Friday, December 30, 2011

Simply Amazing

You astonish me in more ways that one, little Maren. I know I've said in the past that not a day goes by that you amaze me, and that's still true. You're growing too fast, little one, and there are more days than not that I wish I could hold on to your sweet baby self just a little longer. But, you're steaming ahead at full speed towards little lady-hood, and you're not showing any signs of stopping.

I've been noticing, here and there, that you've begun responding to me in conversation- when I ask you a question, or when I say something to you; there'll be a pause, followed by a vigorous nod of the head and an audible ok or yeah. Usually. More often than not, there will either be no response, or you'll look at me with your sweet blues and babble at me in that adorable foreign language of yours.

Do you know how amazing that is?!


And, do you know what I love the most, little lady?

When you sit in my lap, facing me, and cup my chin in your hands and look straight into my eyes. Your skin is incredibly soft, and every time you do that, I wish the way you feel would linger on my skin forever. I'm not sure what it is you're looking for when you look at me that way, or why you cup my face in your hands like that; maybe you're mimicking what mama does to you, or maybe you're just learning and exploring. Whatever it is, I love those tender moments between you and I.

Special mama and baby moments like this will forever be burned into my memory. And, now they'll forever be remembered on paper too, so when you look back on your mama's posts one day in the future, you'll know how strong the love is between you and I.

And, that will never change.

You still love In the Night Garden; whenever you see an ad for it in a commercial, or it comes on the tv, you now say "piggle". You have a word for the show. You're showing me that you pay more attention to the tv than I ever thought. You blew daddy out of the water when you walked up to the grandfather clock at Stacy's and said, "cuckoo". He asked me where you picked that up from, and I told him it was from Toopy and Binoo. You learned the word for "car" ridiculously fast when Cody began playing with his RC car at Stacy's. Who knew you also knew the word, "go" too?!

Amazing, I tell you. Simply amazing!!

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