Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not again!!

My poor girl isn't feeling good yet again. 

She woke up from her nap feeling super hot to me- I noticed it as soon as my hands came in contact with the skin of her arms, but I thought nothing of it because she was still all warm and fuzzy from her nap. The skin on her arms cooled off after a while, but her head didn't. It was about then that she became somewhat fussy and clingy, and by the time daddy got home from work, and I slipped out to return a broken lid to Crappy Tire for my new recycling bins, she threw an absolute fit. She wanted her mama, and daddy wasn't going to suffice.

Well, he did, because she had no other choice when I left, but as soon as I walked through the front door on my return home, her crying began again, and continued to escalate until I was undressed and sitting on the couch cuddling her in my lap. It took a while for the Tylenol to kick in, and when it did, she became a little more playful and picked at my french fries when husband and I ate (I tried feeding the kids chicken noodle soup at their usual supper time- 5:30). They didn't want it.

Her temp seemed to come down a bit, but it didn't last for long. She kept asking for a bath, so after we were done supper, I ran a bath for the girls and let them play. Miss Addison didn't even want to stay in the bath for too terribly long. That's not like her, my poor girl. She began shaking like a leaf after taking her out of the bath, and when daddy walked past the bathroom door after getting her dressed, she was snuggled into his chest with her quilt wrapped around her. By the time I got Maren out of the bath and dressed, Addison was nearly asleep- still snuggled into daddy's chest. I have to admit, I kind of wish she was snuggled into me like that, but I'm happy she found enough comfort in daddy to just snuggle in and let sleep claim her.

We put the kids to bed a little earlier than usual tonight; there was no complaint from Addison; she rolled onto her tummy- she assumed her usual position- and went straight to sleep. Miss Maren, on the other hand, isn't having a very good sleep. She went to bed with no fighting too, but every once in a while, I hear a bit of crying coming from her...I hope she isn't coming down with something again, too. She also had a bit of a fever, but nothing like her sister. So, I only gave her half the amount of Advil I did Addison when they went to bed. I was hoping it would work, but I'm starting to think that maybe she should have gotten a full dose, too.

I am just thankful there was no throwing up this time! I've suspected for a few days that Addison might be coming down with another cold; she's been scrunching her nose up and blowing air from her nostrils at the same time, and she did that the last time she got sick with a cold. I guess we'll see what the morning brings.

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