Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Whew, the last month has flown by and its just been incredible!

Its found our family growing as a whole unit- growing closer- working on our differences and making some positive changes; its found us sick- incredibly sick- a few times since the end of October; not just one of us, but all of us together.

Even though I am not always the bravest *voicing* my problems or concerns, I did find it in me to be brave enough to write down my feelings, imploring change.

Changing it is. And, its slow, but its sure and steady. I am so thankful for that!

As for our health, I've become slightly worried for Maren; of all of us, she's been sick the most- and the most severely of us all. What began with an ear infection/flu bug on Halloween, turned into a cold the middle of this month, and has now turned back to the flu. What concerns me is the amount she's thrown up this last month. Last Sunday, she threw up just for the heck of it. We were gearing up to go to a craft sale, and after she was all dressed up for the cold weather, she lost her breakfast and juice she'd drank. No fever, no tummy ache (though I found it odd that she wasn't too interested in breakfast...), and nothing again after that. And, the poor girl suffered so much through this most recent flu to afflict our home. Husband and I just had it coming from the south end; she had it coming from both ends. I thought she was over it, but apparently not. Its still coming from her south end. :(

Just strange.

Either, she's inherited her daddy's weak tummy or its something else.

At the very least, I've concluded that she has a weak immune system, if nothing else.

And, now that I'm beginning to feel more like myself, its just in time to pack us up and prepare for a trip into Edmonton for the weekend. Since we're leaving Friday, I've only got tomorrow to pack and straighten up two days' worth of mess before leaving.

I think I can, I think I can...get it all done, that is :)

So, even though we've had differences and we're working on changing it- changing things so we're on the same page- together- the first thing we did together, as a family: get sick!

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