Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big Mouth

Oookay, so I spoke too soon. I have a nasty habit of doing that...

Poor little one threw up just after her bath last night, just after being put in a fresh, clean pair of pyjama's, just after she found herself some milk and gulped it down. It could have been the yogurt the kids ate earlier in the day, too, but it forced itself out onto the kitchen floor just in the nick of time- for bed time.

You know, I'd rather that than on any of the carpet in the house. The only problem is, the house is 95% carpet!! Clean up is so much easier!!!

And, earlier in the evening, poor little lady had a poo that she didn't even realize was happening until it was making its way out, too; kind of like her mama, when she was feeling icky just a day earlier. She awoke this morning covered in it from head to toe; into the bath she went for another cleaning...

That was the only one she's had today. I'm finally taking the advice she gave me (dear mom- and the box of Immodium that husband bought from the drug store), and I'm keeping the kids, husband and myself away from milk, fruit, alcohol (not that any of us makes it a habit of drinking it), fatty foods, spicy foods, sweetened juices...we've only eaten foods that are clear in nature or that doesn't have fatty items on them, like butter on toast. Just the dry stuff for us.

Its put a damper on our plans for the weekend, but they haven't totally flown out the window yet. Because the kids have had such a good day- we even ventured out for a few minutes to meet up with grandpa K as he passed through town- we may still head to the city on Saturday.

And, I think that will be a good thing; Maren has been asking for auntie all day long.

We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed!

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