Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Same Old...

My poor kids. Being away from us for two entire weeks was fun for them, but they sure didn't want to let us out of their sight when we got them back. And then, things didn't slow down for them for another 3 days after picking them up. Since it was easter weekend that we picked them up, we had made plans to meet up with my family to celebrate. So, on Saturday, we had a bunch of family over and a huge dinner, and on Sunday, we met up with Kyle's dad and step mom for lunch on our way home. I think the last two and a half weeks thoroughly pooped them out. They napped an entire 3 hours yesterday afternoon. It was bliss for me (I got some scrapbooking done while they slept), and I'm sure it was pure bliss to them too: sleeping in their own beds, and FINALLY some peace and quiet! (OH- and Saturday morning I had my hair done- grey's filled in- and then styled so I wouldn't have to worry about doing it after I got home!! I still had to make a mashed potato casserole after my appointment was done).

 The first time I've put make up on in over 6 months. Maybe a year. Seriously. Like, I put on the whole nine yards- tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, lipstick...usually its just a bit of mascara if I'm going to put anything on. It felt good!
 Addison playing with her Easter necklace
 Addison searching for Easter eggs
 Addison (but, really both girls) enjoying their wind up chickies
 mama and papa
 mama and Maren
 Dad and some freak...just kidding. Its my loveable sister!!
 Jeremey preparing his Greek salad for supper
 daddy and Maren in her pretty Easter dress
Auntie and Addison in her pretty Easter dress.

How was your Easter??

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  1. Your girls look adorable! It sounds like you all had a wonderful Easter. Your hair looks great!