Saturday, April 28, 2012


The pieces of paper with all the ribbon on it are additional journalling blocks. Go to my last post to find out what it all says!

17* another sunshine-filled day
18* a hobby that I enjoy so fully and completely
19* "whee" and "yippee" and "no way"s
20* laughter

Friday, April 27, 2012


If you're a Canadian--specifically an Albertan--or are familiar with our incredible province, you'll know that our weather is iffy. Especially the closer you live to the mountains.

Most of us, if not all of us, grew up with the phrase, 'wait five minutes, it'll change'.

That would be an exasperated reference to our weather. Because, it can really be THAT finicky. I seem to remember having snow in June, and incredibly warm weather right into late December. There's also been days (kinda like today) where the weather goes from one extreme right to the next. Although, it is spring, and I'm saying this with that well in mind!

We started the morning off with wet, fat, white snow flakes, and entered this afternoon with the ground drying out and the sun attempting to come out. And WARM. I sat on the deck for an hour while the kids played, barefoot, and contemplating taking off my sweater because I couldn't decide if it was too warm or I just THOUGHT so. Nope, I think its warm. I opened the windows a tad, and the air coming in is so refreshing!

We bought a new lawn mower just in time for it to snow again.

ONLY in Alberta!!

11* the turn around in weather today
12* the moisture
13* fond memories

A couple weeks ago, I pulled this t-shirt out of the drawer, and all kinds of memories came flooding back while it was in my hands.

Memories like being 4.5 months pregnant, walking around Las Vegas, with swollen feet and twin beans {I'm sure} covering their ears inside the womb while we were at the drag strip. You see, we went for the NHRA drag racing finals. The alcohol cars were so loud, and the ground reverberated so fiercely as they passed us, that I was sure the noise or the movement was going to hurt the twins somehow. Thankfully it didn't, but I instinctively held my growing belly each time the cars roared past us. Even from a mile away (while we sat on the bus waiting for a ride back to our hotel, the ground shook). That's immense power!

{And, on a bunny trail, Maren just LOVES going fast...anytime daddy hits the gas and drives really fast, she shouts, 'wheeeeeeee'!!!!! She may be our rail driver, after all!!} Maybe one of the twins was watching that drag racing a little too closely :)

Memories like how frustrated I would get with the changes my body was going through during that time. Carpal tunnel was keeping me miserable, it was about that time that things really began swelling, and as a result, walking around was minimal. No drinks allowed for me, so I asked for 'virgin' screwdrivers and virgin pina colada's...I really wanted the cool treasure island cup, though! But, if you don't drink, you don't get one. Boo!!

My belly was starting to show during that time, and I was so proud of it. We were so proud of being pregnant, and told anyone and everyone- whenever we had the chance- that we were pregnant and expecting twins. My doctor kept telling us that twins these days are nothing special- lots of people are having multiples nowadays, but they were special to us. And, they still are.

When I met them for the first time--in the NICU--I was SO in awe of them, I couldn't keep from crying any time I let myself think. I would just look at them, and the tears would come spilling from my eyes. They were so incredible--those two fragile little babies had come from MY body! And, they were PERFECT!!! I went through the entire pregnancy worried there was going to be something wrong- missing fingers, toes, limbs that didn't ran the gamut.

Memories like the first time I had morning sickness- thankfully it was only once, so it was probably something other than that, but I threw up right in the middle of breakfast. It wasn't pretty. It was actually pretty horrifying. LOL It was the day we were going on a tour of Hoover Dam. Kyle had never been there (in fact, he'd never been on a vacation like that before, and Hoover Dam was on his 'Bucket List'.) He was thrilled and awed. I felt sort of ill the rest of the day, but it turned out to be pretty wonderful.

Ohh...memories of the bus driver that brought us to Hoover Dam from our hotel. He was the sweetest, funniest guy in the universe. He had such great energy. We really SHOULD have gotten him talking on video--you'd get a real kick out of it. He found a lot of humour in life and the things that happen in life, and he would chuckle and say 'yes, yes' after just about everything he said. When I think of him, I still smile.

Memories of stopping at Target on our way back home (we drove from home--Carlyle, Sask, at that time, to Minot, ND to catch our flight...nope, not Minot. Bismarck) so that I could pick up maternity underwear. My own underwear was getting too small, and much to my dismay, there was no such thing as maternity underwear. Only big, BIG lady underwear. So, I picked up a couple packages of size like 8X to wear throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. ANother mark for the 'ultimate embarrassments' in my life. LOL

Memories like this...I want to hold on to forever. Because, even though I was incredibly annoyed with the changes my body was going through, I now know that I would do it over again in a heartbeat. There will probably be no more children in our future, though I am praying that there will be at least ONE more sometime in our future. Maybe when the twins are in school, because right now, they're all I can handle!!

(Now that I've got this typed out, I'm thinking I'm going to use this post for my journalling when I get this lo done. I know I want a lot of journalling, and I want it to focus on 'reminiscing'...)

14* the opportunity to have been pregnant and carry two beautiful babies for 7.5 months
15* meeting, getting to know, and instantly falling in love with those two bean sprouts
16* and, because its so important to me, FOND MEMORIES

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Murphy Struck...

You know the saying, 'when it rains, it pours'?

It was one of those days.

Everything that happened was minor, mind you, but it all happened on the same day (which it always does, thanks to Murphy), and thankfully  it was on a day that husband was home! (Mind you, he is sick, and probably the last thing he wanted to do was help me fix the things that went wrong, but that's the way the cookie crumbled.)

It was near supper time, the kids had been outside for like 10 minutes playing (it was WAY too cold to stay out any longer...what a bitter day!!), and I attempted to use the kitchen tap, to find the handle was loose. Broken. It turns all the way around now, and by some sheer stroke of a miracle, husband was able to find the hot water. I don't know how he did it, but he did! We took a family trip out to Crappy Tire after supper to track down a new faucet, and the one I wanted (and liked), wasn't in stock. Of course. Murphy strikes again.

Dad's coming out tomorrow to help me install it, so I asked him to pick it up from the store nearest him. Thankfully, they've got two left in stock. I can hardly wait for my new faucet!! The shape kind of reminds me of a flower...

Then, while husband was napping later this afternoon, the kids and I were in the living room watching tv, and it suddenly turned off. The kids turned it back on, and 30 seconds later, it went off again. 30 seconds later, it went off again. I tried turning it on the next time it happened, and 30 seconds later it turned off again. WHAT THE....??????!

The tv is fried. Its done. Finito. Gone on to tv heaven. No more. Bye-bye, as the girls would say.

Thankfully, IT was only a crappy, small, old tv. I think we used it upstairs in our room when we lived in the trailer. Its been there for as long as I can remember. We brought it with us so that we had something to watch upstairs if the kids were downstairs watching their own tv show. (Which, that never happened, either. It was more convenient to just turn the tv on up here, so that's where we watched the majority of our tv. Also, the basement is wickedly'll probably be a sanctuary later this summer when its boiling hot, but for now, its a bit too chilly to spend any amount of time down there).

So, the next item on the 'to buy' list is a new tv (along with a new dvd player...somehow the kids trashed our current one, and their HUCK--Veggie Tales video--is stuck inside.)

Lastly, the pvr downstairs hasn't been working for the last week or so. We haven't really worried too much about it, because the tv upstairs was working just fine. When the one upstairs crapped out, we had to figure out what was wrong with the pvr. I don't know what happened, and we'll probably never know what happened, but we finally got it up and running again. While husband was on the phone with Telus, we got them to book another installer to come out and run a line into the kitchen--which is where we want to put the new tv when we get one. THAT way, I can watch the news or what have you while I'm cooking supper, and it won't interfere with what the kids are watching. Its a win-win situation!

(When we originally had the pvr installed, the guy that came out wouldn't run the line for us because it was too much work. We weren't happy about that, but its finally being fixed. A {hopefully} new installer will be coming out next Friday to run the line for us).

8* the smell of rain
9* rain itself at the end of a long winter, and the beginning of a new season
10* help when you need it

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Showers...

Another spring has finally rolled around. Along with the warm sunshine, snow mould (and in the same breath, increased intake of antihistamines) and up and down weather, comes more opportunities to play outside, do new things, clean up the yard, and more photo ops!

The pictures I posted yesterday, marked the beginning of the spring season for us. We got a lot done! Yesterday, I raked up the messiest part of the yard, because if it rains for the next {now} four or five days, then it needed to be done! I would have liked to tackle the front yard, but I didn't want to do it without someone watching the kids. (Doing it during nap time wasn't an option, lol) That's usually devoted to either scrapping or sleeping (though, 95% of the time, its for napping).

Here's a little treat, to kick off the season:

Yeah, so the scrapbook page has a real autumn vibe to it, doesn't it? That's thanks to the colours I chose. We'll just call it an unconventional way of looking at spring! LOL

The card--well--I wanted to feel better about creating something 'springy'. And, I feel much better about this! Much happier, fresher, brighter. It really came together after I added the flowers...

And, the stamp is so true of the month of April: spring showers really do bring May flowers. I've got the proof right here:

I found these growing along the side of the house. Yay for tulips! I can hardly wait for them to bloom! I want to see what colour they are, and how pretty they are. Those are the only flowers that have come through so far. After cleaning up the horrid 'flower beds' in the yard- specifically the one in the backyard- we found this:

Good luck, little guy! Hope you make it!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just thought I would share some pictures from this past weekend. You can expect to see these in lo's some day soon!!

5* that things always have a way of working themselves out--somehow--in the end
6* family
7* the energy and boisterousness and sweetness of children (even when they're tired cranky pants)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bubble Wrap

In the latest edition of scrapbooks etc., one of the techniques shown was stamping (with paint) using bubble wrap. The finished effect looks fantastic, and its become something that i'm really interested in trying out on a future lo.

At the moment, I don't have paint. So, I've been wondering if it would be possible to use ink instead, and luckily, it is! Google is a wonderful tool. Wouldn't you agree?

Luckily, I came across bubble wrap when I opened the box for a candle holder that goes around the umbrella stem of my patio set. I kept the bubble wrap and looked up stamping techniques using ink and bubble wrap. To see what it looks like, go here and here

Looks neat, right?

In a potential project, this is how it would look

Can't wait to try it out!


In other news, it was a busy weekend. My parents and Kyle's dad came up and helped us celebrate their (Kyle's and Tom's) birthdays. We went swimming Saturday morning--which the kids just absolutely loved--we cleaned up some of the yard, set up my patio set and the kids picnic table, hit the voting station, soaked up the sunshine and beautiful day, then barbecued supper, finishing off the evening with a yummy piece of carrot cake. Yesterday, we put a bunch of junk up on the local buy/sell/trade site, and have already sold some of the items on the 'get-rid-of-list'. It feels good!

It sounds like we may be holding a garage sale later this spring, too, in order to help us whittle down the junk pile. I'm pretty stoked about that, too. The things we aren't able to sell will go to the local second hand store.

Yay for de-cluttering!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Its been characteristic of you since birth. And, I love it.

Things that simply just make me smile.

4* bottom lips that unconsciously like to stick out, forming what's affectionately called the 'pouty lip'

Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh {GLORIOUS} day!!!

What a GLORIOUS day it is today! Wow--the kids WILL play outside ALL DAY and there's no two other ways about it!! I might even come away from today with a T.A.N. (ok, more like a burn). Its about TIME!!!! HA!

Today is also Kyle's birthday, and look what I did for him:

36. Times. One for every year of his life.

I think he said there are a few extra. I lost count after 15. Or 20. But, its the thought that counts!

I'll have to share the picture he sent to me later. The girls in the office decorated his pick up, and it looks FANTASTIC! It made me giggle. Lets just say that A LOT of saran-wrap was used. And a green hard hat.

2* my dear husband
3* his day of birth- without him, there'd be no HIM, no US, no FAMILY of FOUR!

I'm pretty sure I've shared the card I made for Kyle. If you missed it, you can find it here

My other *must* on the agenda today: SLURPEE!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Picture Says it All

All I can say is....BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW!!!!!!

So, i can't remember what number i'm on with the thankful's, and i've begun thinking that what I scrap is a fabulous way to DEMONSTRATE exactly what i'm thankful for.

So, without further adieu, i'm starting over! haha! (Sorry Kim...)

1* straight hair

(at this rate, its going to take me forever to get to 1000--or more--but that's ok. i'm going to have fun with this!)


This month is full of celebrations. It begins with Easter- and in the case of our wedding, they actually shared the same date in 2009- April 11. So, next, naturally we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

(Just ignore the cigarette in kyle's mouth in this picture lol)

Next comes Kyle's birthday- April 19th. And, in the same vein, when we learned we were pregnant, the due date we were aiming for was April 4th. So, there would have been another birthday to add...but, thankfully not! Enough happens in this month already!

Here's the card I made for Kyle. He turns 36 this year. Yikes!!

And lastly, Kyle's dad celebrates this birthday in April, too. His isn't until the 28th, but we're planning to celebrate their birthdays together this year. My parents, Kyle's dad and step mom and some friends here in town (hopefully) will be coming out on the weekend to help us celebrate.

Next on the agenda: make his birthday cake!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Same Old...

My poor kids. Being away from us for two entire weeks was fun for them, but they sure didn't want to let us out of their sight when we got them back. And then, things didn't slow down for them for another 3 days after picking them up. Since it was easter weekend that we picked them up, we had made plans to meet up with my family to celebrate. So, on Saturday, we had a bunch of family over and a huge dinner, and on Sunday, we met up with Kyle's dad and step mom for lunch on our way home. I think the last two and a half weeks thoroughly pooped them out. They napped an entire 3 hours yesterday afternoon. It was bliss for me (I got some scrapbooking done while they slept), and I'm sure it was pure bliss to them too: sleeping in their own beds, and FINALLY some peace and quiet! (OH- and Saturday morning I had my hair done- grey's filled in- and then styled so I wouldn't have to worry about doing it after I got home!! I still had to make a mashed potato casserole after my appointment was done).

 The first time I've put make up on in over 6 months. Maybe a year. Seriously. Like, I put on the whole nine yards- tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, lipstick...usually its just a bit of mascara if I'm going to put anything on. It felt good!
 Addison playing with her Easter necklace
 Addison searching for Easter eggs
 Addison (but, really both girls) enjoying their wind up chickies
 mama and papa
 mama and Maren
 Dad and some freak...just kidding. Its my loveable sister!!
 Jeremey preparing his Greek salad for supper
 daddy and Maren in her pretty Easter dress
Auntie and Addison in her pretty Easter dress.

How was your Easter??

Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Week

It was a busy week last week. The kids went to visit their grandparents in Oyen, and I took the liberty of fixing up my house a little more during their absence. Here's a sneak peek:

The first two pics are obviously befores. The entire house was painted this awful beige colour. I think it wouldn't be so bad, but the problem is they did a terrible job of painting! Husband thinks a 10 year old painted our house. There was paint on the fixtures, on the hardware in the bathroom, on the tile surround in the showers; and the worst part of it was that they did only one coat of paint. It makes it dingy looking. And, to make matters even better, they painted over spots that needed patching up, so there's slightly brighter/darker squares all over the house. In a way, its pretty hilarious, but in a terribly sad kind of way. So, needless to say, a new coat of paint has freshened up our place immensely! Not to mention, its made it more ours.

At first, I was not pleased with the grey we wound up with to paint our bedroom. I wanted something that complimented the blue of our bathroom a bit better, but I have to admit, I am very pleased with the results. There is quite a bit of blue in it, and its beautiful. Honestly, I consider our bedroom my sanctuary. I just need to break out our curtains and bedsheets, and it'll feel even better. My mother in law is working at re-finishing the frame for our bed (I want it to look antiqued), and once that's finished and in our room, pictures will follow!

Painting ate up three days last week. I'm pretty proud of myself for even working up the gumption to do it and get it done. I just kept thinking about the end result and how great it would feel. Yesterday, I got to ride shotgun with husband. This is what he did:

I can't remember how big the compressor was- 28 feet wide, I think, and he said it weighed 63,000 lbs. He didn't haul it out there, someone else did that. I didn't get any pictures of them matting the bridge and then talking the truck driver through driving it over...that was the neatest thing I've ever experienced. Listening to them coach him and make sure he didn't get hung up on the bridge was pretty cool. Its one thing watching it on tv; its a totally different ball game when you experience it first hand.

On lease, he took it off the other truck, and spotted it (basically placed it) where they wanted it. In the end, it wasn't quite where the consultant wanted it, so they wound up using husbands' truck to muscle it into the space they needed it (remember, it was 28 feet wide, and they wanted it in a 29 foot wide space). Yep, my husband is that good- and I don't mean to sound snobby. He's pretty amazing at what he does. He did it, and the worst thing that happened when it was all said and done, was a scratched building next to the one he just put on the ground.

The look on his face on our way home was just of sheer adrenalin. He looked like he truly enjoyed himself, and he said so, too. He just loves stuff like this. He loves the challenge, and he loves driving a big bed (that's the workhorse of a truck he drives. It means he can take big things and heavy things, and because of the guy he is, and worker he is, he can do things consultants etc. won't want other people doing). He's got a pretty good track record. He was thinking about taking a truck push position, but because he enjoys driving this truck so much, he's thinking now he might just continue doing what he's doing.

It was an early, early day, and today I'm tired, but it was such a great day riding around with husband. Its been 2.5 years since I got to do it last, and I immensely enjoyed it!