Sunday, February 27, 2011

What You Do

You have our routine down pat, and I think its just too adorable (not to mention sweet!)

Every night after you finish your supper, and after you've played with daddy for a bit, you crawl through the living room, through the dining room and through the bathroom door to sit and play on the floor next to me while your sister enjoys her bath.

With your--or your sisters--or any one that just happens to be available--sucky in your mouth.

First, you greet me by climbing into my lap and standing there. Then you turn and hang on to the tub and greet your sister, watching her for a few minutes, with your ESPn (as auntie likes to call it) in full tilt, telling her to hurry up, its your turn. Then, I set you down and you grab the purple pail that stores your bath toys, turn it over and proceed to play.

When you're not trying to play with the garbage in the garbage can or stick your hands in the toilet.

You are so smart, and you're growing up so fast!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heartfelt Sentiments

An idea that sort of flopped a number of years ago has been revived.

And, I've gone crazy over it the last couple of days.

I'm making cards.

And, I'm selling them.

That's my idea.

The rest of it is to set up a stand at the farmers market, when we are re-settled, and sell them. I hope its a good idea!

(I mean, I hope they sell!)

In the mean time, anyone can contact me and purchase them, if they would like...

(nothing like a plug for oneself, eh??)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


As a young girl, an old person' was anyone 20 years old, and in my little mind, anyone above that age was just ancient. I remember thinking I was never going to be 20, and when I turned 20 it was incredible to me. Then, turning 30 was a scary thought to me--30 is a 'real' adult.

Its funny how our perception of things changes as we grow older. Now, it isn't so much the numbers that make a person old, its the designations that go along with that age. Because, now to my adult mind, 60 and 70 is still young, especially when a persons' life is cut short at that age.

Someone called me Mrs. Krogsgaard this past Sunday while we had company over to celebrate the twins' first birthday, and I almost keeled over.

Mrs. Krogsgaard is husbands' step mom, not me! I am Alison and Ali to all my friends, nothing else. To my friends' children, I've always still thought of myself still in the first person. They don't need to address me by my full proper name--it makes me feel old.

Just like people feeling old when a person calls them ma'am. Even that doesn't bother me. (I kind of like it, actually.)

I have been married for two years, and that was the first time anyone has called me by my married name. After two years, it still sounds strange to my ears--especially since it's been used so seldom. I'm sure one day I'll get used to it- after its been said to me a thousand times or more, but until then, its going to make me feel old and decrepid!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Extremes

These days have been bittersweet since I posted last.

My household is coming along- my children are happier and daily I see more and more progress in the right direction, especially for sweet little Addison. There are still concerns with her overactive reflex in one knee and lack thereof in the other. The questionnaire the specialist sent has been put in the mail, and now we continue the waiting game.

Since her tummy has stopped hurting, she's begun blossoming in new ways. She is still the most relaxed and happiest during her bath times (and active, I should add), but she's becoming braver as the day goes on, as well. She can turn herself on her bum (in a sitting position) 90 degrees at a time and she's begun bouncing- slightly- in the jolly jumper. She's sitting up more and she's staying happy for longer periods of time; for example, we just spent the last hour and a half hanging out in the dining room while mama scrapbooked and the twinlets played. When she got tired of the exersaucer, I put her on the floor with some toys, and she continued playing there until nap time.


Maren is much happier now that she is mobile and can get around on her own. She explores the house daily: yesterday she discovered magnets on the fridge, and commenced taking them off and playing with them. Then she discovered her diaper bag by the back door this afternoon- with toys in it- BONUS!!- and played there for a while. When she gets tired of that, she tours around the kitchen and dining room, playing under the swing, trying to pull the leaves off mama's plant by the patio door, plays with some boxes that I've got stored in the opposite corner of the dining room for 'Maren-proofing items', or the highchairs which are stored in front of the china cabinet.

When the house is quiet, I begin wondering what's going on. (Usually they are zoned out in front of the tv, though there have been times where Maren's been where she shouldn't be- like playing with the garbage can in our bathroom...)

WHile my heart is brimming with pride and happiness that my girls are finally regaining some of their long-lost happiness, my heart is hurting for my dear sister. My heart is consumed with worry for her over her failing health, wondering what the future is going to hold for her. Last time we talked, the doctors had a general idea of what they think is going on, but it isn't definite. The prognosis isn't definite as a result, as well.

I am prepared for the scariest possible scenario, though I am hoping that doesn't come about. I am worried that because its taking so long for the doctors to find out what's going on, her liver is going to suffer permanent, irreparable damage (it already is...), meaning surgery, liver transplant or worse. There's nothing like hearing the words, 'your liver is starting to fail.'

I suspected it, but wasn't prepared to actually hear it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leap of Faith

The first step of many to come in the near future was taken last week, making me--officially--a stay at home mom!

My dream--what I've wanted for as long as I can remember--has finally come to be.

Now if only I could perfect the art of domestication!!

Well, I suppose I have the next five years- maybe more- to do it!

Next on that list, while I am working at Maren-proofing the house, is decluttering and 'thinning out'. We have too much junk and stuff we never look at--and no longer need--and it all is either being thrown out or going to the Salvation Army.

Or being sold.

I have a Rubbermaid container full of scrubs that I am fairly positive I will never wear again. Truthfully, I didn't need them to begin with. I just liked the idea behind them- not having to think about what to wear on a particular morning before heading to work. Besides, some unit clerks in the hospitals wear scrubs, so why couldn't I? They're comfortable and a lot of them out there are fairly flattering...

All this will help when the final step is taken...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nothing is Sacred

All three of us girls are sick, so there's a kleenex box that's taken up residence in the living room for all our runny nose emergencies. I walked into the living room, after cleaning up kitty's litter, to find that Maren *finally* got her wish: play with the kleenex box!!

(Every time she reached for it, I would move it--until now. My bad!!!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


My dear wild child, it is quickly becoming time for mama to baby proof her house.

Instead of putting you in a highchair while I did the dishes and talked on the phone with grandpa, I left you on the floor to play. I like that you are able to move around and entertain yourself while you're at it, but I find I still have to watch you like a hawk because you're getting into things I don't want wrecked!

I followed you into the dining room and watched you tugging at my sweater which hung on the chair above you, and then watched you get yourself stuck under a chair flower pot at the patio window. When I pulled you from there, I followed you around the table to the opposite corner of the room where one of my wedding flower arrangements stands- you began tugging at the flowers in the arrangement.

THAT was enough, I decided.

Time to put you into something that won't get you into trouble!!

Everything that is on the floor and anything that is within your reach that is breakable and sentimental are going to be put away, not to come out again until you are bigger. I'm a little sad some of my pretty things have to be put away, but I'd rather keep them in good condition than miss them once they're ruined!

This afternoon, I put you and your sister down for a nap, and I came back a few minutes later to try and hush your crying, only to find you sitting in your crib--I left you lying down! This is the first time I've found you sitting up on your own.

Good on you, baby!

You definitely are a handful, but I wouldn't want you any other way!