Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Kisses

 Bath night is a big to do in our household. The girls ask for it frequently- along with brushing their teeth. And, normally bath time is the only time of day that they can handle each other in a small, confined space for any length of time.

For the most part. When we moved into the apartment, I decided that maybe bathing the kids together would be a good way to introduce them to playing with each other, and hopefully it would translate into other areas of their day, too. That hasn't happened to the scale I'd like it to just yet, but they do have their moments. And, when they do, it warms this mama's heart.

Things like this, when they occur, warm this mama's heart, too:

Just after this photo was taken, the arch enemies returned. Fighting, then crying for a few brief moments followed, and once again playing near each other, but not with each other. The best part was that daddy got to see them kissing each other, too. In person, not second hand. It was priceless!

Oma made both girls a new set of tuque's and mittens to go along with their snow suits, and while we were in the city this weekend, they tried them on for us. As you can tell, Miss Addison thoroughly enjoyed hers, but Miss Maren didn't one bit. And, like we've done since the kids came home from the hospital, they're in their colours- Addison in purple and Maren in pink.

Think they'll grow up loving those colours?

Our trip into the city was rushed. Two days to get all that we needed done done was challenging, but we did it! The only thing that is still left on our to do list is visit great Oma. Maybe we'll get to do that over Christmas, since our plans have changed, and we'll be celebrating with my parents and sis and BIL in the city rather than here.

My biggest item on our agenda while we were there was to get some Christmas shopping done, and buy the girls bigger clothes. I can't believe they've moved out of 2T already and are fitting into 3T. They're only 2! They're tall, though; especially Maren. She'll be tall like her daddy. Husbands MUST DO item was accomplished: find and buy his wife's Christmas present. At first, it was without whiff knowing about it, then it became, I have a confession. I knew what it was; I had seen typed into the google search bar on our lap top apple. 


And, yes, I am now typing on my new Mac. I love it! And, I love that rather than having to order Christmas post cards from my favourite store Walmart, I can actually make them, order them, and have them shipped to me from Apple instead- and they're the same price! AND, a person can utilize both sides of the post card, not just the front. It was $40 that was well spent, in my humble opinion!!

Now that I'm done bragging, I won't have any surprises left for Christmas day, when we plan to celebrate with just the four of us. But, that's ok. I've been spoiled. I'm so lucky!


~ 245 ~ my husband

~ 246 ~ a new computer that won't frustrate us anymore

~ 247 ~ the means necessary to purchase new clothes and Christmas gifts for the ones we love

~ 248 ~ spending time with extended family

~ 249 ~ connecting and catching up with a cousin that some of our family considers a 'black sheep'

~ 250 ~ the tea he made me

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