Thursday, September 22, 2011

By George, That's It!!!

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that birthdays- among other things- has been on my mind.

I didn't elaborate on whose birthday(s) I had in mind.

There are quite a few coming up in the near future, but none that take much planning- other than my children.

Their birthday isn't until February, but coming up with a theme has had me intrigued since the middle of august.

In my scrapbooking, there are four sheets of THE cutest paper ever, and I (while in the shower this morning) was thinking of the kinds of cards I could make with it.

Then it struck me.

Strawberry Shortcake!!!!!

That takes care of the theme fir their party, the kind of cake (or cupcakes) I'd make, and the kind of cards I could make using that so sweet paper. (invitations!!)

I love it when a plan comes together.

And now to google invitation ideas (for inspiration, of course) and toddler friendly birthday activities.

Eek I can hardly wait!!

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