Wednesday, December 14, 2011

...In all their Dreamy Cuteness...

Every day, more energy returns and the general feeling of wellness. I got a lot done, as far as straightening up the house! I feel quite proud of myself. The girls, on the other hand, had a lazy day, and didn't make it out of their pajama's until bath time, which is usually shortly before bed. So, I snapped a few shots to encapsulate their day:

The pictures of Maren sitting in the laundry basket just kill me. Have you noticed a trend? She loves anything she can sit in (boxes, bathroom sinks...), and anything she can lay on- soft blankets, pillows- you name it. And, I love how relaxed and comfy she looks, with her feet up in the air! I love laundry days!!

Miss Addison is more domesticated, if you will. I think as her confidence grows, she'll start crawling into things, but for now, the biggest achievement she's happy with is good old fashioned walking. I find it interesting, though, that her preferred method of playing is still lying flat on her back with her feet in the air. Its pretty darn cute!!

Those are my girls, in all their dreamy cuteness! (I just noticed today, that when Addison drinks from her sippy cup, the little dimple that she inherited from her daddy- and which I simply adore- is super noticeable with every slurp she takes. Aaahhh! She's going to melt some guys heart one day in the future!)

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  1. I think the laundry basket photos are awesome! They are growing up so quickly. I love those down days at home when you get to hang out in your pajamas.