Saturday, September 3, 2011

We're In!

Getting settled in the new temporary place is a little more challenging than I anticipated with two little babies on tow. When the girls were fed and {somewhat} napped early this afternoon, we finally brought them to the apartment so they would have time to adjust before going to bed, and OH MY WORD were they cranky!! There was no relief, and very little got done while my parents were around, but as soon as they left and the girls and I were alone, they seemed to settle a little more. I did get a little more done when my parents left to go home, but by then it was time to cook the kids' supper and shortly after bathe them and put them to bed (which felt like an eternity waiting for the clock to reach 7:30)... The next challenge now (personally, for me) is adjusting to life with no microwave. Reheating left-overs is going to take some creativity!! Overall, the little bit I did finish today is impressive, considering all the trips that were made back and forth from the trailer back here to the apartment. It's beginning to feel like home, and I'm confident this space will be easy to make feel cozy and comfortable. It's old and severely lacks LIFE, but I can make it welcoming and FULL of life. It's impressive, and I'm exhausted! Husband just asked me if I was ready for bed and I told him I was ready a couple hours ago! Nut, it feels hood, and I am proud of myself for accomplishing so much. The next couple days are going to be a whirlwind, too...cheers to getting settled! I LOVE this part of moving!

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