Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This month is full of celebrations. It begins with Easter- and in the case of our wedding, they actually shared the same date in 2009- April 11. So, next, naturally we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

(Just ignore the cigarette in kyle's mouth in this picture lol)

Next comes Kyle's birthday- April 19th. And, in the same vein, when we learned we were pregnant, the due date we were aiming for was April 4th. So, there would have been another birthday to add...but, thankfully not! Enough happens in this month already!

Here's the card I made for Kyle. He turns 36 this year. Yikes!!

And lastly, Kyle's dad celebrates this birthday in April, too. His isn't until the 28th, but we're planning to celebrate their birthdays together this year. My parents, Kyle's dad and step mom and some friends here in town (hopefully) will be coming out on the weekend to help us celebrate.

Next on the agenda: make his birthday cake!!

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