Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Week

It was a busy week last week. The kids went to visit their grandparents in Oyen, and I took the liberty of fixing up my house a little more during their absence. Here's a sneak peek:

The first two pics are obviously befores. The entire house was painted this awful beige colour. I think it wouldn't be so bad, but the problem is they did a terrible job of painting! Husband thinks a 10 year old painted our house. There was paint on the fixtures, on the hardware in the bathroom, on the tile surround in the showers; and the worst part of it was that they did only one coat of paint. It makes it dingy looking. And, to make matters even better, they painted over spots that needed patching up, so there's slightly brighter/darker squares all over the house. In a way, its pretty hilarious, but in a terribly sad kind of way. So, needless to say, a new coat of paint has freshened up our place immensely! Not to mention, its made it more ours.

At first, I was not pleased with the grey we wound up with to paint our bedroom. I wanted something that complimented the blue of our bathroom a bit better, but I have to admit, I am very pleased with the results. There is quite a bit of blue in it, and its beautiful. Honestly, I consider our bedroom my sanctuary. I just need to break out our curtains and bedsheets, and it'll feel even better. My mother in law is working at re-finishing the frame for our bed (I want it to look antiqued), and once that's finished and in our room, pictures will follow!

Painting ate up three days last week. I'm pretty proud of myself for even working up the gumption to do it and get it done. I just kept thinking about the end result and how great it would feel. Yesterday, I got to ride shotgun with husband. This is what he did:

I can't remember how big the compressor was- 28 feet wide, I think, and he said it weighed 63,000 lbs. He didn't haul it out there, someone else did that. I didn't get any pictures of them matting the bridge and then talking the truck driver through driving it over...that was the neatest thing I've ever experienced. Listening to them coach him and make sure he didn't get hung up on the bridge was pretty cool. Its one thing watching it on tv; its a totally different ball game when you experience it first hand.

On lease, he took it off the other truck, and spotted it (basically placed it) where they wanted it. In the end, it wasn't quite where the consultant wanted it, so they wound up using husbands' truck to muscle it into the space they needed it (remember, it was 28 feet wide, and they wanted it in a 29 foot wide space). Yep, my husband is that good- and I don't mean to sound snobby. He's pretty amazing at what he does. He did it, and the worst thing that happened when it was all said and done, was a scratched building next to the one he just put on the ground.

The look on his face on our way home was just of sheer adrenalin. He looked like he truly enjoyed himself, and he said so, too. He just loves stuff like this. He loves the challenge, and he loves driving a big bed (that's the workhorse of a truck he drives. It means he can take big things and heavy things, and because of the guy he is, and worker he is, he can do things consultants etc. won't want other people doing). He's got a pretty good track record. He was thinking about taking a truck push position, but because he enjoys driving this truck so much, he's thinking now he might just continue doing what he's doing.

It was an early, early day, and today I'm tired, but it was such a great day riding around with husband. Its been 2.5 years since I got to do it last, and I immensely enjoyed it!

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  1. Your house is coming along quite nicely! I love the color of your bedroom. I've been thinking of painting mine gray too. It sounds like you've really enjoyed getting things done while the girls are off visiting. Those photos of your DH driving were great! He is pretty awesome. I can't back up very well so... LOL