Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adisee and Mimi

~ 255 ~ sitting together in the office after the kids have gone to bed; him on the computer, researching all the songs he wants to buy on iTunes, and me scrapbooking

~ 256 ~ the way he shook his head at me tonight and told me he loved me (smiling at the same time) when I realized I had forgotten to turn the dryer on (after telling him I didn't know why the sheets were still wet)

~ 257 ~ how well she plays on her own

~ 258 ~ how she craves social interaction

~ 259 ~ their mutual love for Toopy and Binoo

~ 260 ~ their new mutual love for Manon

~ 261 ~ the smell of their hair

~ 262 ~ the softness of their skin

~ 263 ~ the way she puts her hands on her head and says 'ah!' when she's about to have a melt down

~ 264 ~ the way she drops to her knees then flat onto her tummy (or back, depending) when she has a melt down


Do any other parents find their kids' temper tantrums hilarious, too? I mean, I know i'm going to be horrified when they do it in public, but when you're at home, and its just you, do you find it funny? I have to restrain myself from laughing because I find it so amusing!


~ 265 ~ discovering there IS tv even if the kids are awake


Do any other mama's find watching tv during the day time a waste of time? I think all the shows out there are trash, and I don't have the time for it; on the other hand, Treehouse is wearing on me quite severely these days...we need something new!!! Thats why, thank goodness!!, I'm glad I downloaded a few games for the kids to play on the computer. It gives them some variety, and they're learning at the same time. We get to spend quality time together, and rather than just staring at a screen that talks to you, they are actually using brain power! I like!!


~ 266 ~ freshly washed (and still warm!) bed sheets

~ 267 ~ spending time today- just the three of us girls- in the office, playing games on the computer

~ 268 ~ loving how into the games Addison seemed to be. She really liked it! (The sounds scared poor Maren at first...)

~ 269 ~ the way she calls for her 'Adisee'

~ 270 ~ the way she calls for her 'Mimi'

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