Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We are reconnecting, husband and I, while the kids are gone to grammy and grampy's for the week. We're enjoying our time together so much that we're thinking we're going to do it a little more often; every so often, the kids can go and visit their grandparents, and we'll 'vacate' for a couple days. Even if we don't necessarily go away by ourselves, the time alone to rekindle the flame in our relationship- and just strengthen our relationship- is something we both strongly desire.

Day time is definitely quiet, and for the most part I am enjoying it, but I'm finding myself somewhat longing for the chaos every day typically holds. The sun has been shining and its been warm, and I can't help but think to myself that this is perfect weather for the three of us to be spending outside. Not that they aren't experiencing a lot of activity and outdoor fun at their grandparents. I know for a fact they are. I just miss them. Life isn't the same without them, and truthfully, before today, I never thought I'd happily admit that. But there it is. The truth (and, it isn't the 'cold, hard truth'. Just...the truth).

The last two days have been spent scrapbooking my heart out. I am planning to get a few things done while the kids are gone- mainly painting our bedroom and ensuite; but, there are smaller projects I plan to get done: washing out the fridge, clean the house good, relax. Today I am having trouble motivating myself to do just that: wash out the fridge. Part of me wants to do something other than scrapbook, but the other part isn't motivated to do anything other than scrapbook. Oh, life's dilemma's!

So, these are the last few layouts I've made. The top one is of Maren completely undressed at the bottom of the basement stairs. She had just gotten out of the bath and apparently didn't want to be dressed! I love her goofy little grin in the one pic...

The middle one captured their first 'daddy and me' date. Kyle's begun taking the girls out on dates- just them- so that he can spend more quality time with them, and so I can have a little bit of quiet time for myself. And, they definitely DO make his world go round.

This last one is of Maren checking herself out in the window of the fireplace. Kyle and I installed it a few weeks back (meaning, we just secured it to the wall so that the girls couldn't pull it down on themselves). Her curiosity got the better of her, and I caught her sitting there just staring into it. Daddy caught the both of us staring into it after we had it all set up :)

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