Thursday, April 26, 2012

Murphy Struck...

You know the saying, 'when it rains, it pours'?

It was one of those days.

Everything that happened was minor, mind you, but it all happened on the same day (which it always does, thanks to Murphy), and thankfully  it was on a day that husband was home! (Mind you, he is sick, and probably the last thing he wanted to do was help me fix the things that went wrong, but that's the way the cookie crumbled.)

It was near supper time, the kids had been outside for like 10 minutes playing (it was WAY too cold to stay out any longer...what a bitter day!!), and I attempted to use the kitchen tap, to find the handle was loose. Broken. It turns all the way around now, and by some sheer stroke of a miracle, husband was able to find the hot water. I don't know how he did it, but he did! We took a family trip out to Crappy Tire after supper to track down a new faucet, and the one I wanted (and liked), wasn't in stock. Of course. Murphy strikes again.

Dad's coming out tomorrow to help me install it, so I asked him to pick it up from the store nearest him. Thankfully, they've got two left in stock. I can hardly wait for my new faucet!! The shape kind of reminds me of a flower...

Then, while husband was napping later this afternoon, the kids and I were in the living room watching tv, and it suddenly turned off. The kids turned it back on, and 30 seconds later, it went off again. 30 seconds later, it went off again. I tried turning it on the next time it happened, and 30 seconds later it turned off again. WHAT THE....??????!

The tv is fried. Its done. Finito. Gone on to tv heaven. No more. Bye-bye, as the girls would say.

Thankfully, IT was only a crappy, small, old tv. I think we used it upstairs in our room when we lived in the trailer. Its been there for as long as I can remember. We brought it with us so that we had something to watch upstairs if the kids were downstairs watching their own tv show. (Which, that never happened, either. It was more convenient to just turn the tv on up here, so that's where we watched the majority of our tv. Also, the basement is wickedly'll probably be a sanctuary later this summer when its boiling hot, but for now, its a bit too chilly to spend any amount of time down there).

So, the next item on the 'to buy' list is a new tv (along with a new dvd player...somehow the kids trashed our current one, and their HUCK--Veggie Tales video--is stuck inside.)

Lastly, the pvr downstairs hasn't been working for the last week or so. We haven't really worried too much about it, because the tv upstairs was working just fine. When the one upstairs crapped out, we had to figure out what was wrong with the pvr. I don't know what happened, and we'll probably never know what happened, but we finally got it up and running again. While husband was on the phone with Telus, we got them to book another installer to come out and run a line into the kitchen--which is where we want to put the new tv when we get one. THAT way, I can watch the news or what have you while I'm cooking supper, and it won't interfere with what the kids are watching. Its a win-win situation!

(When we originally had the pvr installed, the guy that came out wouldn't run the line for us because it was too much work. We weren't happy about that, but its finally being fixed. A {hopefully} new installer will be coming out next Friday to run the line for us).

8* the smell of rain
9* rain itself at the end of a long winter, and the beginning of a new season
10* help when you need it

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