Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Showers...

Another spring has finally rolled around. Along with the warm sunshine, snow mould (and in the same breath, increased intake of antihistamines) and up and down weather, comes more opportunities to play outside, do new things, clean up the yard, and more photo ops!

The pictures I posted yesterday, marked the beginning of the spring season for us. We got a lot done! Yesterday, I raked up the messiest part of the yard, because if it rains for the next {now} four or five days, then it needed to be done! I would have liked to tackle the front yard, but I didn't want to do it without someone watching the kids. (Doing it during nap time wasn't an option, lol) That's usually devoted to either scrapping or sleeping (though, 95% of the time, its for napping).

Here's a little treat, to kick off the season:

Yeah, so the scrapbook page has a real autumn vibe to it, doesn't it? That's thanks to the colours I chose. We'll just call it an unconventional way of looking at spring! LOL

The card--well--I wanted to feel better about creating something 'springy'. And, I feel much better about this! Much happier, fresher, brighter. It really came together after I added the flowers...

And, the stamp is so true of the month of April: spring showers really do bring May flowers. I've got the proof right here:

I found these growing along the side of the house. Yay for tulips! I can hardly wait for them to bloom! I want to see what colour they are, and how pretty they are. Those are the only flowers that have come through so far. After cleaning up the horrid 'flower beds' in the yard- specifically the one in the backyard- we found this:

Good luck, little guy! Hope you make it!!

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