Monday, December 19, 2011

Lights Out

The kids experienced their first power outage late this afternoon. Actually, the power went out twice; first while they were napping, and it was still quite light out so it wouldn't have made a difference to them, other than they couldn't watch Toopy and Binoo on tv. It was still out when they woke from their nap. By then, light was beginning to fade, and I changed their wet diapers in a fairly dark room. (We went for a late nap because we slept until 9:30 this morning...and our trip to the pharmacy took longer than anticipated).

And, the entire time they napped, I kept wondering to myself if it was just our house that was experiencing the power outage (and consequently, if I needed to go and flip the breaker)- I couldn't tell, because no one else in our neighbourhood appeared to be home from work. Finally, I began texting around and before I knew it, I had confirmation that no, it wasn't just me. A friend had seen on Facebook that there was going to be an outage that would last a couple hours.

I wasn't quite sure how the kids were going to deal with it, when it went out again after the fading light gave way to a black sky filled with clouds and the odd star, but they dealt with it super well. They are not afraid of the dark one bit. (I should have known, because my children have been known to play in their bedroom with no lights on. They've even played in the basement in near pitch black conditions, and it still didn't bother them). In fact, when I began searching the house for every available candle I could find, Addison oohed. She liked it. Maren kept saying 'uh oh'. But, once she got a hold of the little LED flashlight, she had an absolute riot with it. The three of us sat at the table together enjoying the closeness the light of the candles brought; we talked and laughed together while we waited for the power to come back on. It was fun.

In the back of my mind, I kept worrying about supper. I had stew cooking in the slow cooker, and I was worried that the power wouldn't come back on in time for it to finish. (In the end, I had nothing to worry about). The other corner of my mind was occupied with ways I could make the power outage something special for the kids when it came time to eat. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.


~ 315 ~ the power outage (at least today)

~ 316 ~ more beautiful weather

~ 317 ~ catching up with a dear friend while having our hairs done

~ 318 ~ the hair dresser that happily does our hair at the same time

~ 319 ~ how much Addison enjoys playing her game on my phone


You know, the kids are so smart. They're incredible!! I downloaded a game called sound touch to my iPhone, thanks to the recommendation of a friend. There are different categories- animals, exotic animals, instruments, vehicles, household and one other, I think. In each of the categories are comical pictures and when one of them is touched, a real life photo of that animal (or whatever it is, depending on the category) appears, along with the sound it makes. I think its a great learning tool for the kids. Well, Addison has it down pat. She takes her time and decides which animal she's going to pick; she selects it, and lets it play its sound. Then she carefully chooses another one. I was amazed at her! And, any time I told her what animal it was she chose, she'd shush me!! Little goof...I think she did that so she could hear what the animal sounded like. It was pretty cute, anyways. Oh, and for each animal or instrument or household item that's chosen, five different pictures and sounds come up every time the same animal is hit more than once. Its pretty cool. They're picking up so much, so fast. Unreal.


~ 320 ~ my plants- the spider plant that keeps growing, and the creeper that's taken up residence above the stove. I killed the poor thing, and yet it came back to life and has stayed strong ever since. Yay for my plants!

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