Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Is the Way...

I've been trying so hard to get some pictures up here of Miss Addison amidst some of the cute and crazy things she does, but she's too quick for me! One of these days, I will succeed!

After all, there is nothing just yet to fret about. The kids are just developing their immune systems; many parents have been bringing their children by the hospital because they are so often sick like my own children have been, and for such a long period of time, as well. Apparently, its just the way the cycle is working itself out this year.

I, on the other hand, have been diagnosed with sinusitis, which isn't anything to get worked up over (thankfully); its so nice having energy and motivation back again, but that's been slowly returning over the last couple days. Now my house can get back into functioning order (its so messy and chaotic right now!), and I'm having a hard time getting caught up in-between all the messes the kids make throughout each and every day! Not to mention the central vac is on the fritz, so we're using the 'other' vacuum, but I don't know where all the attachments are, so getting my kitchen floor vacuumed to my personal satisfaction is a perfect match to NIL. The only thing I don't like living with- other than- in my humble opinion- disgusting kitchen floors- is the cough-that-makes-me-want-to-throw-up. If I talk too much (which on a good day isn't very much anyways) my throat gets dry (or something)- it tickles, anyways- and that's what makes me cough, which in turn makes me want to throw up. And, and on a few occasions here and there, that has happened. Not pleasant. Having a drink constantly in my hand helps, and I'm sure once the antibiotics kick in, so will it. Until then- yucky cough: be gone!

Our first play date in three weeks finally occurred this afternoon after we all woke up from our wonderful afternoon nap. It was a little too short, but sweet. (Our play date, not the wonderful afternoon nap). It made the kids happy to get away from home for a while- and see faces other than their sisters' and mama's; it made their mama happy to have some adult contact for a while; and, the next play date has already been planned. But, swimming with both girls, without having a helper, scares me to no end. I want to be self sufficient and take them on my own, but I'm not sure I can do it. All that water and not enough personal visual power has me worried that one of them is going to get into trouble. Yes, that's what lifeguards are there for, but it still worries me. (And, I just placed that one particular woman I've seen at the hospital the last few times we've been there. I just didn't recognize her because she was wearing something other than lifeguard attire. Huh.)

What I learned during our play date this afternoon: we need to watch/buy/borrow- do all three- Tangled. I didn't catch enough of it while the kids were playing and us mama's were visiting this afternoon. It looked really, really good! (I have to admit, it took more of my attention at times than our adult conversation was supposed to). How awful of me!!

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  1. You should definitely watch Tangled! It's awesome. One of my favorite Disney movies, but then I say that about all of them. LOL I am nervous about swimming with my two younger kids by myself too. I always make my husband some along to help.