Sunday, February 27, 2011

What You Do

You have our routine down pat, and I think its just too adorable (not to mention sweet!)

Every night after you finish your supper, and after you've played with daddy for a bit, you crawl through the living room, through the dining room and through the bathroom door to sit and play on the floor next to me while your sister enjoys her bath.

With your--or your sisters--or any one that just happens to be available--sucky in your mouth.

First, you greet me by climbing into my lap and standing there. Then you turn and hang on to the tub and greet your sister, watching her for a few minutes, with your ESPn (as auntie likes to call it) in full tilt, telling her to hurry up, its your turn. Then, I set you down and you grab the purple pail that stores your bath toys, turn it over and proceed to play.

When you're not trying to play with the garbage in the garbage can or stick your hands in the toilet.

You are so smart, and you're growing up so fast!!

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