, what is the point, unless you have a specific goal in mind- like collecting ideas for a party, wedding, or home inspiration? What does a person do with what they've pinned? Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of it, but I'm just not sure what to do with it once items are pinned.

It's thanksgiving weekend, and there is so much to be thankful for this year. It's a year with new beginnings (once again), new friends, more family- and this time much closer to our beloved family, and gorgeous weather. The trees are quickly losing their leaves now, and soon the white blanket of snowy perfection will cover the ground. So will little footprints cover the ground in our very own home and back yard.

I realized, while I was doing the dishes after lunch, how HAPPY I am as a mother. My ultimate goal in life is realized- and it IS good. Nothing makes me happier. Those little feet are SO precious to me!!


~ 121 ~ being their mama

~ 122 ~ their little feet- the sound they make on the floor- no matter how rough or gentle they may be

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn doldrums

We aren't anywhere near the winter blahs yet, and I'm already beginning to feel...blah.

Every day is the same, nothing changes, I am feeling the monotony very acutely the last few days. There is nothing in our day that excites me, nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary that adds a different element to the sleep in till 9, naptime at 1, play and do a few chores before husband comes home, supper, bath, bedtime sort of expected day.

By no means is this mama complaining...she's just bored. How do I break out of normal and boring, and add excitement? I've been dreaming for the last year and a half of being able to get out- on a regular basis- with no interruptions (as in calls from husband calling HELP!!)- without children, but that rarely happens. Life (Aka husbands work schedule) gets in the way. Sadly, scrapbooking at the kitchen table hasn't even been enough for me the last two days.

How do I change up elements of the kids routine? Instead of the same old, same old, how do I get them out and about more- away from the tv- out in the fresh air more and playing with more kids their own age more regularly? The moms and tots groups this fall interfere with their nap. I don't want to mess with that. Swimming lessons begins in two weeks; what do I do in the meantime, and afterwards?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration for my home

So, I've been seeing the word 'pinterest' floating around FACEBOOK, and my curiosity got the better of me, and I {tried} uploading the app to my phone.

The app is there, but I'm not allowed to create an account. Apparently.

Luckily, I can browse through it a little bit and collect my own little bits of inspiration that I find there to make my new house a home that I'm going to LOVE- functionally, organizationally, design-ally (what other word could I use??)

The only problem: I'd love to see what I've saved altogether, in one spot, so I can see how it looks. I'm just relying on brain power right now, and it sometimes fails me. A tangible bulletin board would be beneficial right now!


~ 101 ~ new hairstyles

~ 102 ~ catching up with old friends over peach juices at Timmie's

~ 103 ~ coming across ingenious- and SIMPLE!- ways to be organized!

~ 104 ~ qmeaaqa

~ 105 ~ # 104- it's Addisons thankful for the day!!

~ 106 ~ how happy she is to play on her own

~ 107 ~ listening to her talk. She's got the cutest voice EVER!!

~ 108 ~ ACTUALLY getting to spend the weekend with him!

~ 109 ~ one night without them- SUCH a small (much needed) blessing, but I missed them like

~ 110 ~ frequent texts- including pics and videos- of all the fun they were having with grandma K and their cousins

~ 111 ~ the way she came and lay on her belly in the kitchen (next to me) while I washed the floor this morning

~ 112 ~ watching- from the corner of my eye- her try to do the actions along with the wiggles on tv