Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Work

We have a new addition in the house.

Well, for only the next week. But, she's still a new addition.

Sister dropped by the other day on her way through our area to check up on one of the medics, and she asked if we would babysit for her.

Of course we would.

We're babysitting her cat, Neruda. She's sooo beautiful, but kind of crazy. She hisses at everyone and everything, and has been mostly hiding in the basement or in her carrier at the top of the stairs. Poor thing is probably going nuts wondering where she is and where her mama is. I've tried spending a bit of time with her throughout the day, talking to her and petting her when she lets me, just to make sure she doesn't feel completely abandoned and unloved. Its a bit hairy around here with TWO cats in the house. They haven't figured out who's boss yet. I think both cats are pretty much chickens...I know Gregory doesn't have the courage to show her he's the man. But, I also think she's too chicken to claw him good. She hisses like crazy and she growls like she's possessed, but otherwise she hides behind the couch up here, or she stays hidden somewhere in the basement.

Poor girl.

Phase one of my most recent project is complete. Phase two will hopefully begin tomorrow.

That is???


The bathroom feels as though its the bottom of a glorious, warm blue pool. And, what excites me even more is the bright whites that the cabinet and toilet offer against the blue we chose. Its going to be s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g!!!!!! Next, I want to change out the lino that's in there. Its ruined in one spot- it looks like a burn of some kind. One day it will come out, but not for a while. The colour on the walls is so much nicer than the dirty, grungy feeling brown that was on the walls ( before I painted the bathroom. And, sadly (or excitingly) I've already started researching another colour for somewhere in my humble abode. Husband tells me to just go right ahead. Play, he says. Alright. Twist my rubber arm. I'm so thankful for the behr app on my iPhone! Its such a great tool!!

Lesson to remember for next time I go paint shopping: stick.with.behr.paint. At a store that sells behr paint. I don't think the colour matching computers are as accurate as they could be.

We had quite the...adventure...coming up with the correct shade of grey that I wanted for our bedroom. And, we didn't end up with it. Unfortunately. Its in the right colour family that I wanted, just not the right shade. Best part is, it can be changed. Worst part is it can be changed. I love the end result, but could totally do without all the work thats involved! LOL

And, to treat myself for being so industrious and ambitious today, I scrapbooked a little. I didn't get much done, but that's ok. I absolutely love the final product!! Maybe later this week or this weekend I'll get more done!

Next on the agenda: tackle our bedroom. Wish me luck- its going to be a large area to paint!!

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  1. I don't envy you all of that painting. I've been wanting to paint an accent wall in my living room but I haven't gotten the energy/gumption up to do it yet. I especially can't do it while all three kids are home for Spring break.