Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yay For Treehouse!!

~ 70 ~ the way she stomps her feet like she's A BIG M.O.N.S.T.E.R!!!!!
~ 71 ~ and how she twirls in circles
~ 72 ~ the way they both brush their lips with their fingers- and once mama mimics them, they switch to "Indian calls", then back again
~ 73 ~ wet baby kisses
~ 74 ~ how shy and unsure they are if a stranger is in the house
~ 75 ~ that pretty patterned paper
~ 76 ~ the flipping cute cards I made from it!!
~ 77 ~ the warmth of the oven
~ 78 ~ delicious smells from the oven filling every room and nostril in the house
~ 79 ~ how they need their mama when they're hurt


Well, we didn't make it out for our walk yesterday. The girls had a fantastic nap and I got a lot done while they snoozed. Today hasn't been as productive, unfortunately. I did try done baking thus morning, but I've been having an absurd amount of bad luck recently trying this one recipe. It's never cooked on the inside, but the outside- top and bottom are nearly burned. I finally reached the end of my patience with it; I'm not making it anymore.

There were a few other items on my baking list, but it requires a trip to the grocery store, and now that it's getting late in the afternoon, I don't want to go anymore. I waited around here all morning for the cable- installer to come; she came at noontime. What a relief! We have tv again!!

No, my baking isn't for Christmas- or thanksgiving just yet. One of husbands friends, and co-worker, is in the hospital, and he asked me to bake something for him. He says he's a terrible snacker. Thus my failed attempt at baking.

Hmmm...what to bake instead???

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