Thursday, December 29, 2011

In A Nutshell...

A lot of things always get done around the house when husbands' mom and step dad come to visit. For me, usually its a sewing project that I've wanted to tackle (since I'm uneducated in the art of sewing--though I have mentioned in the past- and do hope to one day- take a sewing class so that I can become self sufficient in that area).

This Christmas, especially, it seems that a lot of projects have been taken on to help organize, de-clutter and beautify this house and our belongings. It began with the Boxing Week Blow-out Sale at Crappy Tire, then naturally progressed to purchasing five sea grass baskets (on sale for $3.99 each)- two of which are housed in both guest bathrooms, that hold a couple folded bath towels, and rolled hand towels and face cloths, as well as two media storage cabinets that were on sale for $18 each. It turns out they aren't what I wanted, and weren't what we needed, but they'll work well on either side of the tv and tv stand. Its the same colour finish of wood, and I wanted something there, anyways. I would like to one day find tall, narrow shelves to surround the picture window in the living room. It might be hard to do; the space on either side of it isn't that wide.

And, the project I'm most proud of and excited about, are the valances in my kitchen that my mother in law kindly sewed for me. After painting the kitchen, I found out by mistake that peacock blue looks stunning against the particular yellow that's on the walls. And, because I love the way it looks so much, I had to find material that would match it.

I did find material that would match it, or close at least. And, I found material to coordinate with it, too. I can hardly wait to share pictures. And, once again, the same old story surfaces: I really hope we can find the universal cable for our camera, so I can start uploading pictures on the camera to the computer, rather than from my cell phone.

Aaah! I'm stupid crazy for my valances and for my sea grass baskets! I can hardly wait to find more pretty things to put our stuff in that'll make the house look prettier than it already does!


We've been in the house for two months, and just in the last few days the kids had to take tumbles down the stairs. And, not just down a couple- pretty well all of them. My poor girls. I didn't see miss Addison go down the stairs; I knew she was sitting on the third step down (that's sort of a landing, actually) that curves into the main part of the stair well (the stair well into the basement is like half a winding stair case). She was playing with this little wrought iron chair flower planter of mine, and next thing I know, it sounded like she was going head over heels down the stairs. She landed on the basement floor on her belly. Aaah. The emotions that run through a mama when her baby tumbles down the stairs! I was sick, but after watching her for a while, felt confident that she wasn't seriously hurt. Thankfully, the stairs are fully carpeted, and so is the basement. Phew!

Tonight, I was sitting at the kitchen table with the in laws and husband, and I saw miss Maren facing up the stairs, like she was crawling up them. But, she wasn't; she was moving backwards. I had a sick feeling she was going to go down them, and sure enough, as I stood up to make sure she was going to be ok, down the stairs she went. Something hit the wall while she was going down; I don't know what, but it was loud and it sounded like it hurt. She landed face up on the floor in the basement, rubbing her head, obviously bawling her eyes out.

Husband was fast on my heels as we both ran down the stairs to her; I reached her first and picked her up, but it was her daddy that she wanted. Ouch. Does that phase come to an end? I kind of like being the one that makes everything ok again. That's kind of selfish, isn't it? I know it is, but its also the truth. I know how husband felt when miss Addison wanted no one but mama when she had colic so bad. She actually still wants her mama more than papa when something happens these days, but its not quite as bad.

Miss Maren is ok. Falling down the stairs probably scared the girls more than anything else. I was scared that after Miss Addison fell down them, she'd be scared to go back into the basement, but she's been fine all day long with the stairs. They spent the majority of the afternoon down there today. Phew!! Miss Maren isn't scared of them, either. After getting her ready for bed, she followed me to the stairs (I had to get her sister from the basement and get her dressed for bed), and swung one of her feet over the edge of the top stair. Rather than her being scared, it was me again. In the sternest voice I could muster, I told her to 'be careful, please'.

And, the strangest thing happened tonight. The in laws treated us to KFC for supper and the girls (I think) had their first allergic reaction. I am not sure what it was- probably the dipping sauce that went along with their popcorn chicken, but both of them developed a red rash around their mouths not long after beginning to eat. Its never happened before. Probably an hour or so after eating, it went away. It was strange to me that they would both react to the same thing- at the same time, which makes me think its an allergy to whatever they ate. I was a little scared that they might wind up with an anaphylactic reaction, but I suppose that would have happened a whole lot sooner (and more quickly!) than the way they did react.

So, in a pretty large nutshell, that's been the last couple of days around here. Busy, fun and a little bit chaotic!!

Next up: New Years!

And, then things can start slowing down again. I'm getting exhausted!

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