Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snap Happy

Just when you were about to catch a heckin' from me for playing in (or so I thought) the potty, you turned around and sat down on it while brushing your teeth this morning. Does this mean you understand the concept behind the potty? You know what its for? Is it time for mama to attempt trying again?? You have no idea how amazed at you I was for doing that, Miss Addison. You are a smart girl- you continue to show me that every single day. And, you're super cute to boot!

Meanwhile, your sister took up residence on her typical perch:

The bathroom sink.

And, yes, there is toilet paper hanging from the shower curtain rod; after the kids (mainly Maren) decided to unroll the tp, I hung it over the shower curtain rod instead of trying to re-roll it. Whatever works!

And, later this afternoon, while I left the living room to go and do something (whatever that was...) someone got a hold of mama's cell phone and commenced crazy-picture-taking-madness:

Do you want to guess how many of these shots Miss Addison took? (It seriously makes me laugh...)


Little turkey just went snap happy!

I love it...

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