Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Uuuhhh yeah, Maren got into my buttons Friday afternoon and threw them all over the office floor. Actually, they're still strewn all across the floor; we've been in Edmonton for the last 24 hours and rather than cleaning up (at the moment), I'm taking just a little bit more time for myself. Husband is working ridiculously late tonight (should hopefully be home shortly before or around midnight), and I'm waiting up for him. I have to keep busy or I will fall asleep. The kids had a terrible sleep last night, giving me only 4 hours of rest. Then, the kids slept a good portion of the day, so I kept them up a little later than usual; for once, it was me falling asleep on the couch in front of the tv; not husband or the kids!

I actually don't mind that she got into my buttons. It does bother me, however, that she used the black and yellow scissors you see in the top right corner of this picture, to cut a nice triangular hole in her shirt. The scissors are so sharp, even I have to be careful when I use them! I'm lucky I get away with it. Husband (and his mom, too, for that matter), have banned me from most sharp objects (I don't have the best luck with them...)

The other two pictures were just too cute to pass up. Maren, in the top picture, found a basket in my office and threw her sippy cup in it and took it for a walk. Then Addison got a hold of it and put it on her head (like her mama showed her) and wore it like a hat. I was trying to get a picture of her wearing it on her head, but once again, she was too quick for me. (She's the middle picture).


~ 301 ~ A couple hours this morning to get some things done on my own while in Edmonton

~ 302 ~ finding the girls' birthday present (already!!)

~ 303 ~ Star.bucks.

~ 304 ~ Timmie's peach juice

~ 305 ~ and my new favourite- Timmie's candy cane chocolate donuts

~ 306 ~ SO thankful Maren didn't hurt herself with my scrapping scissors

~ 307 ~ spending a couple hours this afternoon catching up with a dear friend, while having our hair done at the salon

~ 308 ~ a safe drive home tonight (it was raining when we got home to Whitecourt. The driveway is a literal skating rink)

~ 309 ~ how cuddly Miss Addison has been over the last couple days

~ 310 ~ my own bed

~ 311 ~ my own pillow

~ 312 ~ my own house

~ 313 ~ my sister


My heart has been breaking over the last couple of days. First and foremost, for our old home- Saskatchewan. When we left, I honestly didn't think I would miss it, but I do. I miss the area, the people, the place where my children were born. For that reason alone, I miss Saskatchewan. Big things happened there for us, and my children aren't going to grow up knowing it. There'll be pictures of a house they spent their first year in, and they'll hear stories about the people their parents knew there, but there won't be any real emotional connection to that place for them. And, I am sad. When I talk with my friends there, it makes me sad its either through personal messages on Facebook or via text. Once again, it loses something in the connection. Part of me wishes we were still there.

And, now my heart breaks for sister. Mom told me that sister and her husband are going to an informational session about adoption. Because of my sisters' particular health problems, she either won't be able to conceive, or even if she wants to, she probably shouldn't. I am deeply sad for her that she won't be able to bear children of her own, though because we are both adopted ourselves, doing the same thing is a no brainer. I think she's suspected for some time that may be the case, so I think she's embraced adoption. I just ache for her; life has always been hard, and now her health has become a burden. She's talked to me a lot over the last 5 months about adoption, and that they want to adopt from overseas, but I never understood why she was even thinking about it. Which, in itself isn't a bad thing, don't misunderstand me. I honestly thought it was admirable. She told me that they might try and have their own after adopting, but it was something they really felt they needed to do. They might feel that regardless of my sisters' health. And, that's COOL!


~ 314 ~ my B-I-L; he is just what sister needs

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