Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking Forward

~ 51 ~ her non stop talking
~ 52 ~ showing mama she can eat all on her own, no help required!
~ 53 ~ announcing when she made a poopy
~ 54 ~ the way she holds both hands in the air, palms up, when she's finished eating
~ 55 ~ hearing her sweetly say daddy, no and hi
~ 56 ~ finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
~ 57 ~ making new connections in unexpected ways
~ 58 ~ picking paint colors (and the fun it is dreaming up decor ideas for our house)
~ 59 ~ snuggling up to him when I'm cold
~ 60 ~ listening to them squealing as they chase each other through the kitchen, under the kitchen table, out the other side and down the hallway--and back again
~ 61 ~ not to mention when they do that in the hall outside the apartment
~ 62 ~ nutella
~ 63 ~ frost warnings


Fall is most definitely in the air. Over the last few weeks, my thoughts have kept returning to Christmas- and the subsequent baking that is always inevitably related to the season, birthdays that are coming up, and the warmer clothes that the cooler weather requires.

A list is being compiled of treats that I want baked for the holiday season- a mixture of old favorites and some attempts at new ones; I've even sub-consciously began making a dinner menu for Christmas, too, should we be having the family at our place. It is customary, apparently, that whoever has the newest house gets the honor of hosting Christmas. If it's us (which I am certain it will be), I'm glad we will have the room!! Our new house has FIVE entire bedrooms!!

The only item on that menu, at the moment, is my cheesy potato casserole (thanks Kraft Canada!!) it was a huge hit the first time I made it, and an even bigger hit the next time I made it. I may just have to share the recipe one day! (I improvised the second time I made it...wise choice, apparently!)

The kids are growing so fast; they need new winter clothes and new snowsuits. Winter boots are an essential this year, too. Maren is walking-nearly running- and Addison is so close. We are practicing by taking just one hand and walking her down the hall from the living room, the living room to the table, and from the living room to their bedroom. In the meantime, she's walking on her hands and feet. It's pretty darn cute!

Finally having a house to move in to is a relief, but the bigger relief is that we can get moved and settled before (hopefully) the snow flies. And, I really hope it holds off. When the skies cloud over and threaten rain, the color looks suspiciously like snow to me.

Did I just say it??


I know, it's sad, rotten, dirty word. But, in all honesty I think I am finally ready for it. Now that I know we won't be in an apartment till spring, I can relax. Yeah, our summer was kind of rotten living in the fifth wheel, dealing with a monsoon for the majority of it, and having only one week, really, of nice weather (in September again...last year was the same). Now I'm just looking forward!!

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