Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leap of Faith

The first step of many to come in the near future was taken last week, making me--officially--a stay at home mom!

My dream--what I've wanted for as long as I can remember--has finally come to be.

Now if only I could perfect the art of domestication!!

Well, I suppose I have the next five years- maybe more- to do it!

Next on that list, while I am working at Maren-proofing the house, is decluttering and 'thinning out'. We have too much junk and stuff we never look at--and no longer need--and it all is either being thrown out or going to the Salvation Army.

Or being sold.

I have a Rubbermaid container full of scrubs that I am fairly positive I will never wear again. Truthfully, I didn't need them to begin with. I just liked the idea behind them- not having to think about what to wear on a particular morning before heading to work. Besides, some unit clerks in the hospitals wear scrubs, so why couldn't I? They're comfortable and a lot of them out there are fairly flattering...

All this will help when the final step is taken...

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