Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh {GLORIOUS} day!!!

What a GLORIOUS day it is today! Wow--the kids WILL play outside ALL DAY and there's no two other ways about it!! I might even come away from today with a T.A.N. (ok, more like a burn). Its about TIME!!!! HA!

Today is also Kyle's birthday, and look what I did for him:

36. Times. One for every year of his life.

I think he said there are a few extra. I lost count after 15. Or 20. But, its the thought that counts!

I'll have to share the picture he sent to me later. The girls in the office decorated his pick up, and it looks FANTASTIC! It made me giggle. Lets just say that A LOT of saran-wrap was used. And a green hard hat.

2* my dear husband
3* his day of birth- without him, there'd be no HIM, no US, no FAMILY of FOUR!

I'm pretty sure I've shared the card I made for Kyle. If you missed it, you can find it here

My other *must* on the agenda today: SLURPEE!!!!!!

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