Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Whew, the last month has flown by and its just been incredible!

Its found our family growing as a whole unit- growing closer- working on our differences and making some positive changes; its found us sick- incredibly sick- a few times since the end of October; not just one of us, but all of us together.

Even though I am not always the bravest *voicing* my problems or concerns, I did find it in me to be brave enough to write down my feelings, imploring change.

Changing it is. And, its slow, but its sure and steady. I am so thankful for that!

As for our health, I've become slightly worried for Maren; of all of us, she's been sick the most- and the most severely of us all. What began with an ear infection/flu bug on Halloween, turned into a cold the middle of this month, and has now turned back to the flu. What concerns me is the amount she's thrown up this last month. Last Sunday, she threw up just for the heck of it. We were gearing up to go to a craft sale, and after she was all dressed up for the cold weather, she lost her breakfast and juice she'd drank. No fever, no tummy ache (though I found it odd that she wasn't too interested in breakfast...), and nothing again after that. And, the poor girl suffered so much through this most recent flu to afflict our home. Husband and I just had it coming from the south end; she had it coming from both ends. I thought she was over it, but apparently not. Its still coming from her south end. :(

Just strange.

Either, she's inherited her daddy's weak tummy or its something else.

At the very least, I've concluded that she has a weak immune system, if nothing else.

And, now that I'm beginning to feel more like myself, its just in time to pack us up and prepare for a trip into Edmonton for the weekend. Since we're leaving Friday, I've only got tomorrow to pack and straighten up two days' worth of mess before leaving.

I think I can, I think I can...get it all done, that is :)

So, even though we've had differences and we're working on changing it- changing things so we're on the same page- together- the first thing we did together, as a family: get sick!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

say WHAT?!

~ 232 ~ warm ovens

~ 233 ~ craft sales!

~ 234 ~ finding out that he gets to keep the day he scheduled off OFF (after thinking he had to go to work anyways)

~ 235 ~ the way she nods her head vigorously when you ask her questions


She shocked my booties off late this afternoon, after climbing up the stairs from the basement to check up on what her mama was doing in the kitchen; I said hi to her, and she responded with her own hi. (That, in itself was a surprise, because I don't think I've heard her say hi yet. I know her sister does; she says it all the time). I asked her how she was doing, and she said- casually- like she's been saying it forever- 'good'.

Did she *actually* say it, or was I just hearing things?!



~ 236 ~ Christmas lights, trees, and decorations

~ 237 ~ home made Christmas gifts (I need to do this more often, I think!!)

~ 238 ~ the way she says hi and waves her sweet, pudgy hand

~ 239 ~ the way she holds both hands up, says 'all done' and in the very next breath, 'bye bye'

Friday, November 25, 2011


A little snippet of our typical daily life:

You know your husband isn't home very often when you're in the kitchen, doing the dishes, and he's stuck in the bathroom- toilet paperless- and the only way he can get your attention is to text you- repeatedly- until you dry your hands off, pick up your cell phone, and see who it is that's pestering you.



Apparently, the banging *I* heard, wasn't the kids hurting themselves (I even stopped what I was doing, and patiently waited for crying to ensue), it was husband stomping his feet on the floor to get my attention.


Ah- it was good for a laugh anyway

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Curiosity and Mischief

Her sister, after rummaging through my blue bag of recycling, wound up cutting her finger on an open can, and I didn't notice until she'd crawled around on the floor some, spreading her red life-giving goodness in various places on it; I dashed to the bathroom to grab band aids for her, but left the door open, knowing full well that curiosity and mischief is going to get the better of her. did.

This is how I found her after her sister was all bandaged up:

{Insert an emphatic "teeth, teeth"! here}

I hope it makes your day like it made mine!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

...and how happy it makes my heart...

~ 221 ~ watching as her bravery and courage grows with every cautious step she's learning to take on her own- and how happy it makes my heart!

~ 222 ~ discovering that days with no naps means she'll be falling asleep on the couch beside you at 6:50 pm

~ 223 ~ finally hearing his voice, after 7 long hours- and then two more torturous hours beyond that

~ 224 ~ the sweet Great Dane named Pumpkin (and she lives up to the name, too!)

~ 225 ~ adoptions

~ 226 ~ beautiful, once again unseasonal weather, for late November

~ 227 ~ my crock pot

~ 228 ~ comfy pink comforters and beautiful home made quilts hanging over sides of cribs

~ 229 ~ flannel sheets surrounding cold bodies as they lie down to sleep for the night

~ 230 ~ basil pesto

~ 231 ~ the moment of solitude after the kids finally settle to sleep after crying and fighting it

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Boots

~ 211 ~ birthdays

~ 213 ~ willow tree figurines

~ 214 ~ growth

~ 215 ~ unexpected (and always welcome) dinner guests

~ 216 ~ cozy, warm winter boots for sweet, kissable not-so-baby-anymore-feet

~ 217 ~ the chance to scrapbook yesterday, even though it felt like it was only for two minutes

~ 218 ~ raiding her little closet and bringing home new-to-her clothes for Miss Addison that no longer fit her

~ 219 ~ an evening out with husband this coming weekend

~ 220 ~ her new, phony laugh

Monday, November 14, 2011

Checking Out The Sights

 I was cleaning up the kitchen after baking a quick batch of cookies for our play date later this afternoon and feeding the twinlets their lunch, when I turned around to see her carrying her pink adirondak chair from their bedroom right up to my feet at the kitchen counter. Well, I should mention that we took a quick break when we reached the lino and accidentally set the chair down on our sensitive toes, so we had a quick cry, then cheered up when the calendar hanging on the wall caught our attention and amusement. After setting her back down on the floor after hugging her, she carried her chair right up to the counter and sat down to watch the amusement show.

That is, her mommy wiping down the counter. I asked her a few times if she was ready for nappy time, and she told me no, but went off in search of kiki (her blankie). When she returned, this is what I found her doing:

She was taking kiki for a walk!

I guess its time to find a dolly carriage for their babies (and kiki's!!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Era Has Ended

Amidst the chaos of personal and relational disharmony, I've taken on the task of teaching the kids to sleep without pacifiers. We are down to one; I told husband that when we've lost all the sucky's, not one more is being bought. The girls are going to have to learn to live without them.

I tore the house apart at naptime, trying to find the second last sucky I gave one of the twinlets to suck on, and its vanished. All that is left is a lonely pink one.

Implementing the sleep routine again (gradually tapering off the frequency I go into the girls' room to comfort them), it took half an hour to get them to sleep. Bedtime is going to be a chore again, but I think its about time. Losing, and searching for missing sucky's has become quite the stressful event. Neither of us enjoys looking for them. So, out of exasperation over that last sucky, I am hiding (or throwing out) the last sucky, and we are not dealing with them anymore.

Bye, sucky's. It was good while it lasted!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Red Candy Canes Vs. M.A.R.E.N.

All those little bits of red stuff littered on the floor beneath the patio door?

What *was* the window cling art the girls were playing with in the previous picture.

The Christmas trees that came in the pack are still in tact, but the red candy canes- they're scattered all over the floor.

Poor candy canes.


~ 197 ~ a great day hanging out with Oma and grandpa

~ 198 ~ the baby boats the pool has and how much she *loves* boogeying around in them

~ 199 ~ Two little heads sporting four little pony tails

~ 200 ~ a quick shopping trip- just mom and I

~ 201 ~ and a profitable one at that, too!

~ 202 ~ the snow

~ 203 ~ hearing her saying 'shhh' from their bedroom, and when peeking around the corner to check on her, hearing a wicked little giggle then 'uh oh'. Yes, baby. You were caught!!

~ 204 ~ oven made stew (who knew?!)

~ 205 ~ those delicious muffin top dinner buns IGA sells

~ 206 ~ family

~ 207 ~ laughter

~ 208 ~ squealing and clapping of little hands

~ 209 ~ deep sobs that come straight from precious little toes

~ 210 ~ sweet pudgy, 31.5 lb hands rubbing sleepy, blurry, blue-like-their-daddy's-eyes

Friday, November 11, 2011

Her Name Was Sarah

He took her because her family didn't want her. She was a nuisance. She was still fairly young and full of energy, and when she came into his home, she never left his side. She went with him everywhere, and if she couldn't go with him, she'd loyally and patiently stay put and wait for him.

He loved her dearly. The decision to bring her to grandma and grandpa's to enjoy retirement was a tough one for him, but it was important. She was old, didn't have the patience for little hands and knees getting in her way, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he'd have to say goodbye to her forever.

She will be truly missed. She whined all day long if she stayed home with me, she was terribly frightened of thunderstorms (just as much as me!) I remember her jumping into bed one night with us- the thunder scared her. *Her* spot in the truck was the bunk behind the front seats; in the pick up, it was the back seat. Her breath stank, and she was getting bumps all over her body from old age. She was black and white. She wore a hot pink coller around her neck. She was a border collie. Her name was Sarah.

He found out tonight that she had breathed her last. I don't know if it was today or yesterday, but when I discovered he was crying on the phone with someone, I began listening a little more closely to the converation. I heard him say he got her in 1998. I heard him say her family hadn't wanted her anymore because she was making a mess of the yard. I heard him say he found an ad for her in the paper, but she hadn't been with him when he lived in Provost. The rest is history.

Sarah, we loved you and your daddy misses you terribly. I know it kills him that he couldn't say bye before you had to go, but its probably better this way. I hope you're happy up in doggy heaven, and I know you're no longer in pain. Thank you for loving your daddy and for happily trotting alongside him for so many years. You were his first true love and his best friend.

So long, girl.


~ 189 ~ the fun filled afternoon shopping with a dear friend, her daughter and mother in law (and my girls)

~ 190 ~ an unexpected visit from the first person we met in town

~ 191 ~ the sweet house warming gift she gave- even for the girls, too!

~ 192 ~ green works household cleaners

~ 193 ~ pet spray- it works wonders even if your pets aren't the ones making messes!!!

~ 194 ~ warm vanilla sugar hand lotion

~ 195 ~ Bath and Body Works



I just can't not sign off on such a low blogger key, so I'm sharing our other big news, too!

Yes, I know I just blogged yesterday about how I'm concerned she isn't walking on her own, and she just proved me wrong. That girl has a tendency to make a liar out of her mother- on a regular basis!! Its always good, though. It just makes me chuckle and shake my head.

All four of us were hanging out in the basement after supper, watching whatever was on Treehouse tv, and without even realizing it (at first), Addison began standing between husband and I, *without holding onto anything, OR leaning onto something*. Suddenly, he asks me if I see what she's doing; and yes, I do. Not long after that, her sister gets a bite on the face from kitty (it was bound to happen...and, now it has- and, of course, the world ended when he gave her that warning. She cried and cried and cried.) The only thing that pulled her out of her over-tired reverie was *bath time*- the most magical hour of the day for my girls.

Daddy came upstairs a few minutes later with Miss Addison, and he told me she was going to walk. 'Yeah right', I thought, but once again was proven wrong. From the doorway to the bathroom, she walked to me, at the edge of the bath tub (the half bath isn't very big, either, though it is bigger than our ensuite). HOKEY DINAH!!! No fingers, no crawling involved. I gave her a huge hug and kiss and told her how proud I was of her, then turned her around and watched her walk back to daddy at the bathroom door. He spun her around, and she walked back to me at the bath tub.

My girl. SO AMAZING!

Her reward was getting to play in the bath. LOL

She even walked a little more for us after she was all clean and dressed for bed.

I can't wait for tomorrow! She has an entire day to astonish us- AND her grandparents, AND her friends at the pool when we go swimming in the morning. She's going to WOW the world!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unexpected Rainbows

During our visit to the immunization clinic yesterday, I mentioned to the nurse that I'm slightly concerned that Addison isn't courageous enough to walk on her own yet. We're a few short months away from 2, and she still desperately clings to either mama or daddy's hand in order to move from place to place; and if our fingers aren't available, she opts to crawl.

And yet, I know she can do it. She amazed us a month ago at her cousin's baptism, when uncle was holding her hands and suddenly let go- she didn't realize he wasn't there anymore, and she walked straight to her auntie. I've tried replicating that action since, but have failed each and every time. Any time she's standing against a wall or a door or couch- anything, really- I encourage her to walk to me, and I can see she wants to, but her fear quickly overtakes her and she sinks to her knees and crawls instead. Or, she'll stand there and reach as hard as her little body will allow her for her mama's hand, but when she can't reach it, the outcome is the same: sinks to her knees and crawls.

Then, there are times like this morning, where I went downstairs to check on my little ones, as I was busy upstairs putting things away and tidying up. I tried sneaking up on her, because I could see her from the top of the stairs, and she didn't see me right away. Nope, didn't work. So, instead, I began praising her again: she was walking around with her walker. And, what really impressed me, was that she's learning to turn it or push it certain ways so that she's free to keep walking (like she's up against the wall and can't go any further).


She made my day. I am so proud of her for little things like that. Well, really, it isn't little at all. For her, its HUGE. And, I hope she continues practicing with her walker. Maybe one day soon, she'll feel confident enough to begin walking without it OR her mommy and daddy's fingers.

Having said that, little lady continued to blow me out of the water at lunch time today. She's trying to mimic mommy saying, "all gone" when their lunch is finished (she's soooo close!) and she's trying out her sisters name: it comes out "Mi Mi", but she's trying!

Yup, she's definitely going to be talking circles around her sister- in no time flat!!


~ 178 ~ coming upon her and seeing her practicing walking

~ 179 ~ McDonalds french fries

~ 180 ~ Mac Chicken Cacciatore (tonights supper)

~ 181 ~ Mandarin Oranges

~182 ~ and how much she likes them!

~ 183 ~ the cute little Christmas shovel that's beckoning the season to begin, gracing the steps at my front door

~ 184 ~ discovering its raining again, and seeing a subsequent rainbow

~ 185 ~ Such mild weather for November

~ 186 ~ an anticipated visit from my parents this weekend

~ 187 ~ Butterscotch confetti

~ 188 ~ ok, Christmas baking of all kinds, shapes and forms (and flavors)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Good Day

~ 166 ~ long talks over steaming mugs of tea with good friends

~ 167 ~ my new fabulous filing system: an old dish rack filled with file folders for bills and pens filling the utensil cup. Its the GREATEST idea, ever!!!

~ 168 ~ an actual computer, and not an Iphone, to type on

~ 169 ~ candles, especially hazelnut cream scented ones

~ 170 ~ the way she cries and holds her hands out for me to take her with us when we leave their house

~ 171 ~ how my heart breaks a little for that sweet little lady every time we leave their house

~ 172 ~ for little playmates for my girls to grow up with

~ 173 ~ warm tea on chilly, feels-like-winter-but-its-not-quite-here-yet days

~ 174 ~ babies that just ADORE the water- mine included!

~ 175 ~ winter coats that were given us because they weren't going to be used

~ 176 ~ healthy children


On that note, I brought the kids to the hospital today for the immunization clinic. It turned out to be a gong show, and we need to go back on December 2nd for our actual immunizations, but we did learn today just HOW healthy my little girlies are.

We've known for quite some time that Miss Maren is taller than average for her age, and she's also heavier than most children her age (proportionately).


She scored above the 95th percentile in those two categories: she weighs 31.5 lbs and she's 90 cms tall  (however tall that is). She's not yet two, and she's a full head taller than her playmate, who is two months younger than her. DEFINITELY taking after her daddy- at least in the height department. I wonder if that's a family thing, on his side, because now that I think about it, his sister is quite tall, too.

Miss Addison, on the other hand, falls right in the middle. She weighed in at 28 lbs, and I can't recall how tall she is. I do know she has a bigger head than her sister- must be from all that thinking she does! She's like a sponge- soaks everything around her up! Next to their playmate, she's a few inches to half a head taller. She DEFINITELY takes after her mother- in every department, including personality- and then some.

Some days, I hope it isn't a bad thing. EVERY day, I do hope the way I am raising (and by that, I mean treat) her is fairer to her than the way I was raised (treated). I would hate to see history repeat itself.


~ 177 ~ another good day

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Little Pony Tails

Crooked and cute all at the same time, its the first time she's ever worn pony tails in her hair.

I've never been prouder- or more delirious with personal excitement that her hair is long enough to fit (at least for a short period of time) into these two cute little pony tails.

Next, we're going to have to try her sister. Something tells me the pony tails will last MUCH shorter than hers did. They fell out half way between breakfast and snack time this morning. Oh well- they were cute while they lasted!!


~ 151 ~ the way *she* says 'please' and 'thankyou'

~ 152 ~ how she holds her finger up to her mouth and says 'shhhh'

~153 ~ uneven, perfect little pony tails

~ 154 ~ artwork and mirrors hung on walls

~ 155 ~ when she says 'pizza' and really means 'cheese'

~ 156 ~ when she says 'guckey' and she really means 'suckey'

~ 157 ~ when she says 'gockey's' and she really means 'sockey's'

~ 158 ~ finding out the current washer I had (that came with the house) was being held together by sheer will

~ 159 ~ the new washer and dryer husband bought me! (thank goodness for once in a life time, amazing deals!!)

~ 160 ~ the way she claps her hands along to music, and sometimes tries to copy the actions that go along with a certain song or rhyme

~ 161 ~ finding the rest of my tupperware, inside a box, that was buried by mounds of other boxes identical to it!!

~ 162 ~ curtains, forgotten about, that were given to me by sweet, dear sister, that now grace the picture window in the living room (which also had no place in our house in Manor)

~ 163 ~ an exceptionally good nights' sleep last night

~ 164 ~ the break from the kids my sweet mother in law gave me yesterday

~ 165 ~ meatloaf (which everyone under this roof thoroughly enjoys, thankfully!)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dilemma's of the Small Ensuite Variety

So, as some of you already know (if you're following me on pinterest, at all) that with the purchase of our new house, I'm all about keeping organized, clutter free, and simple DIY projects (among other things).

Other than helping keeping us from tearing our hair out in frustration over misplaced items, finding quick and easy ways to store items and keep them organized has become more of a domestic necessity upon our arrival here at 23 Allan Crescent.

I love our house, and I love it dearly, but some of the spaces are ridiculously tiny! Such as the ensuite in our bedroom. Its nice having our own bathroom, and I heart it immensely, but I have a few problems with it:

one) its small
two) there's no cupboard space of any kind anywhere in this bathroom, except for a small medicine chest (and rickity, at that!!) above the toilet


I've come up with a few neat ideas after wading through Pinterest, such as putting a simple shelving unit above the doorway- which would be great for storing extras, like toilet paper, kleenex and other toiletries; but, I need to find a better way to store my blow dryer and hair straightener. The towel ring next to the sink just isn't cutting it!

Then, I came across this:


Currently, I have a scrapbooking tote that my sweet sister gave me, that's full of scrapbooking odds and ends, and though it would be a great carry along if I were to attend a crop (which aren't too often...more like rarely, lol) it would make a TERRIFIC store-all for my make up, blow dryer and straightener- which in turn, will free up more room in the medicine chest for other storables!

Its the right colors, too, I might add. I've been dreaming of painting the bathrooms a pretty turquoise or aquamarine color, and the scrapbook tote has that color in it! (Along with brown, which has long been a favorite color combo).

(I'm also really liking the idea of attaching cheap spice racks to the walls in an attempt to add a little more storage to our ensuite). If not that, then the small medicine chest is going to be replaced (eventually, of course), with a taller wall unit that surrounds the toilet.

Think the Dollar Store with More will carry cheap wooden spice racks?? And, think spray paint will be sufficient enough to paint it the right color?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Past

~ 141 ~ Trick or treating with their 'bestie' this year (but unfortunately, she was sick, so had to miss out) :(

~ 142 ~ All the candy she is so generously sharing with her sister, who had to miss out

~ 143 ~ The family friendly neighborhood we live in (yay for lots of kids!!)

~ 144 ~ The compliments a random kid made randomly to my husband while she was randomly trick or treating at our house (thank you, kind girl, for liking my pumpkin stuffed black leotards and the way my house smells. You made my day!!)

~ 145 ~ Thank you, PINTEREST, for inspiring me to stuff black leotards with tiny pumpkins! (pics to follow when I find the appropriate equipment)...

~ 146 ~ the large window in my kitchen, allowing LOTS of warm sunlight to fill it each and every morning. Its the warmest room in the house!

~ 147 ~ the large picture window in the living room, where the Christmas tree will live when its put up

~ 148 ~ my spacious kitchen, that I am in ABSOLUTE love with!

~ 149 ~ the weathered bench, that's currently perched on the deck, under said large window in the kitchen, just BEGGING for something to adorn it

~ 150 ~ a new month


She's been on my mind the last couple days. Truthfully, my thoughts don't often include her, and until recently, I haven't given her much thought. I did try once, sometime in the past, to try and re-locate her, but it didn't work. I didn't try very hard, either.

She's been on my mind since the kids' playmate and her mommy entered our lives. When she shared her story with me, and I was moved to tears over it, I was inspired again to find her.

At least, to let her know that she has grandbabies- two of them, and they are both girls.

I am not interested in pursuing anything further than that; I have just been thinking it might be nice for her to know that her only child, now a mother herself, has made her a grandmother. Even though I didn't give her, back in my teenage years, exactly what she was looking for, maybe I can make up for lost time- in a way- by letting her know where I am at in my life. Maybe she would consider it cruel, telling her she's a grandmommy and not learn a single thing further than that, with the news I want to share with her.

And, having said that, I realize its probably just best left alone.

The news in itself, knowing I am alive and well, and have dear babies of my own, would be comforting. Wouldn't it?