Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taking Advantage Of...

We drove into the valley this morning; I took the girls past our new house once more (I have it in my head that if they see it enough, it won't be foreign to them when we move in. Ideally, I would like to bring them INSIDE a few times before we actually move in- and have them nap a few times in what will be their room, before we actually get settled in our new house. We'll have to see if it happens). The trees are changing rapidly, and though my breath wasn't completely stolen away at the view- just yet- it WILL be when the trees are in their full autumn glory.

The kids and I took advantage of another gorgeous day, and walked around rotary park again. A family of three were just leaving as we pulled into the parking lot; a boy was standing under the gazebo trying to fish in the pond- unsuccessfully (though he'd had some nibbles), and three other women were walking around the pond, too; everyone obviously out there for the same reason we were: it was too nice to pass up!

The kids love it, and though pushing all that extra weight up the hills surrounding the pond leaves me somewhat breathless, I always look forward to seeing the birds nest (hawk, maybe??) perched high atop the old telephone pole. It was empty today; maybe next time.

(I know, sadly I just pointed out what kind of shape I'm in...meh. Oh well!)


~ 91 ~ listening to her talk to Oma on the phone
~ 92 ~ creeping up behind them in the hall and tickling them to pieces
~ 93 ~ how excited she gets when she hears the word BATH
~ 94 ~ early to home work days for him
~ 95 ~ unsticky kitchen floors
~ 96 ~ her love affair with BLANKETS
~ 97 ~ her EVIL sounding giggle
~ 98 ~ she squeals anytime she gets excited or has a surge of adrenalin
~ 99 ~ his laugh
~ 100 ~ those DIMPLES

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  1. spending a bit of time here catching up - you have had *so many* changes!! goodness!! so happy for you that you have a home to look forward too:)

    and i love that you reached 100!! good job!!

    looking forward to the next 100!!