Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn doldrums

We aren't anywhere near the winter blahs yet, and I'm already beginning to feel...blah.

Every day is the same, nothing changes, I am feeling the monotony very acutely the last few days. There is nothing in our day that excites me, nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary that adds a different element to the sleep in till 9, naptime at 1, play and do a few chores before husband comes home, supper, bath, bedtime sort of expected day.

By no means is this mama complaining...she's just bored. How do I break out of normal and boring, and add excitement? I've been dreaming for the last year and a half of being able to get out- on a regular basis- with no interruptions (as in calls from husband calling HELP!!)- without children, but that rarely happens. Life (Aka husbands work schedule) gets in the way. Sadly, scrapbooking at the kitchen table hasn't even been enough for me the last two days.

How do I change up elements of the kids routine? Instead of the same old, same old, how do I get them out and about more- away from the tv- out in the fresh air more and playing with more kids their own age more regularly? The moms and tots groups this fall interfere with their nap. I don't want to mess with that. Swimming lessons begins in two weeks; what do I do in the meantime, and afterwards?

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