Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look, a Cow!!

She said the cutest thing while we were waiting our turn for immunization shots this morning at the clinic at the hospital. Thankfully, daddy had the morning off from work, so he was able to help mama keep the twinlets occupied and entertained until that fateful moment occurred.

He happened to notice a deer standing in the courtyard outside one of the windows, and so he showed her. She called it a cow!! And after coming out of the public health nurses' office after receiving (and enduring) her immunization like a champ!!, the first thing she asked for after settling down, was for her 'cow' again.

My dear sweet girl!

Yesterday afternoon, while the girls were watching tv, and I was sitting on the couch taking it easy for a few minutes, she approached me with a book about barnyard animals. She climbed into my lap, and I read it to her. The animal that stuck out to her, and what she remembered, was the cow. Now she associates animals- like deer- to cows. Makes sense, right?

So. Stinking. Adorable!

What a rush this day was. We were up early for our appointment at 9 this morning, then after having a quick lunch, all three of us girls lay down for a nap and wasted the afternoon away. It was 3 when we woke up. Normally, we are accustomed to waking up at 9, not at 7:30. It was tough on mama, too!

Just before putting the kids down (and mama) for their naps, the funniest thing happened, and I can't resist not sharing. It still makes me shake my head and laugh. I could see a vehicle pull up in front of our house, but I thought nothing of it because there's often traffic on our street, and people are always parking right in front of our house, even if they are not our visitors. I mentioned to husband that we had company.

We had company because a woman was walking up our drive to the front door. I thought maybe it was the Property Management lady that helped us find our apartment (for whatever reason- and I couldn't tell you why she would even know where we moved to after moving out of the apartment; it just looked like her). She walked right up to the front door and then right on through it like she owned the place.

Sit back for a moment and just try and imagine the look of absolute. horror on her face. I honestly thought she was going to have a coronary right in my front porch. The poor lady! And, if you're reading this, I am so sorry if I glared at you when you walked in...I just couldn't figure out how something like that could happen. I know it was rude, and for that I apologize. But, looking back, I now find it hilariously funny. Forgive my ignorance at your expense.

Really, though.

Too. Funny.

Late this afternoon, I sat down and began making Christmas cards for mom. Here they are:

There are 12 all together; 6 with the green paper- 3 of which are landscape form and 3 of which are vertical; and 6 are made with the red snowflake paper- 3 that are landscaped and 3 that are vertical. Super simple and super quick. I'm done them already! The best part- and the part that I just absolutely love- is the background on the burgundy card stock (the base paper): it was stamped with white ink. I think I'm in love. Its my new favourite thing to use! Here's a few other cards I made using white ink:

Oh, but I think you can also find these cards here.

Anywho. My point is that white ink rocks, even on lighter coloured card stock:

Excuse the colour in this photo, its waaayyy off. It should be lilac paper that's matted on burgundy, which is matted on lilac paper. I love the silhouette look!

(Can you tell I like white ink, just a little bit??)

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