Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blue, Silver and White kind of Christmas

~ 271 ~ big blue snowflakey mugs of steaming, creamy hot chocolate

~ 272 ~ fluffy, sweet home made pancakes (with or without the buttermilk)

~ 273 ~ my address book/card holder

~ 274 ~ magic erasers

~ 275 ~ the black crayon she used to colour on the wall with wasn't permanent

~ 276 ~ at least she didn't use the SHARPIE that was in the other hand

~ 277 ~ the few-and-far-between-people that like my cards enough to ask me to make some for them :)

~ 278 ~ sweet encouragement from certain good friends in the card making department

~ 279 ~ my new runs-smoothly-and-has-no-viruses-or-bugs-or-anything-else-that-could-cause-it-to-run-super.slowly.and-frustrate-the-heck-out-of-a-person-momentarily-hourly-daily-weekly-monthly computer...

~ 280 ~ they went to bed tonight without too much of a fight; someone is still up- I can hear her sweet voice talking up a storm from the room next door

~ 281 ~ the Christmas tree is finally up

~ 282 ~ my floor mat on the floor at the kitchen sink

~ 283 ~ the heat register just above my floor mat that blows warm air on my toes while I'm standing at the sink doing the dishes

~ 284 ~ how sweetly Maren just said 'hi' to me, then 'good morning, good morning' as I gently reminded her it was sleepy time

~ 285 ~ the wooden white bunny resting against the kitchen wall, sitting on the top of my stove

~ 286 ~ finally having an oven that bakes my boterkoek properly!!

~ 287 ~ the quarter-full cupboard of tea

~ 288 ~ SO thankful that miss Addison didn't get hurt as we both fell down the stairs yesterday (I was carrying her)

~ 289 ~ Addison looking at me upside down while she sat in her booster seat at the supper table tonight

~ 290 ~ the only thanks I needed from Maren for discovering home made pancakes was the 'num num nummmmm' while she stuffed a big piece of it in her mouth (in response to daddy telling her to say thank you)

~ 291 ~ my blue, white and silver Christmas decorations

~ 292 ~ especially the baby blue, white and silver bell wreath I have hanging on my front door. Its my most prized possession, I think

~ 293 ~ each and every one of my ultrasound pictures, which are right next to me on this desk, that remind me of the beauty of the two miraculous blessings I have

~ 294 ~ that Maren wasn't hurt when the shelving unit in the bathroom downstairs just about crashed down on top of her

~ 295 ~ I'm thankful I was right there to catch it!

~ 296 ~ full, bright moons

~ 297 ~ one on one time with each of the girls

~ 298 ~ the deer kulbassa that was given us by one of husbands' co-workers. Very delicious!!

~ 299 ~ the Christmas cards that are starting to come in

~ 300 ~ how tolerant of small children Gregory is. He's amazing!

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