Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taking Advantage Of...

We drove into the valley this morning; I took the girls past our new house once more (I have it in my head that if they see it enough, it won't be foreign to them when we move in. Ideally, I would like to bring them INSIDE a few times before we actually move in- and have them nap a few times in what will be their room, before we actually get settled in our new house. We'll have to see if it happens). The trees are changing rapidly, and though my breath wasn't completely stolen away at the view- just yet- it WILL be when the trees are in their full autumn glory.

The kids and I took advantage of another gorgeous day, and walked around rotary park again. A family of three were just leaving as we pulled into the parking lot; a boy was standing under the gazebo trying to fish in the pond- unsuccessfully (though he'd had some nibbles), and three other women were walking around the pond, too; everyone obviously out there for the same reason we were: it was too nice to pass up!

The kids love it, and though pushing all that extra weight up the hills surrounding the pond leaves me somewhat breathless, I always look forward to seeing the birds nest (hawk, maybe??) perched high atop the old telephone pole. It was empty today; maybe next time.

(I know, sadly I just pointed out what kind of shape I'm in...meh. Oh well!)


~ 91 ~ listening to her talk to Oma on the phone
~ 92 ~ creeping up behind them in the hall and tickling them to pieces
~ 93 ~ how excited she gets when she hears the word BATH
~ 94 ~ early to home work days for him
~ 95 ~ unsticky kitchen floors
~ 96 ~ her love affair with BLANKETS
~ 97 ~ her EVIL sounding giggle
~ 98 ~ she squeals anytime she gets excited or has a surge of adrenalin
~ 99 ~ his laugh
~ 100 ~ those DIMPLES

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day

~ 80 ~ fluffy, sweet, yummy pancakes
~ 81 ~ i love that HE loves my cooking
~ 82 ~ I love even more when he tells me just HOW much he loved it- then brags to everyone else how great it was
~ 83 ~ how much they love crawling under, through and in between things
~ 84 ~ how fun having a fort made from a blanket and some chairs is for them!
~ 85 ~ the big, blue mug (my favorite!!) that warmly welcomes me every time I open the cupboard
~ 86 ~ new babies
~ 87 ~ the heart strings they tug at when new babies are around
~ 88 ~ babies that just came out of the bath
~ 89 ~ they smell so good!
~ 90 ~ how great making a weekly meal menu is to help me stay organized and "exciting"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

By George, That's It!!!

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that birthdays- among other things- has been on my mind.

I didn't elaborate on whose birthday(s) I had in mind.

There are quite a few coming up in the near future, but none that take much planning- other than my children.

Their birthday isn't until February, but coming up with a theme has had me intrigued since the middle of august.

In my scrapbooking, there are four sheets of THE cutest paper ever, and I (while in the shower this morning) was thinking of the kinds of cards I could make with it.

Then it struck me.

Strawberry Shortcake!!!!!

That takes care of the theme fir their party, the kind of cake (or cupcakes) I'd make, and the kind of cards I could make using that so sweet paper. (invitations!!)

I love it when a plan comes together.

And now to google invitation ideas (for inspiration, of course) and toddler friendly birthday activities.

Eek I can hardly wait!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yay For Treehouse!!

~ 70 ~ the way she stomps her feet like she's A BIG M.O.N.S.T.E.R!!!!!
~ 71 ~ and how she twirls in circles
~ 72 ~ the way they both brush their lips with their fingers- and once mama mimics them, they switch to "Indian calls", then back again
~ 73 ~ wet baby kisses
~ 74 ~ how shy and unsure they are if a stranger is in the house
~ 75 ~ that pretty patterned paper
~ 76 ~ the flipping cute cards I made from it!!
~ 77 ~ the warmth of the oven
~ 78 ~ delicious smells from the oven filling every room and nostril in the house
~ 79 ~ how they need their mama when they're hurt


Well, we didn't make it out for our walk yesterday. The girls had a fantastic nap and I got a lot done while they snoozed. Today hasn't been as productive, unfortunately. I did try done baking thus morning, but I've been having an absurd amount of bad luck recently trying this one recipe. It's never cooked on the inside, but the outside- top and bottom are nearly burned. I finally reached the end of my patience with it; I'm not making it anymore.

There were a few other items on my baking list, but it requires a trip to the grocery store, and now that it's getting late in the afternoon, I don't want to go anymore. I waited around here all morning for the cable- installer to come; she came at noontime. What a relief! We have tv again!!

No, my baking isn't for Christmas- or thanksgiving just yet. One of husbands friends, and co-worker, is in the hospital, and he asked me to bake something for him. He says he's a terrible snacker. Thus my failed attempt at baking.

Hmmm...what to bake instead???

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take It While You Can!

As promised:

Cheddar-mashed potato casserole

-2 lbs of your favorite potatoes, quartered
-2 tbsp. Margarine
-1/2 cup sour cream
-1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
-2 tbsp. Bacon bits (real is better)
-3-4 tbsp. Basil pesto

Cook potatoes in boiling water in large saucepan 20 minutes or until tender; drain. Return to pan.

Heat oven to 350F. Add margarine, sour cream and basil pesto to potatoes; mash until smooth. Spoon half into 1.5 L casserole dish; cover with layers of cheese and remaining potatoes and bacon bits.

Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until heated through.

It's such a beautiful day- a very nice change from the windy, cool weather we've been currently experiencing. I think we'll take a walk this afternoon! We probably won't have many more days like this!!


~ 64 ~ the way she walked right up to the door, pointed at it, and screamed DADDY!!!
~ 65 ~ how he wakes me and says Good morning to me before he leaves
~ 66 ~ telling him I love him and be careful! Every morning when he wakes me before he leaves
~ 67 ~ how they LOVE their Beatrix Potter videos
~ 68 ~ a tidy kitchen
~ 69 ~ ANYTHING rooster :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking Forward

~ 51 ~ her non stop talking
~ 52 ~ showing mama she can eat all on her own, no help required!
~ 53 ~ announcing when she made a poopy
~ 54 ~ the way she holds both hands in the air, palms up, when she's finished eating
~ 55 ~ hearing her sweetly say daddy, no and hi
~ 56 ~ finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
~ 57 ~ making new connections in unexpected ways
~ 58 ~ picking paint colors (and the fun it is dreaming up decor ideas for our house)
~ 59 ~ snuggling up to him when I'm cold
~ 60 ~ listening to them squealing as they chase each other through the kitchen, under the kitchen table, out the other side and down the hallway--and back again
~ 61 ~ not to mention when they do that in the hall outside the apartment
~ 62 ~ nutella
~ 63 ~ frost warnings


Fall is most definitely in the air. Over the last few weeks, my thoughts have kept returning to Christmas- and the subsequent baking that is always inevitably related to the season, birthdays that are coming up, and the warmer clothes that the cooler weather requires.

A list is being compiled of treats that I want baked for the holiday season- a mixture of old favorites and some attempts at new ones; I've even sub-consciously began making a dinner menu for Christmas, too, should we be having the family at our place. It is customary, apparently, that whoever has the newest house gets the honor of hosting Christmas. If it's us (which I am certain it will be), I'm glad we will have the room!! Our new house has FIVE entire bedrooms!!

The only item on that menu, at the moment, is my cheesy potato casserole (thanks Kraft Canada!!) it was a huge hit the first time I made it, and an even bigger hit the next time I made it. I may just have to share the recipe one day! (I improvised the second time I made it...wise choice, apparently!)

The kids are growing so fast; they need new winter clothes and new snowsuits. Winter boots are an essential this year, too. Maren is walking-nearly running- and Addison is so close. We are practicing by taking just one hand and walking her down the hall from the living room, the living room to the table, and from the living room to their bedroom. In the meantime, she's walking on her hands and feet. It's pretty darn cute!

Finally having a house to move in to is a relief, but the bigger relief is that we can get moved and settled before (hopefully) the snow flies. And, I really hope it holds off. When the skies cloud over and threaten rain, the color looks suspiciously like snow to me.

Did I just say it??


I know, it's sad, rotten, dirty word. But, in all honesty I think I am finally ready for it. Now that I know we won't be in an apartment till spring, I can relax. Yeah, our summer was kind of rotten living in the fifth wheel, dealing with a monsoon for the majority of it, and having only one week, really, of nice weather (in September again...last year was the same). Now I'm just looking forward!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Am I failing you, little one?

Temper tantrums, in the last couple days have me worried, confused and at a complete loss. And, I have to admit I am not handling this situation well. I am not proud of how I often react. I don't want to be a short tempered, insensitive mama. I feel as though I am, and that shames me.

I feel as though I'm failing you because I don't know why you get so upset; then you get upset because i don't see what the issue is; a temper tantrum ensues, and then you become irate with me for disciplining you (in the form of time outs in bed). You are being disciplined when you shouldn't be. Are you hungry, like daddy thinks? If its an issue of not being fed enough, how do i provide enough variety from one meal to the next?

Is it something else? Are you not stimulated enough during the day- another reason I am failing you? This has been on my mind for the last few days, too. We'll be doing more together; an activity for us in the mornings, and another in the afternoons. I have to do something creative to keep the good energy flowing!

Have I been going about raising you all wrong? You are entering the "terrible twos"; are you asserting your independence already? You got extremely mad at me when I insisted on holding onto your cup of applesauce; you wanted to do it, and you werent going to take no for an answer. I just wanted to preserve my newly washed floor and another outfit of yours that's going to need to be washed (and it's highway robbery here in the apt). You're showing me none of that matters. You're also showing me that I am about to be schooled in the art of patience!

Help a clueless mama out, baby. You've GOT to make what you want CRYSTAL clear for me, or I'll never get it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Perfect Day

A happy tuesday afternoon in our household is made up of: 1) helping mama finish her breakfast when theirs is done (sometimes mama selfishly eats before they get theirs) 2) a hot, energizing shower marking the beginning of the day 3) rounding them up, then heading out the door- making sure she is holding my left hand, and the other {almost} securely held in mama's other arm; the rushing back inside, once they are secured in their booster seats to father up the laundry that must be done 4) on such a pleasant, sunny morning, taking a walk through the park, listening to the occasional happy squeaks and squeals they make in sheer delight (and later on, the delighted "puppy!" that she shrieks when she sees a dog) 5) picking up the missing ingredients that will make supper at the grocery store 6) reheating their lunch on the stove and watching (to my personal satisfaction) that they ate a large lunch today! 7) watching (over and over again- though they didn't seem to mind- OR notice) the one and only four square DVD mama was able to find for them...I live that they live it! It's so cute hearing them giggling over the goofy things they do! 8) a slightly disrupted nappy time; the PERFECT time for mama to tackle her and daddy's bedroom (unpacking and setting up, that is) 9) continued play time, snack time and another trip made for laundry 10) hearing two angelic voices repeating "daddy" over and over again- for so long, in fact, that I thought maybe a phone call to daddy was in order!! 11) resting with my babes sitting on and next to me, smelling the Inviting scent of stew cooking in my crockpot It was my friends idea to post something similar to this, and I liked it, so decided to do the same. What makes up a routine day (mundane or not) in your happy life?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

We're In!

Getting settled in the new temporary place is a little more challenging than I anticipated with two little babies on tow. When the girls were fed and {somewhat} napped early this afternoon, we finally brought them to the apartment so they would have time to adjust before going to bed, and OH MY WORD were they cranky!! There was no relief, and very little got done while my parents were around, but as soon as they left and the girls and I were alone, they seemed to settle a little more. I did get a little more done when my parents left to go home, but by then it was time to cook the kids' supper and shortly after bathe them and put them to bed (which felt like an eternity waiting for the clock to reach 7:30)... The next challenge now (personally, for me) is adjusting to life with no microwave. Reheating left-overs is going to take some creativity!! Overall, the little bit I did finish today is impressive, considering all the trips that were made back and forth from the trailer back here to the apartment. It's beginning to feel like home, and I'm confident this space will be easy to make feel cozy and comfortable. It's old and severely lacks LIFE, but I can make it welcoming and FULL of life. It's impressive, and I'm exhausted! Husband just asked me if I was ready for bed and I told him I was ready a couple hours ago! Nut, it feels hood, and I am proud of myself for accomplishing so much. The next couple days are going to be a whirlwind, too...cheers to getting settled! I LOVE this part of moving!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's About Time!

Following quickly on the heels of our impending move came even BETTER news: our house sold! I keep thinking to myself that we should have thought about renting sooner. Maybe our house would have sold sooner had we rented sooner. Not really. The people buying our place have been looking at it for awhile; finally they came one by one to have a look and they fell in love with it. Best part is (for them): their parents/inlaws are right next door. Couldn't be better, right?! We are SO relieved. FINALLY being able to REALLY look for a house is a relief, too. Yay!!