Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This mama has a new obsession.

She (I) learned about it on the evening news last night, and it seemed like a great idea. It IS a great idea. It's for anyone- male, female, young, old and those in between. It's for anyone CANADIAN that wants to save a buck or two here and there.

This mama does. This mama IS Canadian.

And, she's begun COUPONING!!!

The website I came across (in the news) is specifically for any and all canadians; naturally, though, everyone is equally able to do it. They just need to start!!

So, dear Canadian friends and Canadian mamas that want to become frugalicious, look up Her website is a great place to begin!

(on a side note, since I don't have a computer and printer hooked up yet, I instead went out
and picked up a coupon book and flyer from the local pharmasave and began there. As I go out
to the various stores in town, I'll make a point to look for them!!)


~ 123 ~ she's begun walking with her walker!!!

~ 124 ~ she's also picked up " ah- choo", "puppy" and one other word that escapes me at the moment

~ 125 ~ her sister has begun practicing saying their names

~ 126 ~ the little moments (here and there) that she takes to help her mommy- putting something in the garbage, putting something on the belt at the till in the grocery store, the random things she hands me for random reasons

~ 127 ~ 9 days!!!!

~ 128 ~ shopping for Christmas presents (yes!!!!! I've begun...)

~ 129 ~ "love you like a love song"- it's a good song- for a teeny bopper :)

~ 130 ~ having said that, MUSIC!!

~ 131 ~ ELLEN <3


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