Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Not many people will have our new address yet, and even though I'm fully aware of that, part of me is kind of sad that my fridge wasn't going to be held up by cards and postcards sent by friends and family like Christmases in the past. Mostly, I'm sad because I really wanted to display my postcards and Christmas cards this way:

Well...not totally. Even though the postcards and Christmas cards are few, it was still enough to display them in a pretty way! (I took a picture of the postcards before they all came falling down; I need to find a better way to stick them to the side of my cabinet- like sticky tack!! Tape just wasn't cutting it). I found the idea to do this here.

So fantastic, right?! I thought so...

What a rush Christmas was this year. We flew up to Edmonton for visits with two of the three sides of our family, and the kids had an absolute blast. Especially when uncle Cody started playing with his remote control car. Miss Maren just adored it! She was so enamoured with it, that she threw a fit when we left. Now husband knows what he should buy his daughter for her birthday!! Her new favourite word, since Saturday, is car. And, go.

MUCH to her daddy's delight.

KIND OF to her mama's chagrin.

Saturday night, we kept tradition alive by having chinese for supper. We have been doing that for as long as sister and I can remember, and its one that husband and I have incorporated into part of our celebrations at this time of year. We're both looking forward to starting more traditions (that are unique to us as a family), but I'm quite confident that will come about completely on its own. I'm not worried one bit about it. We spent the night there with mom and dad, then came home late Sunday afternoon to have some quiet time with just the four of us before more family met us here at our own place.

Sunday morning was dedicated to bringing Addison to the hospital. I noticed her eye had turned pretty red Saturday morning, and by the time we reached mom and dad's, her eyes were bloodshot and just unhappy looking. I washed them out, and didn't notice a difference by morning, so brought her in to the clinic. It isn't pink eye, thankfully, but the cold she has is affecting her sinuses in a way that its coming out of her eyes. One eye was a bit icky this morning, but otherwise, I'm happy to announce that it might be going away. The redness is gone- its still just a bit red underneath her eye, and her other eye is still kind of bloodshot, but nothing like yesterday. The doctor says its just a virus and its got to run its course. Boo.

Tomorrow, I am cleaning the Bargain Shop out of their lysol stock. This mama is tired of her chicks (and entire nest) being sick.

The only item we weren't able to cross off our 'to-do' list while we were celebrating with family in Edmonton, was to visit great Oma and wish her a Merry Christmas. Both husband and I very muchly wanted to visit her, but with the kids being sick, it wasn't a good idea. Its just that I'm feeling pressure these days to see her before its too late. I know, in her mind, I am still a young girl, and she doesn't know who my kids are- or even realize they are mine- but my conscience will feel better knowing that I got to see her while there was still the opportunity to do so. Hopefully the next time we're in Edmonton, we'll be well enough to see her!

Tomorrow morning will give the kids and I a bit of a break from so many people, and then the whirlwind will begin again when husbands' mom and step dad arrive to visit us for a few days. Husband has to work tomorrow, but he took Wednesday and Thursday off so he could have time to visit with his folks, too. I'm so happy that it isn't up to JUST me to entertain them this year! I think this will be the first time EVER he's been able to stay home and really get to spend time with them.

A treat for me, and especially for him.

And then, there's New Years...I'm so excited. We'll actually get to hang out with friends (hopefully) this New Years, too! What an awesome end to a crazy, busy year!!

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