Saturday, November 12, 2011

Red Candy Canes Vs. M.A.R.E.N.

All those little bits of red stuff littered on the floor beneath the patio door?

What *was* the window cling art the girls were playing with in the previous picture.

The Christmas trees that came in the pack are still in tact, but the red candy canes- they're scattered all over the floor.

Poor candy canes.


~ 197 ~ a great day hanging out with Oma and grandpa

~ 198 ~ the baby boats the pool has and how much she *loves* boogeying around in them

~ 199 ~ Two little heads sporting four little pony tails

~ 200 ~ a quick shopping trip- just mom and I

~ 201 ~ and a profitable one at that, too!

~ 202 ~ the snow

~ 203 ~ hearing her saying 'shhh' from their bedroom, and when peeking around the corner to check on her, hearing a wicked little giggle then 'uh oh'. Yes, baby. You were caught!!

~ 204 ~ oven made stew (who knew?!)

~ 205 ~ those delicious muffin top dinner buns IGA sells

~ 206 ~ family

~ 207 ~ laughter

~ 208 ~ squealing and clapping of little hands

~ 209 ~ deep sobs that come straight from precious little toes

~ 210 ~ sweet pudgy, 31.5 lb hands rubbing sleepy, blurry, blue-like-their-daddy's-eyes

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